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1  General / Chess Tournaments / Re: Carlsen- Nepo WC match, Nov 26 start
 on: Today at 16:55:41 
I think that he's throwing in the towel, a couple of easy draws and going home is all the Nepo wants at this point.

2  Chess Publishing Openings / Dragon Sicilians / Accelerated / Re: New accelerated Dragon books
 on: Today at 16:41:05 
TD wrote Today at 16:27:33:
RoleyPoley wrote Today at 16:24:44:

I saw you were a beta tester on the Accelerated Dragon Lifetime repertoire by Plichta. Just wondering what your thoughts are and how it handles the most challenging lines that people have been discussing in these threads?

(I haven't played the Accelerated Dragon before, but have been thinking of doing so or returning to Dragon proper).


For free!

Thanks TD. I've already got that but not looked at it yet.

3  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. e4 e5 Spanish / Re: Thank you Victor Mikhalevski!
 on: Today at 13:23:36 
Victor has done a great job at ChessPublishing.

I also have his book on the Open Ruy Lopez. I pored over his coverage of the Bernstein variation, 9Nbd2, in particular the endgame that emerges after 12cxd.

I looked at several continuations and a pattern emerged. Victor claims black will equalize the game. The engine indicates an advantage to white, and continues to do so for several moves. Then. suddenly, it recalibrates and indicates equality. These are clear cases of Victor's understanding trumping the computer's scoring of tens of millions of positions. By the way, at my level either side can win that endgame.

4  General / General Chess / Re: How to Improve - non exhaustive list.
 on: Today at 05:20:47 
research on getting Iossif Dorfmans books on the middlegame:

"The Method in Chess" and "The Critical Moment"

if you cant find them in english you can sure find the pdfs online and you could print a pdf for less than $20 USD at websites such as

5  General / General Chess / Re: Help for a problem with development ?
 on: Today at 04:24:42 
it is a battle of tempos the development game. a side which pushes more pawns than what hes suppose to can very quickly come to fall into an inferior position.

6  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. d4 d5 2. c4 / QGD Mainline / Re: Why do people still avoid the Exchange QGD?
 on: Yesterday at 20:03:43 
TonyRo wrote on 12/06/21 at 19:09:32:
Food for thought.


1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. cd5 ed5 5. Bg5 c6 6. e3 h6 7. Bh4 Be7 8. Bd3 O-O 9. Qc2 Re8 10. Nge2 a5!?
The idea seems to be to follow-up with ...b5 at some point.
11. O-O Nbd7 12. f3 not forced, but somewhat thematic for Nge2 lines.
12...b5 13. e4 b4 14. Na4 de4 15. fe4 Ne4 16. Be7 Qe7 17. Qxc6 Nd2!? unclear. Black's rook hangs, but he threatens Qe3ch winning the bishop in addition to the rook.
Is this any good? Unless your name is Alekhine, you might want to consult an engine.
18. Qa8 Nf6 19. Nf4 Qe3 20. Kh1 Bd7 21. Rfe1 Qe1 22. Re1 Ra8 23. Nb6 Re8 24. Re8 Be8 25. Nfd5 Nd5 26. Nd5 Kf8.
Black is worried that his knight will be trapped.
27. Kg1 Bc6 28. Ne3 g6. Black will play ...f5 and ...Ne4.
Stockfish still favors white a little (SF +23) but I think the game is as equal as it looks.

7  Chess Publishing Openings / Daring Defences to 1. d4 / Dutch / Re: 2100 refute the dutch
 on: Yesterday at 17:12:17 
Sinn wrote yesterday at 15:56:01:
1. d4 f5 2. Bg5 h6 3. Bh4 g5 4. e3 Bg7 5. Bg3 c5 6. c3 d5 7. h4 g4 8. Ne2 Nf6 9. Nf4 Nc6 10. Nd2 O-O 11. Be2 e6 12. O-O

I found this back in my notes of 2019 and stopped here. I thought at that time it could be an alternative for Qb6 but only as a second choice.

8  Chess Publishing Openings / Dragon Sicilians / Re: Dragon repertoar by Marin from ModernChess
 on: Yesterday at 13:30:37 
Game became draw but my improvent line is inpractical in over the board play but easy draw in Correspondence Chess if one has tablebases. I dont know if I can post any concrete moves either untill the event is complete.

9  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. d4 d5 2. c4 / Re: Georgiev on Slav Gambits & Catalan
 on: 12/06/21 at 14:32:41 
The second volume (Ragozin, Vienna, Chebanenko, Tarrasch, Schara-Hennig, QGD 3…a6 or 3…Bb4)
is now announced for January 15th.

There‘s an interesting pdf sample (15 pages) at -> Future Plans .

tracke Smiley

10  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. e4 e5 - Non-Spanish / Vienna / Re: Best coverage of 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.f4?
 on: 12/05/21 at 20:27:34 
grandpatzer wrote on 12/05/21 at 14:43:49:
an ordinary chessplayer wrote on 12/04/21 at 22:03:17:
Yes, Lane covers this, chapter 7, nine games, 14 pages. His words are encouraging for white, but his moves are not.

Is he covering all of Black's plausible replies?

1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.f4
It depends what you consider plausible, which in turn depends on the level of your opponents. Lane covers 3...exf4 (eight games) and 3...Bc5 (one game) in chapter 7. That seems about right. If weaker moves than that are plausible, Lane's book is more than good enough for your needs. After 3...exf4 Lane is covering three white systems: Hamppe-Allgaier Gambit 4.Nf3 g5 5.h4 (two games), Pierce Gambit 4.Nf3 g5 5.d4 (five games), and Steinitz Gambit 4.d4 (one game).

MNb wrote on 12/04/21 at 17:40:03:
There are no new developments in the KG Declined with 3...Bc5 4.Nf3 d6 5.Bb5 (5.Bc4 Bg4 6.Na4 exf4) Nge7 either.

Lane doesn't consider 5...Nge7 at all.  Sad

grandpatzer wrote on 12/04/21 at 14:27:23:
Is there a good (fairly recent) book about the Gambit line 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.f4?

If you are considering getting Lane, and are really keen on the Vienna Game, then perhaps you will be interested in the Fritztrainer CD: Gregory Huber (2005) The Vienna Game. It's not a book, but since you don't seem to care about the "recent" requirement, maybe you also don't care about the "book" requirement.

This is my last post on Gary Lane's book. If @grandpatzer has any more questions about it, someone else will have to answer.