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 on: Today at 02:35:09 
RivertonKnight wrote yesterday at 15:26:21:
... check out the line 1 e4 d6 2 d4 Nf6 3 Nc3 c6 4 f4 Qa5 5 Bd3 e5 6 Nf3 ...

Yes that is one of the problem lines for black.

RivertonKnight wrote yesterday at 15:28:37:
That book is all variations no verbiage from what I remember and will be outdated.

Indeed all s1Editrice books I have seen were simple database dumps. No value whatsoever, even when new.

At club level the Czech system is not better nor worse than other openings. If white is booked up black can get a bad game and yet may still win. If white has no clue about the opening black can get a great game and yet may still lose. Repeating myself here, you should study and play what interests you. If you are seriously committed to this opening, the linked Krykun course at $49 seems like a reasonable investment. In fact I am curious enough that I may get it, although I suspect I am not the target audience. At least the description does not make any outlandish marketing claims.

2  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. d4 d5 2. c4 / QGD Mainline / Re: Tartakower against 5. Bf4?
 on: Yesterday at 19:52:36 
It is recommended in Playing 1.d4 d5 - A Classical Repertoire by Nikolaos Ntirlis too. More with the idea of Ba6, and sacing a pawn in a key line.

3  Chess Publishing Openings / Daring Defences to 1. d4 / Dutch / Re: Marin's Dutch
 on: Yesterday at 06:10:11 
CanadianClub wrote on 07/30/21 at 21:26:58:
From White point of view this d4-c4-Nf3 is not a very good decision practically either (Black also has 3...e6, tying Bb4 in nimzo-style, or even 3...d5).

I suppose you mean d4-c4-Nc3 and then I disagree with "practically", even though 2.g3 is better. I've played 3...e6 for 25 years as Black and have learned not to underestimate this normal setup.
The Stonewall ...d5 is very risky due to the setup with Bf4 and Qc2.
The pin ...Bb4 is useless when White can play e3 and f3, controlling the crucial square e4. Then Bb4 is simply misplaced.
Due to the popularity of 2.g3 there is much less theory on 1.d4, 2.c4, 3.Nc3, no g3. Still White can pose Black some serious problems if he/she knows what's going on. That's very practical imo.
IM Cummings in his book on the English recommends this for White. He shows that Black's life isn't easy after 3...d6 4.Bg5 Nbd7 5.Qc2 g6 6.h4 either.
However 5...e6 might be better as the bishop rather should be on b2 or a3.

4  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. e4 e5 - Non-Spanish / Kings Gambit / Re: The King's Gambit in 2016
 on: Yesterday at 00:19:41 
TopNotch wrote on 07/31/21 at 15:45:18:
I thought you King's Gambit fanatics would enjoy this:  Wink

It seems that Nepo is recommending the Knight’s Gambit and somewhat surprisingly against 3...g5 it’s the Kieseritzky 4 h4 g4 5 Ne5.

In the intro video, after 5...Nf6, instead of the traditional main lines of 6.Bc4 or 6.d4, Nepo suggests opting for the very old forcing line
1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.h4 g4 5.Ne5 Nf6 and n6.Nxg4 Nxe4 7.d3 Ng3 8.Bxf4 Nxh1
(Here 8…Qe7+ is also quite critical, I’ve always thought.)
9.Qe2+ Qe7 10.Nf6+ Kd8 11.Bxc7+ Kxc7 12.Nd5+ Kd8 13.Nxe7 Bxe7,  which is at least as old as Baucher – Morphy, Paris 1858 and now Nepo suggests 14.Qf3, which is also the engine’s suggestion (Stockfish 14).

I wonder what Nepo will give against the 5...Qe7 line, mentioned by MNb, which so irritated Shaw, who said "it is ugly, clumsy and crude. And it equalises comfortably". Shaw conntinues with 6 d4 d6 7 Nxg4 Qxe4+ 8 Qe2 Qe7!, fighting for tempo, with approximate equality. That seems about right and I don't see how White can vary favourably. Of course, it's still a game; both sides have weakened kingsides; White has more of the centre but Black has a lead in development.

5  Other / Chit Chat / Re: The journey is the reward
 on: 07/31/21 at 20:04:08 
Thank you.

6  Chess Publishing Openings / Open Sicilians / Re: The classical sicilian
 on: 07/31/21 at 09:32:07 
The Classical Sicilian is a good line, but not as popular as many of the other Sicilians. The Richter-Rauzer can be a problem, but Black has been doing well in a couple of variations recently, see the recent Open Sicilian updates, for instance.

7  General / General Chess / Re: Worst chess book title
 on: 07/30/21 at 14:15:19 
Jeff Coakley's, "Winning Chess Strategy for Kids" was my 1st chess book as an adult learner and made a huge impression on me at the time. It does have kid-friendly kind of tasks and illustrations, but I took the title as an in-joke. As in, "if you're no kid then let's see you do the exercises." Maybe it was meant to be humorous. Who knows what publishers are thinking?

8  Other / Chit Chat / Words of Wisdom
 on: 07/28/21 at 15:09:48 
"Without trying there can be no failure, since every failure begins with somebody first trying."

So true, so true,...

9  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. d4 d5 2. c4 / QGD Mainline / Re: Panczyk/Ilczuk on QGD Vienna
 on: 07/27/21 at 17:05:37 
I mistakenly created a new thread on the Vienna, forgetting that this thread exists. My pardon. To get this book in electronic format, you can go to Amazon for the kindle book and/or:

For the book in PGN and CBV formats.

This book really puts the focus on the position arising after 1d4 Nf6 2c4 e6 3Nf3 d5 4Nc3 Bb4 5Bg5 dxc.

5...dxc!? is Vienna variation. An alternative covered in other books is 5...h6, the Ragozin system.

I think both lines are good. Looking at games from strong players (over 2400) from 2016 to the present shows that the Ragozin has been more popular than the Vienna (494 vs. 198 games), but the Ragozin has not scored as well as the Vienna (57% vs 49%). On the face of it, this does not make sense as one would expect players to play the line which scores better. However statistics can change with every subsequent move.

Looking deeper can be hard, as each side has so many alternatives. My sense is that the Ragozin is near equal with a balanced game. The Vienna leads to a more unbalanced game, where any white advantage gets lost in the shuffle.

White can sidestep this in various ways, including 5cxd and 5Qa4ch. In fact, I avoided this line as black because I was not satisfied after his game after 5cxd. However I now think play is looking up in that line.

10  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. d4 d5 2. c4 / QGD Mainline / Re: Queen's Gambit Declined: Vienna
 on: 07/27/21 at 12:59:14 
NoNoo wrote on 07/26/21 at 20:29:52:
For Chessable: Short and Sweet to purchasable products is quite a big leap.

Thanks for the Chessable evaluation. Also for the Gustafsson suggestion on the Vienna, which I will definitely check out.

You might want to look at Francisco Vallejo's eBook on the French at Chess24. It seems to me that he has the best answer to the Tarrasch, and many other interesting lines as well.

11  Other / Chess and Computers / Re: Stockfish suing ChessBase
 on: 07/26/21 at 06:40:14 
Technical speaking its not a complete recreation since Stockfish 14 uses both Lc0 genererated data and Stockfish vs Stockfish generated data while Fat Fritz 2 uses mainly Lc0 data, with the Fat Fritz 1 network further trained plus a few data from top level human games where one can argue if human games are improvments or not..

12  Chess Publishing Openings / Dragon Sicilians / Re: Dragon repertoar by Marin from ModernChess
 on: 07/25/21 at 16:40:36 
bragesjo wrote on 07/25/21 at 07:15:08:
Didnt some other recent author also go for e5?


13  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. d4 d5 2. c4 / Semi-Slav / Re: Looking for resources on 6...Nbd7 in Anti-Moscow
 on: 07/23/21 at 00:58:22 
Yes, the plan with g5 and Nh5 is specifically want I want to understand better.

14  Other / Chit Chat / What is the difference,..
 on: 07/22/21 at 12:35:25 
What is the difference between an Indian restaurant and a Vietnamese restaurant?

The Indian one is naan profit and the Vietnamese one is pho profit.

15  General / General Chess / Re: I Decide To Go To War
 on: 07/21/21 at 09:53:58 
cathexis wrote on 07/18/21 at 23:16:55:
For right now, the club I joined in June this year meets on-line only although it has been around almost 70 years. Like many clubs, they are dependent on others for a physical location for OTB play & meetings. So those places must fully open first. They hold weekly Ladders & Quads on I confine myself to a free membership on since I need something to play. No surprise, I am both a novice and unrated. I couldn't care less about the ratings these sites offer: There's only one rating that will matter to me and I look forward to earning it.

On this forum, besides help with openings, most of my help has come from the General board here. This includes several members who've given me personal help and advice that I value highly. It is hard for a newbie to understand they are asking the wrong kind of question, or assuming the wrong kind of answers, when they just don't know better. True in life, doubly so in chess. I mean myself, if no one else. could boot me tomorrow and I promise you I have so much other material still to cover I would just soldier on until things opened back up. I would also continue to ask questions here on any chess topic, not just openings. As elsewhere in my life, I've often found it helpful to recall the old saying, "Save the drama for your mama." (Though I admit it has sometimes been a post-facto recall).


I appreciate you taking the time.  Cool

Without drawing too much attention to the matter or going into great detail: Things are resolved. My USCF is linked to both my ICC account and a account. I agree with you, however - there is just endless material available to us today, especially if we spend a few dollars here and there, and losing access to only one outlet wouldn't entirely derail anyone. As of now, I don't have to worry about that again.

I'm getting much better. After my 1st round draw in T4545 play, I won the other day in round 2. I was black, got into the Richter-Rauzer in the Sicilian, and my opponent resigned on move 19 after a tactical exchange where he blundered early and things liquidated into a pretty lost endgame for him. I also ended the game with ~49 minutes and he was under 20. The fact that, for a second game in a row, I was way ahead on time is a massive improvement for me. This was another board 1 game and prior to it we were tied 1.5 - 1.5 for the match so it also gave us the match win. My team has a bye this week.

Most of my study material right now is ChessTempo, ICC, and the International Chess School I subbed to. I'm also going to be starting to do more tactics and review of games OTB as directed by the study material. And, most importantly: No drama. Whatever occurs. It's simply not worth the wasted time and energy and I thank you for reminding me of that. I haven't posted anything anywhere lately other than on this forum and while on ICC. Well, I'm also commenting on CT tactics a bit again now, too. I think in depth discussion of individual tactics is actually a really underrated method of improvement.

16  General / General Chess / Re: Cheating scandal in Anand's online charity simul
 on: 07/20/21 at 23:39:18 
trw wrote on 06/30/21 at 06:47:27:
Billionaire does not automatically mean moral, ethical or deserving of our respect.

More likely for it to automatically mean the opposite of those things  Smiley

17  Chess Publishing Openings / Anti-Sicilians / Re: What move 2 is best vs the anti sicilians
 on: 07/20/21 at 14:09:06 
In my opinion, 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 limits White's options the most.  A wise philosopher once said:
mn wrote on 07/18/21 at 11:55:08:
- 2...e6 is a good choice if you don't mind having your pawn on e6

18  Other / Endgames / Re: Carlsen is human too
 on: 07/18/21 at 09:56:15 

It's on my list to analyze. I was surprised too.

19  Other / Chess and Computers / Re: Stockfish 14
 on: 07/17/21 at 10:25:21 
No contempt

20  General / General Chess / Re: Startling Opening Repertoire - New Edition
 on: 07/17/21 at 00:30:52 
Bibs wrote on 07/16/21 at 22:17:11:
The 1.e4 e5 line is just very equal due to the Qd7 move.

Agreed. Nor does white have an advantage after 8...Qh5. Probably the long-time main move 8...Qa5 is also equal.

I concluded that the anti-Max Lange variation was equal decades ago. That does not stop people from winning or losing with the line in casual play. After 12Nxd4 Bd7, Fishbein continues with 13Nc3 or 13Nb5. Baker and Burgess examine 13Nc3, 13Nb3, and 13Re3. A startling move is 13.Qh5. I don't see anything wrong with 13c3.

Just because the game is equal, that does not mean that the game must come to an end. Familiarity with the line, combined with the likelihood that you will actually see the line you prepared, are also important considerations, especially in casual play. By all means though, everyone (but me) should just ignore this innocuous line.

21  Chess Publishing Openings / Open Sicilians / Sveshnikov / Re: Kalashnikov Resources?
 on: 07/16/21 at 22:18:26 
mn wrote on 07/16/21 at 14:10:55:
You're referring to the white repertoire by Sethuraman, yes?

Aha, sorry my booboo and a severe lack of clarity. Sorry.
Yes, the Seth monster sized rep (2).

22  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. e4 e5 - Non-Spanish / Re: Chessable - Grandmaster Gambits 1.e4 (2021)
 on: 07/16/21 at 15:33:56 
Eric Rosen has had a number of fine attacking wins in the Stafford Gambit at blitz, and on it's scored quite well for Black, so maybe it's good in the right hands as a blitz weapon.  When his opponents find one of the several "refutations", he ends up a pawn down for not much, but that's often just a slight disadvantage in blitz.  But it's telling that he doesn't use the line in serious tournament games, like at the recent Las Vegas tournament where he preferred to defend a slightly offbeat line of the Scotch Game.  I think in tournament games you run the risk of having many depressing losses where you never really had much for the pawn, and unlike at blitz, you have to suffer for quite some time.

Like the Halloween Gambit for White, it's one of those lines that I'm happy to try at blitz or in casual games from time to time for a bit of fun, but I'm having too much fun with the rather sounder gambits and attacking lines arising from the Two Knights Defence, the Ruy Lopez Modern Steinitz and the Scandinavian lines advocated by David Smerdon to make the Stafford a regular part of my repertoire.

Another line that can be a lot of fun in blitz is the Nakhmanson Gambit for White, 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Bc4 Nf6 5.0-0 Nxe4 6.Nc3?! (instead of 6.Re1 d5 7.Bxd5 Qxd5 8.Nc3 as discussed earlier).  White gets a strong attack after 6...dxc3 7.Bxf7+ Kxf7 8.Qd5+, followed by Re1 and then taking on e4.  The main problem with it is that Black can play 6...Nxc3 or 6...Nd6, and end up with an extra pawn for just half a pawn's worth of compensation.  Again, at blitz and in casual games this line can provide some players with a lot of fun, but in classical tournament chess it's too risky.

In contrast the anti-Lange lines with 5...Nxe4 6.Re1 d5 7.Bxd5 Qxd5 8.Nc3 are sound, the problem with them is rather that they're equal and that in practice Black scores well, and at higher levels it can be hard to create winning chances.

23  General / General Chess / Re: Coffeehouse 1.e4 Repertoire by Gawain Jones
 on: 07/16/21 at 03:20:19 
The new Milner-Barry v French appears to be kinda expected. As has been covered here prior. He has played this.

And I would expect the Scotch Gambit line he plays (see e.g. Jones - l'Ami).

24  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. e4 e5 Spanish / Re: Caruana's 3 DVD's on Ruy López for White
 on: 07/14/21 at 10:09:37 
I think many openingbooks today suffer from TMI, Too Much Information (at least to me) to be really useful. If I need more reference material I can easily get relevant games from the databases.

Maybe it's a good idea for a writer to first make 10-12 hours of video's and then transcribe it to book format to keep the amount of information just right Wink
That way you can condense the information to the essential stuff.
It sounds silly of course in the above way, but I think opening books can be made more manageable for the average chess player.

I was interested in the DVD's to hear a top player speak about an opening, but this book sounds even better!

25  Chess Publishing Openings / 1. e4 e5 - Non-Spanish / Scotch / Re: Book about 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Bc4 line
 on: 07/13/21 at 20:38:03 
MNb wrote on 07/13/21 at 17:31:22:
Sandman wrote on 07/13/21 at 13:24:16:
I’m sure I have to be overlooking it but I’ve scanned through the book multiple times without seeing it.

However in this case there is a justification: after 6...Ne4 White is nearly winning with 7.Re1.
A bit worse is that 6...Ng4 is missing too; it should be answered with 7.Bf4.

Re1 is what I played in my game. It was between that, Qe2 or Bd5 so your statement gives me confidence in my choice.