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In: Re: C18: winawer poisoned...
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126 1080 Last Post 02/17/18 at 19:04:42
In: Re: C06: Tarrasch, 3...Nf...
By: TopNotch
Steinitz 4 e5, 4 Bg5, McCutcheon, Alekhine Chatard Attack & Hecht-Reefschlaeger [C10-14]
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114 1909 Last Post 09/01/17 at 20:35:03
In: Re: Death of the Hecht-Re...
By: Glenn Snow
Rubinstein  (1 Viewing)
Rubinstein with ...dxe4, including Fort Knox [C10], and also Burn [C11]
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In: Re: 3 ... dxe4 4 Nxe4 Nf6...
By: tp2205
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In: Re: help me.
By: Karpfenkopf
Exchange  (1 Viewing)
Exchange Variation (inc. Winawer Exchange) [C01]
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In: Re: castles long
By: RdC
French French
French Defence [C00-C19] with IM John Watson
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C00-C19: A system against french for 1450 elo kid
Hi ,
This is THORK , a full member of chesspublishing . I´m training a kid 1450 elo rating level and I wonder what is the best option for him to face the French Defense . ¿ Milner - Barry Attack...

Started 06/12/11 at 20:54:16 by THORK
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36 11566 Last Post 07/12/11 at 11:55:01
By: Bibs
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What to play against nd2?
Hi all, I usually play nf6 against nd2, I actually play some of the lines in the simon williams book on the French. I love the sharp stuff but feel I don't have time to study it like I should. Anyone ...

Started 02/21/18 at 21:42:36 by Mtal
5 244 Last Post 02/22/18 at 10:55:26
By: Kieran
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Main repertoire choice with Winawer, 7. Dg4 0-0
For those of you who play the Winawer, especifically the main line with 7. Dg4 0-0 8. Ad3 Cbc6, and either choosing one (or all?!) of 13...Ad7, 13...Df7 or 13...b5 in the absolute main sequence, do yo...

Started 02/17/18 at 22:54:14 by Leon_Trotsky
0 128 Last Post 02/17/18 at 22:54:14
By: Leon_Trotsky
Normal Topic
Main repertoire choice with Winawer, 7. Dg4 0-0
For those of you who play the Winawer, especifically the main line with 7. Dg4 0-0 8. Ad3 Cbc6, and either choosing one (or all?!) of 13...Ad7, 13...Df7 or 13...b5 in the absolute main sequence, do yo...

Started 02/17/18 at 22:52:28 by Leon_Trotsky
0 24 Last Post 02/17/18 at 22:52:28
By: Leon_Trotsky
Normal Topic
Popularity of 7. Dg4 0-0 in Main Line Winawer
Over the past few years, I have noticed that the Poisoned Pawn is chosen by Black players of the Winawer more than 7...0-0. Is there a reason for this, when 7...0-0 line is more solid and stable ? <br...

Started 10/13/17 at 00:26:37 by Leon_Trotsky
7 1381 Last Post 10/25/17 at 09:39:03
By: MartinC
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Winawer: 7...0-0 8. Ad3 Cbc6 with 13. Dg4 b5
Just wondering on how Berg's 13...b5 in the main line of the 13. Dg4 Winawer is doing. I do not see many games with this line in the database, and was wondering how were Black's ideas against Negi's 1...

Started 09/09/17 at 05:33:13 by Leon_Trotsky
2 568 Last Post 10/07/17 at 19:48:26
By: Leon_Trotsky
Normal Topic
C01: chesspub C01 topics not in Exchange sub-board
C01 topics in the main French board:

  • I used Ctrl-F in the browser to search for "exchange".
  • Where there was more than one page I appended "/all" to the url.
  • I ignored some mentions of the Exchange Variation where there was no further discussion.

Started 10/06/17 at 23:31:33 by an ordinary chessplayer
2 368 Last Post 10/07/17 at 18:01:51
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Best practical book on French for black
I got an idea of maybee trying the French with black.
Any opinions on the most practical black repertour book?
With practical I mean something easy to maintain and not to much theory.

Started 09/13/16 at 19:48:08 by bragesjo
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39 10757 Last Post 08/21/17 at 13:28:06
By: Jupp53
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Franco/Benoni/Sicilian which section?
1.e4 e6 2.d4 c5
Where is this to be found?  French? Anti Sicilian or 1.e4.. section, or is there nothing on it anywhere

Started 05/02/17 at 05:12:24 by helmet
10 1410 Last Post 05/07/17 at 10:57:04
By: dom
Normal Topic
A sub-optimal line in the Steinitz variation?
An opponent of mine   played me the following line
.[Event "?"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "2017.03.21"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Gacnik L"]
[Black "Nunnari M"]
[Result "*"]

Started 03/29/17 at 14:10:04 by Templare2
2 742 Last Post 03/29/17 at 18:13:37
By: Templare2
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
C00-C19:AttackingChess:The French by SimonWilliams
I placed an order a moment ago now that it became available at The Book Depository.
I hope I stop losing in the 3...Nf6 Tarrasch now.
Download sample
edit: title

Started 05/23/11 at 14:23:43 by rukh
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32 28404 Last Post 02/28/17 at 20:11:51
By: mn
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3. Nc3 Video series on chess24
I noticed IM Baskin did not know 6...Qa4 was called "The Hook Variation" after his founder William Hook from British Virgin Islands.

He called it "The Kovalenko Variation".

Started 02/11/17 at 10:12:02 by alyechin
1 990 Last Post 02/11/17 at 17:29:23
By: Stigma
Normal Topic
Interesting gambit in France Defence [C00]
in internet database and database - online chessbase you can see a few games in gambit: 1. e4 e6 2. f4 d5 3. Nf3 dxe4 4. Ng5 ... What you think of it ?

Started 10/25/16 at 14:27:20 by wkrol
4 1506 Last Post 11/29/16 at 03:09:28
By: Knight
Normal Topic
1.e4 e6 2.d3 d5 3.Qe2
I have Vitiugov's book French Reloaded which I have high respect for.
Recently I was looking at some sidelines though - and somewhat bizarrely his two lines against this 3.Qe2 end in advantage fo...

Started 09/15/16 at 20:11:31 by Keano
1 852 Last Post 09/15/16 at 22:37:54
By: RdC
Normal Topic
Best coverage of Chigorin Variation?
Where is the best printed coverage of the Chigorin Variation (2.Qe2) vs. the French, in terms of analysis and verbal explanations?

Started 07/14/16 at 21:26:30 by grandpatzer
8 2525 Last Post 08/28/16 at 19:20:16
By: urusov
Normal Topic
Playing 3.Nc3 to enter a Tarrasch?
I've seen some games start like this:
1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. e5 Nfd7 5. Nce2 c5 6. c3 Nc6 7. f4.
Won't this just tranpose into a Tarrasch line with 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 Nf6 4. e...

Started 07/12/16 at 04:17:34 by bobbyh64
6 1650 Last Post 07/12/16 at 19:37:23
Normal Topic
Books on long variation of Kia for black?
Hi all, does anyone know of any books or videos that cover the long variation of the Kia where black castles kingside and pushes his pawns in the queen side? I get pretty good games with the line and ...

Started 06/21/16 at 16:14:00 by Mtal
9 2606 Last Post 06/24/16 at 21:10:10
By: kylemeister
Normal Topic
Resources for the French
I had NEVER played the French before, until I watched the Killer French DVDs by GM Simon Williams.
I got immediately hooked!
I realise that his lines are very aggressive, so I am al...

Started 05/25/16 at 06:08:48 by zarkoth
7 2038 Last Post 05/26/16 at 10:47:08
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
Best variation for White
I have recently started playing the French and I am fascinated!
At the same time, I need to know what is the worst case scenario...
Could you please tell me which is the most promising vari...

Started 05/25/16 at 06:06:25 by zarkoth
2 1085 Last Post 05/25/16 at 18:18:44
By: TN
Normal Topic
Dark-Squared Bishops in the French
Hi, when I'm playing the French, I end up in time trouble, because I don't know how to make my dark-squared bishop a long range missile. My dark-squared bishop is generally very unhappy and can't move...

Started 09/05/14 at 12:52:58 by VaughanWilliams
4 2867 Last Post 05/05/16 at 22:24:14
By: mjelcic
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