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Attaching pgn-files
Attaching pgns does not seem possible for dozens of subforums. Any fix to this?
If you make large pgns, over 11 000 characters this is problematic. Reason for this is that you can...

Started 02/21/17 at 06:20:30 by Confused_by_Theory
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5 141 Last Post Today at 04:45:15
By: Confused_by_Theory
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hey everyone,
My name is Arun, a chess professional from India with several years of tournament experience. I just registered in this forum a couple of minutes ago.
It would be helpful if ...

Started 12/09/15 at 11:47:51 by Arun Jay
4 825 Last Post 02/16/17 at 03:30:38
By: Paul
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Disappearing thread
Can anyone tell me why the humourous thread "Corn Stalk Defence" was deleted ?

Started 01/12/17 at 21:14:55 by Uberdecker
2 211 Last Post 01/13/17 at 07:22:44
By: Uberdecker
Normal Topic
Question about pgns
I dont have a subscription yet, but i think about get one.
I dont know how the pgns look like of the different masters.
are there a lot of explainations?
i started playing 1.e4...

Started 01/03/17 at 10:13:23 by manfred89
1 190 Last Post 01/04/17 at 10:58:01
By: GMTonyKosten
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
I have seen a recent rise in complaints about spammers. I'm not sure we actually have more spammers than in the past, but there seems to be a perception that the site's anti-spam system isn'...

Started 11/11/15 at 15:39:19 by Smyslov_Fan
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24 3538 Last Post 12/14/16 at 15:32:53
By: proustiskeen
Normal Topic
Feedback on chess-inspired game
Hello -
Posting to the meta-forum as I'm new here & looking for some guidance:
I've created a chess-inspired web game, and I'd like to solicit some feedback from anyone who both enjoys chess...

Started 11/24/16 at 08:03:50 by justinm
0 180 Last Post 11/24/16 at 08:03:50
By: justinm
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Forum update!
I'm going to update the software at some point over the next day or so. This will be a fairly major change, so the Forum will be in Maintenance Mode for a time while I transfer all the messages and me...

Started 10/23/12 at 20:52:58 by GMTonyKosten
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234 53796 Last Post 09/01/16 at 11:25:19
By: Dink Heckler
Normal Topic
i've trolled CP for a while ... signed up for a grob intervention  Embarrassed

Started 08/29/16 at 01:39:50 by g4d5g2g4
0 200 Last Post 08/29/16 at 01:39:50
By: g4d5g2g4
Normal Topic
Editing your posts
Is there a way to edit my posts, or at least those that haven't been answered yet?

Started 05/15/16 at 13:01:39 by grandpatzer
2 633 Last Post 05/27/16 at 21:04:31
By: grandpatzer
Normal Topic
Visual hint to updated threads
Isn't there a way (apart from e-mail notifications) to "visually" see the threads that have been updated, or if someone answered to my post, each time I log in? Some boards have such a feature, and it...

Started 05/15/16 at 12:32:55 by grandpatzer
3 426 Last Post 05/15/16 at 16:12:00
By: fling
Normal Topic
ECO codes for each section
I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone else or not, but it's something I find useful. Please let me know if there are mistakes in the list.  I think this may have been posted before but I have...

Started 06/01/06 at 02:40:53 by Glenn Snow
6 8255 Last Post 03/26/16 at 22:23:45
By: Pingudon
Normal Topic
Disapearing ChessPub Registration emails!
For a few days the Forum's emails have been classed as spam by someone or other, and have been returned to us. Roll Eyes
We have now sorted this out (although, of course, it should never have happened ...

Started 02/20/16 at 20:42:42 by GMTonyKosten
2 546 Last Post 02/23/16 at 12:22:18
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
Stars ?!
What do the stars next to user ID mean? 
I see some are gold and some are blue and some are not colored at all and some people have five and some only one.
Is there some actual significance...

Started 02/15/16 at 16:30:03 by barnaby
1 450 Last Post 02/15/16 at 20:50:13
By: GMTonyKosten
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
How to insert playable PGN games in your posts
I found a reference to Chessflash (at which takes a pgn file and makes a replayable chessgame which can be posted to a webpage at the end of this thread:

Started 12/29/10 at 15:51:56 by Klick
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83 37471 Last Post 01/31/16 at 19:38:58
By: Gut Gambit
Normal Topic
Thread on gender in chess removed?
Was the thread on gender issues in chess removed for some reason? I can't find it now.
Did it get too controversial, or too philosophical, or what?

Started 12/17/14 at 16:06:48 by Stigma
7 2135 Last Post 01/17/16 at 11:29:31
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
Forum bug - disappearing threads?
Hi, I just checked by to see if anyone had responded in the following recent thread:
But it doesn't show up in the General section...

Started 06/19/15 at 15:18:38 by TalJechin
7 2483 Last Post 10/10/15 at 11:02:24
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
Hello to Everyone
My name Sumit Sharma. I am new member of the community and i like to say hello to all members.

Started 08/24/15 at 06:32:27 by Sumit Sharma
1 733 Last Post 08/24/15 at 10:56:20
Normal Topic
Game Analysis?
I've looked around but I don't seem to see any threads of this sort: Do you guys post/allow posting of games for others to comment on and analyze here on Chesspub? The forums have, by far, t...

Started 06/10/15 at 09:31:07 by ChessIsWar
2 1152 Last Post 06/11/15 at 07:32:12
By: ChessIsWar
Normal Topic
Untrapped error?
I'm unable to read the (triple) post on the Open Ruy in the Ruy Section, as I get some kind of untrapped error message.
Untrapped Error :
Unmatched [ in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/[ <-- ...

Started 09/07/13 at 02:09:56 by proustiskeen
7 8927 Last Post 03/04/15 at 22:23:01
By: Göran
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Forum reorganisation
I'm sure everyone will have noticed that the Forum has been totally reorganised with all major openings having their own sub-board now. Smiley
If anyone has any suggestions for any more sub-boards th...

Started 09/16/14 at 22:42:12 by GMTonyKosten
11 3372 Last Post 01/15/15 at 00:55:41
By: GMTonyKosten
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