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Advertisements for other sites/forums
Would anyone who wishes to advertise content on another site or Forum please have the courtesy to ask me first, otherwise your missive risks being deleted! Cry

Started 05/22/06 at 01:07:36 by GMTonyKosten
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68 47748 Last Post 11/12/17 at 22:53:24
By: ThorGold
Sticky Topic
Before asking for help with improvement....
Hi all!
Since 2003, chess publicans have been starting threads asking for chess improvement. 
Read the previous threads before starting a new one on this topic. 
If possible, add your c...

Started 04/27/10 at 03:33:05 by Smyslov_Fan
11 11104 Last Post 09/11/17 at 08:52:48
By: GMTonyKosten
Sticky Topic Poll closed
Poll: ChessPub Opening Book of the Year 2016
Time for the annual vote!
We normally begin with nominations followed by a poll.
Opening books only.  DVDs also count.  Must be published/copyrighted in 2016.

Started 01/08/17 at 19:24:34 by LeeRoth
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73 14363 Last Post 04/29/17 at 10:33:27
By: RoleyPoley
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ChessPub Book of the Year 2015!
Hi all!
It's that time of year again!
What books published for the first time in 2015 deserve to be considered for Chess Book of the Year?
Traditionally, ChessPub only focuses on Openi...

Started 01/06/16 at 16:14:55 by Smyslov_Fan
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59 15182 Last Post 03/07/16 at 20:05:14
By: Keano
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My thinking time compared to the opponent's
I almost always tend to think longer than my opponent, which in the end makes me a bit nervous when time-trouble is starting, because by then I am always behind on the clock. A clubmate of mine doesn'...

Started 02/04/15 at 15:56:51 by TD
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23 4725 Last Post Yesterday at 08:56:48
By: TD
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The thread on Yusupov's books disappeared.
Hi, a thread just vanished--the one on Yusupov that lately featured a discussion of cheating with 3-D OCR. Can anyone see it?

Started 12/10/17 at 14:25:17 by ReneDescartes
3 134 Last Post 12/10/17 at 23:20:34
By: pawngrabber
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Yusupov’s 9 Book Series
The one that starts here:-
Serious question:
Are there any documented cases of someone working their w...

Started 01/27/17 at 13:02:25 by JonathanB
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78 11263 Last Post 12/10/17 at 23:02:18
By: pawngrabber
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Have you ever played the EXACT same game twice?
Hi Everyone,
I was just thinking about this the other day while reflecting on how deeply many opening variations have been analysed these days...
Early repetitions and forced draws aside (s...

Started 12/05/17 at 02:12:41 by BigTy
9 417 Last Post 12/10/17 at 10:31:21
By: bobbyh64
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Max v Magnus
Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Max Deutsch, a 25 year-old speed learner, studied chess for a month and then took on Magnus Carlsen in an exhibition game. 
Needless to say, Magn...

Started 11/20/17 at 22:26:14 by LeeRoth
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15 599 Last Post 12/04/17 at 16:18:23
By: ErictheRed
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Chess Book Review blog
(Note: not selling anything, so I hope this doesn't count as cross-promotion!)
I've started a blog devoted to chess book reviews.  The first two reviews - Hawkins' Amateur to IM, and Lars Bo Hans...

Started 02/03/13 at 05:05:02 by proustiskeen
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322 116104 Last Post 12/04/17 at 14:50:35
By: proustiskeen
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Best/worst countries for playing chess?
Hi Everyone,
Just interested on your opinion regarding the best and worst countries, or cities, to live for chess players. Note that I am not asking about which countries produce the best (and w...

Started 11/30/17 at 07:05:04 by BigTy
3 234 Last Post 12/03/17 at 22:37:48
By: Stigma
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Najdorf: best winning try. Agree or disagree?
Hello Everyone,
My apologies if this topic has already been discussed here.
While looking through a sample of the new Dismantling the Sicilian book, I noticed that the author boldly states...

Started 11/29/17 at 01:16:00 by BigTy
14 608 Last Post 12/02/17 at 05:32:34
By: GabrielGale
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Playing 1.d4 d5 A Classical Repertoire, Ntirlis
I am happy to see this forthcoming book in Quality Chess Publishing Schedule, considering that the 1.e4 e5 book by same author was so good IMHO. Anyone has perhaps a bit more info on what defenses are...

Started 04/17/17 at 12:33:14 by grandpatzer
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70 8817 Last Post 11/30/17 at 15:03:34
By: CanadianClub
Normal Topic
Are "winning" and "beating" a bit out of fashion?
Am I the only one noticing a new fashion in chess opening book titles? The incredibly popular, some time ago, "Winning" and "Beating" are no longer that popular, most recent books containing "modern",...

Started 11/29/17 at 20:43:41 by grandpatzer
3 169 Last Post 11/30/17 at 04:17:48
By: BigTy
Normal Topic
How to stop being ambivalent about my defences?
Hello Everyone,
I often have trouble making decisions in many things beyond chess openings (a typical Libra if you want to get astrological), but when it comes to my defences, it often seems lik...

Started 11/29/17 at 02:12:09 by BigTy
1 223 Last Post 11/29/17 at 18:34:25
By: Jupp53
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Titled players who play unpopular openings
Can anyone name any players of IM level or above, who play offbeat or unpopular openings as their MAIN defence with black?
I don't mean people like Jobava or Morozevich who sometimes play offbeat...

Started 08/18/17 at 13:51:35 by Monocle
12 1250 Last Post 11/23/17 at 01:36:58
By: ReneDescartes
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Charlie Storey - The Sniper
A Chessbase DVD. Surprisingly Mr. Storey doesn't know about IM Bangievs "Felderstrategie" (Square strategy) CDs. Bangiev proposed a complete repertoire for Black based on 1...g6 2...Bg7 3...c5 in 2006...

Started 11/12/17 at 09:14:16 by alyechin
13 984 Last Post 11/16/17 at 18:24:02
By: mn
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
"e3 Poison" by Axel Smith
(now with a preview)
One thing I was a bit struck by:  the full game in Chapter 1 involves a known tricky line of the 4....

Started 07/12/17 at 19:15:04 by kylemeister
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59 10306 Last Post 11/11/17 at 02:41:36
By: IM_Serious
Normal Topic
ICCF Database error
So I play the KID with both colors at correspondence (rather successfully I might add).
And a rather dodgy way to play against a player is to look up their own lines and play it against them. In...

Started 09/02/17 at 18:16:45 by trw
8 824 Last Post 11/09/17 at 10:28:36
By: Michael
Normal Topic
Looking for a training partner, Elo ~2300
Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a training partner around my level (or higher Smiley ) whom I can have some blitz games with in opening variations that are interesting and share tips with. I believe tha...

Started 11/03/17 at 01:15:41 by Chess-Student
0 650 Last Post 11/03/17 at 01:15:41
By: Chess-Student
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