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Ehlvest book GM Opening Preparation
I have looked at the first chapter and it is a pretty good workup of isolated pawn positions, and some historical games, with quite a few general insights and observations. A good discussion of "resea...

Started 09/01/18 at 14:12:42 by Pawnpusher
0 193 Last Post 09/01/18 at 14:12:42
By: Pawnpusher
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ECF charge to play in England
I've played in tournaments in England before and also in Bulgaria and Greece, as well as my native Wales. However, for the next tournament I am to play in, again in England, I have had to pay a fee be...

Started 08/13/18 at 21:43:16 by Laramonet
7 563 Last Post 08/18/18 at 17:57:32
By: RdC
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Poll: Should I play exclusively a universal system?
I'm a 1700 Elo player. In the far future, I aim to get up to 2100-2300 Elo (2300 Elo is the most optimistic scenario, I am certain that I will never try to go beyond 2300 Elo).
During all my past...

Started 08/12/18 at 03:05:50 by Marc Benford
11 783 Last Post 08/12/18 at 22:33:44
By: Straggler
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Keep It Simple: 1.e4 by IM Sielecki
I want to start a discussion about this repertoire.
The main choices are:
Sicilian: Rossolimo against 2...Nc6, Moscow against 2...d6, Alapin against 2...e6
Open Games: Scotch 4Knights a...

Started 07/14/18 at 19:27:57 by alyechin
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30 3368 Last Post 08/06/18 at 18:12:19
By: alyechin
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online chess coach
hello, i have been searching for an online chess coach recently, ( on ICC ) and i found some interesting options, but unable to chose the best one! ... i need some help figuring out what to chose! i a...

Started 07/23/18 at 03:12:12 by amberteresa
5 426 Last Post 07/23/18 at 15:44:59
By: ErictheRed
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Modernised Nimzo/QGD by Pavlovic
I could find not thread for this book. In any case, am I missing something, but where is coverage of the Exchange Variation?

Started 05/31/18 at 20:51:04 by Leon_Trotsky
11 1227 Last Post 07/21/18 at 19:51:23
By: ErictheRed
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Missing Woodpecker thread
Here's a link to the disappearing Woodpecker thread:

Started 07/21/18 at 18:33:55 by ReneDescartes
0 167 Last Post 07/21/18 at 18:33:55
By: ReneDescartes
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Bishop-pair valuable because...why exactly?
Why is having the bishop-pair more valuable than having a knight and bishop?
One popular answer is that a bishop is slightly more valuable than a knight: if the knight is worth 3.0 units of value...

Started 07/04/18 at 11:27:10 by GeneM
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19 1598 Last Post 07/20/18 at 06:20:45
By: MNb
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Quality Chess is working on a book of Efim Geller's games.  Should be a good one.  Geller tends to be overlooked, but he was one of the greats; good enough to get a section in My Great Predecessors.  ...

Started 06/07/18 at 20:35:58 by LeeRoth
9 1265 Last Post 07/11/18 at 19:18:02
By: ReneDescartes
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Long Chess In 2018 (Online)
Of course, I know I can find what I'm seeking OTB but when it comes to online, where are the most serious, competitive long games played? Is it still ICC? I haven't had a sub there in a while and am c...

Started 06/12/18 at 09:29:36 by ChessIsWar
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45 4461 Last Post 07/03/18 at 12:49:33
By: CanadianClub
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Playing 1.e4 - Sicilian and French by Shaw
Anyone has a bit more info regarding this book, to this day? When is it going to be published? It it still Spring 2017, as from the Publisher's schedule, or it's delayed?
My understanding is that...

Started 04/17/17 at 12:28:40 by grandpatzer
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61 12258 Last Post 06/25/18 at 21:07:54
By: Stigma
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Download pgn from chesspub site
Hi. Do you know how to make it ? For me it's does not work Thanks

Started 06/25/18 at 10:46:15 by parisestmagique
0 229 Last Post 06/25/18 at 10:46:15
By: parisestmagique
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From Gambit after 4...Bg4
A new move in a line against the From gambit. (at least to me)
1.f4 e5 2.fxe5 d6 3.fxd6 Bxd6 4.Nf3 Bg4
Not easy for White to attain much against this line after 5.e4 or e3. Against a better...

Started 06/14/18 at 16:35:40 by Lat1
1 328 Last Post 06/24/18 at 16:50:13
By: Glenn Snow
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1.e4 repertoire recommendations
Hi everyone,
as a long time 1.d4 player, i'd like to take on 1.e4 aswell. Which books/lines would you recommend overall, but more precisely for a strategic oriented player? I am very much at ease...

Started 06/16/18 at 13:54:58 by nocteus
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22 1726 Last Post 06/17/18 at 19:49:04
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Is Being Bad At Blitz Games a Problem?
Of course if one wants to be a better blitz player then being bad at thinking quickly and finding tactics under time pressure is a big problem. My question is more about players who are more focused o...

Started 09/30/16 at 20:09:22 by Galeyan
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44 5243 Last Post 06/16/18 at 10:48:00
By: grandpatzer
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Komodo 12+
Similarly to my other thread: I've asked about this on the forums but expect to get much better and more credible answers here: I'm using Fritz15 + the newest version of asmfish for analysis...

Started 06/14/18 at 02:08:32 by ChessIsWar
7 882 Last Post 06/15/18 at 23:08:44
By: ChessIsWar
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Opening Repertoire for an IT professional
So i just finished that stressful part in life where you are frantically worrying if your degree you just got from college will actually help you get a job, and help you start paying off those student...

Started 06/26/16 at 02:35:23 by VKap
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17 3348 Last Post 06/09/18 at 10:27:19
By: Monocle
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Looking for some book reconmendations
I wanted to do some brushing up on my chess. I am looking for a good tactics book that explains the ideas, a tactic book with just a lot of positions to test, middle game strategy, and a positional pl...

Started 06/06/18 at 01:44:15 by Mtal
3 493 Last Post 06/06/18 at 18:19:33
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Modern Chess opening databases
I've been looking through the Modern Chess website and there's some interesting stuff on there. I'm particularly interested in their opening databases. The ones I've looked at are priced at 19.90 euro...

Started 04/05/18 at 00:15:31 by Seeley
12 1697 Last Post 06/03/18 at 06:20:14
By: mn
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
What's your "Bogey opening"?
The opening against which you consistently shoot over par, that you dread to see, that leads to uncomfortable middlegame positions where you don't understand the plans.
I hate the French. No matt...

Started 04/07/18 at 13:13:43 by Bancrates
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51 5587 Last Post 06/02/18 at 19:05:13
By: Stigma
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