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Chess Book Review blog
(Note: not selling anything, so I hope this doesn't count as cross-promotion!)
I've started a blog devoted to chess book reviews.  The first two reviews - Hawkins' Amateur to IM, and Lars Bo Hans...

Started 02/03/13 at 05:05:02 by proustiskeen
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397 167606 Last Post 11/21/18 at 03:47:38
By: Bibs
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Moved: 'Chessbase 15 just released. Time to upgrade?'
This Topic has been moved to Chess and Computers by GMTonyKosten
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Keep It Simple: 1.e4 by IM Sielecki
I want to start a discussion about this repertoire.
The main choices are:
Sicilian: Rossolimo against 2...Nc6, Moscow against 2...d6, Alapin against 2...e6
Open Games: Scotch 4Knights a...

Started 07/14/18 at 18:27:57 by alyechin
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31 6018 Last Post 11/03/18 at 07:57:50
By: grandpatzer
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Hoy do you think in ches?
Dear  friends: I think the most important thing in chess is the way we think. A friend told me to think this way: 1) what is the threat of the other player? 2) Do I have a check? 3) Can i capture anyt...

Started 11/02/18 at 20:49:45 by Pingudon
1 343 Last Post 11/03/18 at 00:19:39
By: Jupp53
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Long Chess In 2018 (Online)
Of course, I know I can find what I'm seeking OTB but when it comes to online, where are the most serious, competitive long games played? Is it still ICC? I haven't had a sub there in a while and am c...

Started 06/12/18 at 08:29:36 by ChessIsWar
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46 6413 Last Post 10/25/18 at 02:10:22
By: IsaVulpes
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To "old" to learn the Open Games with Black?
Hello, I am a 61 year old player, rated 1900+ national and 2000+ FIDE. For about 30+ years I have played the Sicilian (Dragon) with Black, than about 15 years the Caro-Kann and now about 3 years the S...

Started 08/14/18 at 15:37:37 by TD
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41 4779 Last Post 10/25/18 at 02:10:06
By: ReneDescartes
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Opening selection according Erik Kislik
I'm reading Erik Kislik's book 'Applying logic in chess'.
In the Opening strategy chapter he writes:
If you are under 1600, you may want to think about putting together a small and compa...

Started 09/30/18 at 18:30:39 by msiipola
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142 11088 Last Post 10/21/18 at 12:15:01
By: GMTonyKosten
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Internet chess platform with many titled players
My ICC subscription expired a whilst ago when I was too busy to play online. Now in 2018 I see they have platforms like lichess and other stuff, I never heard of some of them.
Which platform(s) ...

Started 09/16/18 at 20:20:35 by Leon_Trotsky
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17 2000 Last Post 10/20/18 at 03:17:37
By: Nickajack
Normal Topic
Gambits chess book app
Hi all. Has anyone used gambits chess book app? I use the everyman and forward chess ones, was thinking of getting a gambit book and thought why not try the app version. Please let me know what you th...

Started 10/03/18 at 15:10:02 by Mtal
8 876 Last Post 10/14/18 at 13:59:01
By: fling
Normal Topic
How to face learning, in the most optimal way?
What I mean is, once a player knows a concept, whether technical or attitude to the game, how is the process from when you know it until you apply it completely and it is already part of your game?<br...

Started 09/20/18 at 07:57:54 by AmnesiaKush
5 868 Last Post 10/09/18 at 21:17:40
By: CroatianSensation
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
"e3 Poison" by Axel Smith
(now with a preview)
One thing I was a bit struck by:  the full game in Chapter 1 involves a known tricky line of the 4....

Started 07/12/17 at 18:15:04 by kylemeister
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84 30095 Last Post 09/26/18 at 22:59:36
By: Michael Ayton
Normal Topic
Webinar: Free chess training
Hello, I'm Alberto Chueca, FIDE Master and chess coach.
Today, I would like to help some of you by giving you a free chess online training about strategy.
Are you finding how to improve in c...

Started 09/26/18 at 08:44:05 by AlbertoChueca
0 297 Last Post 09/26/18 at 08:44:05
By: AlbertoChueca
Normal Topic
Best instructive writing on open positions?
In my junior days, my results only started improving when I moved away from open positions, studied a bit of Nimzowitsch, Silman and Dvoretsky, and started playing closed and especially fluid position...

Started 08/07/18 at 21:42:47 by Stigma
7 1327 Last Post 09/25/18 at 01:08:14
By: Stigma
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New YOUTUBE channel by chess coach
Dear chess players and fans, I am young and enthusiastic chess coach who loves to work with passionate chess players all around the world and I decided to start my own new youtube channel. I' am chess...

Started 08/17/16 at 19:01:31 by KestonyChess
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37 12654 Last Post 09/23/18 at 20:37:38
By: tzermia
Normal Topic
Which edition of "my System" should I buy?
I have so many good things about nimzovitz's my system that even though it will tough going, I am going to get it. I know there are two editions out since the old descriptive notation ones, but which ...

Started 09/22/18 at 11:37:22 by the hay
1 469 Last Post 09/22/18 at 19:35:56
By: Stigma
Normal Topic
Becoming a attacking monster?
Hi all,
So cutting to the chase, I really love to attack, hack, go for the king, etc... I was just wondering, how to get better at it. So what does everyone think? What players games would you st...

Started 09/09/18 at 16:53:34 by Mtal
5 705 Last Post 09/14/18 at 21:51:38
By: Jupp53
Normal Topic
Chess history Video Fischer v Tal fake Caro!
Just came across this video of 1959 Candidates
Interesting moment about 59 seconds in Fischer 1 e4. Tal c6 keeps hol...

Started 06/13/16 at 09:02:17 by FischerTal
8 2247 Last Post 09/13/18 at 09:11:45
By: AntesInferno
Normal Topic
A repertoire book without Nimzoindian?
I want to play 1.d4 but I would like to sidestep the Nimzo ( too dangerous for my heart condition  Sad). Does  that book exist? I mean a book that study the ragozin, queen’s indian, Vienna etc. No Nimz...

Started 09/09/18 at 14:33:36 by Pingudon
8 829 Last Post 09/10/18 at 17:20:51
By: nocteus
Normal Topic
Ehlvest book GM Opening Preparation
I have looked at the first chapter and it is a pretty good workup of isolated pawn positions, and some historical games, with quite a few general insights and observations. A good discussion of "resea...

Started 09/01/18 at 13:12:42 by Pawnpusher
0 334 Last Post 09/01/18 at 13:12:42
By: Pawnpusher
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ECF charge to play in England
I've played in tournaments in England before and also in Bulgaria and Greece, as well as my native Wales. However, for the next tournament I am to play in, again in England, I have had to pay a fee be...

Started 08/13/18 at 20:43:16 by Laramonet
7 828 Last Post 08/18/18 at 16:57:32
By: RdC
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