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Info about
Info about
You can play:
- Standart chess
- Fisher chess
- Coin chess
- Coin fisher chess
- registered over 40.000 of players (13.000 active - loged in last week)
- In languages : Slovak, Czech, German, Polish, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Hungarian
- When someone will new language - can help tran...

Started 09/03/04 at 14:01:16 by jogo (Guest)
0 492 Last Post 09/03/04 at 09:01:15
By: jogo (Guest)
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Chess in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
I am going to be staying in Wellfleet, Massachusetts (USA) with my aunt and uncle for the month of August. While I'll certainly have a set with me and stuff to study, there's a big tournament in NJ at...

Started 07/30/04 at 14:12:07 by AmateurDragoneer
2 1226 Last Post 09/01/04 at 12:09:27
By: AmateurDragoneer
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Opening obsessions
I always smile at the obsession people have with opening theory. Fortunately for me, I'm at a level where the latest novelties aren't that significant (1703 WCU). I much prefer reading classic middle ...

Started 04/28/04 at 09:41:12 by Peter Kitchen (Guest)
12 2155 Last Post 09/01/04 at 04:52:15
By: Peter Kitchen (Guest)
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Chess attitude
On request of AA I will try to explain my attitude towards chess.
For young ambitious players, the main goal is to improve their level, skilss and ELO. That is OK. They should study all aspects o...

Started 08/03/04 at 15:27:24 by MNb
4 1209 Last Post 08/28/04 at 09:31:55
By: Patrick
Normal Topic
How much to trust statistics?
Hello everybody,
I've recently started looking at websites and books that make reference to the statistics for black and white in various openings.  I'm wondering if any of you have an opinion on...

Started 08/22/04 at 22:32:58 by Scott Rex (Guest)
2 669 Last Post 08/26/04 at 06:59:08
By: TalJechin
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Question about Jaques Chess Sets
Hello, with scholastic chess around the corner I want to buy myself a nice chess set and folding wooden board (with labeled ranks and files) and my opponent at PA State Champs had a very nice Jaques C...

Started 08/23/04 at 07:49:28 by MarkPharaoh
6 1279 Last Post 08/25/04 at 19:49:15
By: MarkPharaoh
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Book forum?
I am looking for a forum about chess books. Or sites with many reviews of chess books.
Thanks for your suggestions!

Started 02/15/04 at 15:27:09 by Dr. Fred (Guest)
12 2281 Last Post 08/08/04 at 06:30:20
By: Panda (Guest)
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Kaufman book
I was wondering if anybody has any opinions on the repertiore suggested by Kaufman in The Chess Advantage in Black and White. He makes some interesting suggestions with the Spanish Exchange, Tarrasch ...

Started 04/12/04 at 02:10:55 by marmont90 (Ex Member)
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27 4986 Last Post 08/03/04 at 15:48:03
By: Mortal Games
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Jeremy Silman
What is everyone's opinion on Jeremy Silman's book How to Reassess Your Chess?
I own it and have read through most of it. It's pretty well written but most of it seems to be rehashing on very bas...

Started 07/22/04 at 21:00:43 by Wynter (Ex Member)
3 1635 Last Post 07/27/04 at 07:59:05
By: Mortal Games
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Books in ECO-style.
Does anybody know a software with which I can make abook in ECO/NCO-style. With chessbase i don't get the results I want.
Thanks in advance

Started 07/14/04 at 13:15:02 by Bernhard (Guest)
1 686 Last Post 07/14/04 at 17:40:55
By: Billy_Cember - Ex Member
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Beginner's Game, is it any good?
Is the beginner's game any good for black against 1500-2000 oppositon?
Black set ups is: (many different move orders)
6...d6<br ...

Started 07/23/03 at 18:41:11 by OddvarRaugstad
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19 4084 Last Post 07/05/04 at 14:51:42
By: Michael Ayton
Normal Topic
Where to start on openings?
I realize you must get posts from new players quite often, so forgive me if this is a redundant question.  I have been playing chess informally for about 2 years, and have recently started taking the ...

Started 07/02/04 at 15:38:32 by Scott Rex (Guest)
6 1587 Last Post 07/04/04 at 13:15:06
By: Scott Rex (Guest)
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getting published
getting published
what must i do to get my work published by yourselves?.
please help me.

Started 06/28/04 at 11:57:04 by kajani kaunda (Guest)
1 758 Last Post 06/28/04 at 20:28:21
By: AmateurDragoneer
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Repertoire Question
I am an 1800-1900 club player and am looking to expand my Black opening repertoire. I have played the Caro-Kann and Slav for some time, feeling that they made a good, complimentary pair. I...

Started 06/22/04 at 01:54:31 by J. James (Guest)
5 1642 Last Post 06/22/04 at 20:33:25
By: J. James (Guest)
Normal Topic
In Search of a Chess Coach
Hello, first off if this is in the wrong forum I am sorry, I am new here.
A brief history about me and Chess:  started back in October/November 2003 for my school's chess team.  I was on the Vars...

Started 05/23/04 at 15:43:34 by MarkPharaoh
7 1830 Last Post 06/16/04 at 16:53:24
By: KingDan
Normal Topic
I've noticed several times where people have admitted they made an analytical mistake in a response to a post because they were looking at the variations in their head.  I know I've been guilty of thi...

Started 06/11/04 at 11:04:29 by Glenn Snow
4 1068 Last Post 06/11/04 at 10:43:18
By: Panda (Guest)
Normal Topic
I don't play many tournaments a year, but this summer I feel like playing some big open here in Europe. The trouble is that it's mostly bliz and speedchess, and I'd prefer a longer time, 2h/40 + ½h pe...

Started 05/22/04 at 22:34:34 by Panda (Guest)
1 698 Last Post 05/24/04 at 09:51:52
By: Dr Jan Itor (Guest)
Normal Topic
The Chessplayer's Style
Hey everyone. After looking around the web for some chess related material, I came across an article called The Chessplayer's Style I was wondering if you ...

Started 01/28/04 at 00:41:19 by Jason_Evans
2 929 Last Post 05/23/04 at 11:57:39
By: ccmCACollister
Normal Topic
The future of chess?
What will happen with the game of chess in the not too distant future?  ???
Considering that the escalation of technology, the disqualifications for receiving mobile phone calls will soon look ri...

Started 04/06/04 at 10:37:07 by Wonderer (Ex Member)
4 1060 Last Post 04/07/04 at 02:58:20
By: Wonderer - Ex Member
Normal Topic
Is there a way to set the chronos for increment instead of delay? I know for the New York Masters the use increment, and i would like to use my chronos. Though delay is usable, I would like to try inc...

Started 03/31/04 at 03:26:00 by KingDan
3 1051 Last Post 04/04/04 at 10:44:23
By: AmateurDragoneer
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