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Informant Signs
Does anyone know where I can download a file with all the Informant signs and their meanings?

Started 03/24/04 at 16:45:50 by Voprak
1 836 Last Post 03/24/04 at 12:12:07
By: alumbrado
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Chessbase question
I was wondering if there is a way to do a search and only have analyzed games show up. is this possible?

Started 03/13/04 at 16:57:57 by KingDan
7 1536 Last Post 03/22/04 at 07:52:44
By: Wonderer - Ex Member
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Book publishing advice
Hi all,
         A the moment myself and a colleague are endevouring to write a chess book, which is in effect the 4th edition of Beating the Sicilian. 
We would like at some stage to try...

Started 03/16/04 at 23:05:54 by Paul Hopwood (Guest)
0 532 Last Post 03/16/04 at 18:05:52
By: Paul Hopwood (Guest)
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Russian Server
Does anyone know of any Russian chess servers?  Or do all the Russkies just play on that piece of [gratuitous word here] ICC?
NeX iRae

Started 03/15/04 at 03:11:02 by nexirae
0 589 Last Post 03/14/04 at 22:11:01
By: nexirae
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Side effects of blindfold?
Sorry if this has been asked before as I have been offline for a while.  Anyways here goes:
   After practising blindfold play for a while (consistently) as part of an improvement plan, has anyon...

Started 06/07/03 at 03:20:52 by Oderus_Urungus
3 1362 Last Post 03/10/04 at 14:21:42
By: Paul Hopwood (Guest)
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Having some trouble here
Hey everyone. I've really been learning alot lately and have gotten a lot better, but there is something that i just can't figure out. There is a chess club in my school and I've been going there at l...

Started 02/21/04 at 00:11:08 by Jason_Evans
3 954 Last Post 02/26/04 at 12:35:48
By: kope
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Does anyone know the login for
Seems to be interesting stuff!

Started 02/12/04 at 20:17:59 by Opser (Guest)
11 2719 Last Post 02/17/04 at 09:18:50
By: Wonderer - Ex Member
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Copying Games From Chessbase Online
Hello all  Grin
Can anyone explain to me how to copy games from Chessbase Online to a text editor like Word Pad or Note Pad. It was explained to me in the following way, however this did not work.<...

Started 02/03/04 at 02:03:51 by TopNotch
3 1224 Last Post 02/03/04 at 19:53:34
By: AmateurDragoneer
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Being new to this site, thought I would try and start a discussion on databases.
Chessbase and Chess Assistant appear to be the two most popular ones.
What are the pluses and/or minuses of  ...

Started 08/08/03 at 23:38:07 by dilligaf
3 1202 Last Post 01/16/04 at 07:54:10
By: ARed
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Going Shopping
Hey Everyone. Christmas has come and gone and I have gotten some book store gift cards, and I was wondering what books on chess would you all suggest I get? I know some will depend on the person, but ...

Started 12/28/03 at 23:15:43 by Jason_Evans
6 1658 Last Post 01/07/04 at 22:13:55
By: Jason_Evans
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an active and dynamic defense to e4
Hi everyone !
First, I wish everybody a happy new year, full of chess exploits !!!   Wink
On to my question: I am looking for a defense to e4, preferably an active one: last year I think I ha...

Started 01/02/04 at 11:15:44 by krugman
12 3795 Last Post 01/05/04 at 09:56:09
By: Ben_Hague
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101 chess opening surprises
Hi, everyone
I have seen a book online that caught my eye.  It is called 101 Chess Opening Surprises by Graham Burgess.  It seems like an interesting book with many ideas you may never have thoug...

Started 12/29/03 at 19:56:35 by spakus
2 1025 Last Post 12/29/03 at 22:04:29
By: spakus
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Chess playing programs
I'm considering buying a new chess playing program.  Was wondering if any of you had any recommendations since there seem to be several good programs out there.  My main use for the program will be to...

Started 11/28/03 at 04:19:27 by Glenn Snow
6 1615 Last Post 12/28/03 at 09:02:44
By: CraigEvans
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Kirsan Illyumzhinov
I was just wondering this...
How good of a player is FIDE President Kirsan Illyumzhinov?  He is not listed in the online ratings list, so does anyone know?
I would assume he would at least h...

Started 12/28/03 at 01:22:26 by nexirae
0 711 Last Post 12/27/03 at 20:22:26
By: nexirae
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Play 1.d4! by Palliser
Anyone have "Play 1.d4!", by Palliser and if so how do you like it.  I know Nigel Davies has said this was a good book.

Started 12/13/03 at 15:25:53 by Glenn Snow
1 2358 Last Post 12/15/03 at 05:03:38
By: alumbrado
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Need a bit of help
Hey everyone. I was just wondering, how does everyone go about practicing their skills? You surely can't find an oppponent at any given second. And what about openings? I just got MCO 13th edition fro...

Started 11/25/03 at 01:46:35 by Jason_Evans
5 1427 Last Post 11/26/03 at 15:10:53
By: Voprak
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My Game
Hey everyone. Would someone mind doing me a favor and telling me how my game was? I was white in the one. I'd say that I'm past the beginner stage, but not by much. It would really help if I could get...

Started 11/21/03 at 17:22:07 by Jason Evans (Guest)
4 1340 Last Post 11/22/03 at 17:43:06
By: Jason_Evans
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[m]: Basic Chess Endings
This Endgames [move by] GMTonyKosten.
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Computer opening books and tablebases
Just a thought - no doubt this has been discussed elsewhere.
Human players are not permitted to refer to published material during the course of a game - for example, they are forbidden to consul...

Started 11/07/03 at 10:38:23 by alumbrado
7 1736 Last Post 11/15/03 at 17:12:51
By: Glenn Snow
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Chess training
I am newcomer.
Is there some way i can get traing to improve my performance here? Can i get opinion of GM's on it.

Started 10/20/03 at 10:18:14 by lam
2 1258 Last Post 11/02/03 at 03:53:25
By: GMTonyKosten
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