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Opening repetoire suggestions?
I am looking for an opening repertoire. I am generally aggressive and if I'm forced to defend, I look for counterattacks. 

I like the king's gambit a lot, but also the flank games like Re...

Started 11/20/04 at 06:30:08 by Markst0rm
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34 7324 Last Post 12/16/04 at 13:38:02
By: Markovich
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My Conflict
Hello, I have a problem that I don't even know if there is an actual answer for someone other then myself to figure out  but I will give it a try.  When I started chess about a year ago, I, like many ...

Started 12/15/04 at 03:00:51 by MarkPharaoh
5 1212 Last Post 12/16/04 at 06:15:08
By: Tzanidakis_Michael
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Is ChessBase 9.0 Worth It?
I am wondering if getting ChessBase 9.0 is worth it.  If so, would going for the mega pack be worth it as opposed from just the starter pack? Thanks.
P.S:  I am ~1325 USCF Player, so I don't take...

Started 11/08/04 at 00:49:10 by MarkPharaoh
14 2857 Last Post 12/12/04 at 20:49:17
By: MNb
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) Poll
Poll: How to avoid 'grandmaster draws'?
Following Glenn's suggestion I've tried to summarize some opinions into a poll.
It's the first I've created here so if you think there's too many choices etc, make a better one yourself!  Cheesy

Started 04/01/04 at 00:47:42 by Wonderer (Ex Member)
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16 3934 Last Post 12/09/04 at 20:28:48
By: JEGutman
Normal Topic
History of chess theory?
Can anyone recommend a good and up to date book on the history of chess theory?  While I'm fairly familiar with the various "schools" of chess thought, does anyone describe the evolution of chess thin...

Started 12/07/04 at 03:17:17 by HgMan
2 816 Last Post 12/07/04 at 07:53:14
By: HgMan
Normal Topic
Best Chess Tournament/City?
Just thought it would be interesting to hear people's opinion about which are the best tournaments around or the 'best'  city or country to play chess in?
so far I've played in:
Groningen, ...

Started 12/04/04 at 20:37:41 by TalJechin
4 1202 Last Post 12/07/04 at 05:46:31
By: Cnelis
Normal Topic
Opening System please?
I am looking for an opening repertoire. I am generally aggressive and if I'm forced to defend, I look for counterattacks.
I like the king's gambit a lot, but also the flank games like Reti. I us...

Started 11/19/04 at 06:32:21 by Markst0rm
5 1437 Last Post 11/20/04 at 21:23:03
By: MNb
Normal Topic
Opening for white according to Kramnik
I don't know whether this is the right forum for this question, so please redirect me if I'm in the wrong place. I wanted to discuss some of the variations mentioned in Alexander Khalifman's book "Ope...

Started 11/18/04 at 13:40:23 by Joris Pelemans (Guest)
1 682 Last Post 11/18/04 at 23:29:16
By: AmateurDragoneer
Normal Topic
I have fritz 8 and shredder 8 for the computer and I am trying to install them both on the comp at the same time.  I am unable to put them in a different folder so that I can get both to work at the s...

Started 11/14/04 at 22:31:40 by cc2150dx
3 882 Last Post 11/16/04 at 05:10:44
By: alumbrado
Normal Topic
Chessbase 9 very odd problem
    I was wondering if anyone else an re-produce the odd problem I get with chessbase 9  .....
If you open a board window and play the followig moves on the board 1.e4 d5 2.ed5 Qd5 3.N...

Started 11/05/04 at 15:41:28 by BigBen
2 832 Last Post 11/07/04 at 16:41:41
By: BigBen
Normal Topic
An attacking repertoire for white
I would like to know what people think about this book. Because the fact that he recommends both the scotch and the c3 sicilian (and the title is "an attacking...") frightens me a bit. I know...

Started 11/07/04 at 09:20:25 by krugman
3 1265 Last Post 11/07/04 at 09:11:52
By: Glenn Snow
Normal Topic
Dynamic d4 defense
Need Repertoire advice:
My current repertoire includes very solid systems:
White:  Queen's Gambit with early Nf3 / Torre attack vs. Indian Systems
Black:  Caro-Kann vs. e4 and king's fi...

Started 09/18/04 at 05:29:02 by FusterCluck
3 1476 Last Post 11/02/04 at 08:52:17
By: rowrulz
Normal Topic
Question for Markovich and other trainers
Markovich, do you also recommend your students to study the following games:
Spielmann-Rubinstein, Karlsbad 1907;
Spielmann-Rubinstein, Karlsbad 1911;
Rubinstein-Spielmann, Karlsbad 191...

Started 11/01/04 at 02:07:29 by MNb
0 725 Last Post 10/31/04 at 21:07:29
By: MNb
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Chess computer as training partner?
Hello everyone,
You were all so kind as to answer my last question, so I thought I´d venture forth with another.  As I´m starting to take chess more seriously and putting together a study/trainin...

Started 07/08/04 at 15:24:36 by Scott Rex (Guest)
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16 3610 Last Post 10/29/04 at 18:29:46
By: Tzanidakis_Michael
Normal Topic
Playing against stronger or weaker opponents
I find it surprising how little is written on achieving the best results versus a stronger or a weaker opponent.  The only book I know of that specifically addresses the issue is the interesting "Ches...

Started 10/15/04 at 22:43:02 by Glenn Snow
6 1501 Last Post 10/17/04 at 05:56:50
By: TalJechin
Normal Topic
Grischuk's repertoire
I see Grischuk no longer exclusively uses the Advance despite his many successes with it; any ideas if it was just that he'd used it too much or a specific line which put him off? At any rate excellen...

Started 09/23/04 at 14:03:10 by IMRichardPalliser
6 1975 Last Post 10/11/04 at 14:22:53
By: tracke
Normal Topic
White repetoire
To give some background, I have recently been looking at establishing a d4 repetoire for white based around the Tromp, and so was wondering where I might find a coherent repetoire for White against d5...

Started 10/01/04 at 06:00:09 by Scholar
7 1790 Last Post 10/07/04 at 09:29:54
By: Gambitmeister (Guest)
Normal Topic
I started playing FischerRandom recently and I was wondering if anyone knows any strong program that plays FischerRandom or a website for online playing.

Started 10/05/04 at 14:40:09 by Tzanidakis_Michael
2 667 Last Post 10/05/04 at 11:30:14
By: Tzanidakis_Michael
Normal Topic
Book sale
With a heavy heart I have decided that I simply have too many books about chess and so I am selling some off at a heavy discount on published prices.
I look after my books (especially my chess on...

Started 09/30/04 at 10:48:57 by alumbrado
0 502 Last Post 09/30/04 at 05:48:56
By: alumbrado
Normal Topic
Great books- new, old, rare and out of sale.
I think, this is a good topic to discuss in the forum. Lets talk about great chess books in general, books who touch us, because of the good writing or because of our improvement. Anyone know...

Started 09/05/04 at 18:47:45 by Mortal Games
3 1039 Last Post 09/25/04 at 16:10:57
By: photophore
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