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Chessbase 9 very odd problem
    I was wondering if anyone else an re-produce the odd problem I get with chessbase 9  .....
If you open a board window and play the followig moves on the board 1.e4 d5 2.ed5 Qd5 3.N...

Started 11/05/04 at 15:41:28 by BigBen
2 809 Last Post 11/07/04 at 16:41:41
By: BigBen
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An attacking repertoire for white
I would like to know what people think about this book. Because the fact that he recommends both the scotch and the c3 sicilian (and the title is "an attacking...") frightens me a bit. I know...

Started 11/07/04 at 09:20:25 by krugman
3 1229 Last Post 11/07/04 at 09:11:52
By: Glenn Snow
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Dynamic d4 defense
Need Repertoire advice:
My current repertoire includes very solid systems:
White:  Queen's Gambit with early Nf3 / Torre attack vs. Indian Systems
Black:  Caro-Kann vs. e4 and king's fi...

Started 09/18/04 at 05:29:02 by FusterCluck
3 1447 Last Post 11/02/04 at 08:52:17
By: rowrulz
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Question for Markovich and other trainers
Markovich, do you also recommend your students to study the following games:
Spielmann-Rubinstein, Karlsbad 1907;
Spielmann-Rubinstein, Karlsbad 1911;
Rubinstein-Spielmann, Karlsbad 191...

Started 11/01/04 at 02:07:29 by MNb
0 708 Last Post 10/31/04 at 21:07:29
By: MNb
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Chess computer as training partner?
Hello everyone,
You were all so kind as to answer my last question, so I thought I´d venture forth with another.  As I´m starting to take chess more seriously and putting together a study/trainin...

Started 07/08/04 at 15:24:36 by Scott Rex (Guest)
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16 3473 Last Post 10/29/04 at 18:29:46
By: Tzanidakis_Michael
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Playing against stronger or weaker opponents
I find it surprising how little is written on achieving the best results versus a stronger or a weaker opponent.  The only book I know of that specifically addresses the issue is the interesting "Ches...

Started 10/15/04 at 22:43:02 by Glenn Snow
6 1436 Last Post 10/17/04 at 05:56:50
By: TalJechin
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Grischuk's repertoire
I see Grischuk no longer exclusively uses the Advance despite his many successes with it; any ideas if it was just that he'd used it too much or a specific line which put him off? At any rate excellen...

Started 09/23/04 at 14:03:10 by IMRichardPalliser
6 1925 Last Post 10/11/04 at 14:22:53
By: tracke
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White repetoire
To give some background, I have recently been looking at establishing a d4 repetoire for white based around the Tromp, and so was wondering where I might find a coherent repetoire for White against d5...

Started 10/01/04 at 06:00:09 by Scholar
7 1743 Last Post 10/07/04 at 09:29:54
By: Gambitmeister (Guest)
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I started playing FischerRandom recently and I was wondering if anyone knows any strong program that plays FischerRandom or a website for online playing.

Started 10/05/04 at 14:40:09 by Tzanidakis_Michael
2 645 Last Post 10/05/04 at 11:30:14
By: Tzanidakis_Michael
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Book sale
With a heavy heart I have decided that I simply have too many books about chess and so I am selling some off at a heavy discount on published prices.
I look after my books (especially my chess on...

Started 09/30/04 at 10:48:57 by alumbrado
0 491 Last Post 09/30/04 at 05:48:56
By: alumbrado
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Great books- new, old, rare and out of sale.
I think, this is a good topic to discuss in the forum. Lets talk about great chess books in general, books who touch us, because of the good writing or because of our improvement. Anyone know...

Started 09/05/04 at 18:47:45 by Mortal Games
3 1004 Last Post 09/25/04 at 16:10:57
By: photophore
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Get revenge on your computer
When was the last time you won a chess game against your computer. Probably never. Now you might have a chance. A new game called Arimaa shows that computers still have a long way to go before they ca...

Started 09/22/04 at 08:50:46 by Scott (Guest)
1 652 Last Post 09/25/04 at 14:14:53
By: GMTonyKosten
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What opening should i play?
Hi, I have been playing these defences against 1.d4:
1.Budapest 2.KID 3.Dutch
The Budapest is fine if white doesn't play "solid", kinda boring you know. The KID is also fun sometimes, but th...

Started 08/07/04 at 16:44:55 by DragonSSSSssssnake (Guest)
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23 4940 Last Post 09/17/04 at 03:27:00
By: TalJechin
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First Saturday Tournaments
If anyone is interested in playing these tournaments in Budapest (which is on the Danube, very pretty, not to mention the girls ...) Smiley
Here are the organiser's details:
Nagy, Laszlo

Started 07/18/04 at 23:08:36 by GMTonyKosten
2 831 Last Post 09/09/04 at 08:13:30
By: TomR
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What sections should I get?
I know there is a similar topic but I didn't want to steal his so i'll start my own.  I'm not a member, but looking to become one.  I am currently a 1250-1450 player (it changes between the two consta...

Started 08/25/04 at 05:32:47 by MarkPharaoh
5 1156 Last Post 09/05/04 at 15:05:00
By: Mortal Games
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[m]: Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual
This Endgames [move by] GMTonyKosten.
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Info about
Info about
You can play:
- Standart chess
- Fisher chess
- Coin chess
- Coin fisher chess
- registered over 40.000 of players (13.000 active - loged in last week)
- In languages : Slovak, Czech, German, Polish, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Hungarian
- When someone will new language - can help tran...

Started 09/03/04 at 14:01:16 by jogo (Guest)
0 505 Last Post 09/03/04 at 09:01:15
By: jogo (Guest)
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Chess in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
I am going to be staying in Wellfleet, Massachusetts (USA) with my aunt and uncle for the month of August. While I'll certainly have a set with me and stuff to study, there's a big tournament in NJ at...

Started 07/30/04 at 14:12:07 by AmateurDragoneer
2 1271 Last Post 09/01/04 at 12:09:27
By: AmateurDragoneer
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Opening obsessions
I always smile at the obsession people have with opening theory. Fortunately for me, I'm at a level where the latest novelties aren't that significant (1703 WCU). I much prefer reading classic middle ...

Started 04/28/04 at 09:41:12 by Peter Kitchen (Guest)
12 2321 Last Post 09/01/04 at 04:52:15
By: Peter Kitchen (Guest)
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Chess attitude
On request of AA I will try to explain my attitude towards chess.
For young ambitious players, the main goal is to improve their level, skilss and ELO. That is OK. They should study all aspects o...

Started 08/03/04 at 15:27:24 by MNb
4 1260 Last Post 08/28/04 at 09:31:55
By: Patrick
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