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Tactical exercises
As I'm planning to play some OTB chess again I think it useful to do some exercises. I've visited two websites, but they are way too easy for me (20 seconds for focusing and some more for finding the ...

Started 09/19/17 at 18:15:06 by MNb
7 818 Last Post 09/20/17 at 09:34:29
By: tipau
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Chess publishing on a Mac
I realize that the heading might be misleading. I'm looking for recommendations for Mac-compatible software that will enable chess writing. I enjoyed using Chessbase in a previous life, but would be g...

Started 09/18/17 at 21:45:31 by HgMan
3 326 Last Post 09/20/17 at 07:48:43
By: Bondefanger
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Books To Improve?
What are some good books to help a 2100 USCF player get better? I'm not interested in a long series of books, just a few really good ones that cover stuff like tactics, strategy, endgames, and anythin...

Started 08/15/17 at 00:01:15 by bobbyh64
7 1131 Last Post 09/17/17 at 19:35:31
By: ErictheRed
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Favourite chess book of last 6 months
I know it's a bit early for a 'Book of the Year' Award, but I'm thinking of buying quite a few chess books in the coming days. Some good ones have probably been mentioned in different threads, but I w...

Started 09/09/17 at 11:15:46 by TN
1 398 Last Post 09/09/17 at 14:26:54
By: HgMan
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Fastest way to learn a new opening
I am sure we can all contribute to this one.
What methods do you use to learn a new opening when you don't play it all? (For example switching from 1. e4 e5 to the sicilian).
What about when...

Started 09/02/17 at 18:29:48 by trw
3 516 Last Post 09/05/17 at 02:27:45
By: proustiskeen
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Dreams with top players
Did you ever dream of being with a world champion or a top player? A few years back I dreamt of being with a young Bobby Fischer in his NY apartment in the 1960s, and suggesting him some moves or stra...

Started 08/23/17 at 09:27:46 by grandpatzer
2 401 Last Post 09/04/17 at 08:17:16
By: bragesjo
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Source: Mark Dvoretsky SFC-5
Does anyone know where I might acquire SFC-5 in English?
In Mark Dvoretsky's book, For Friends & Colleagues Volume 1: Profession: Chess Coach. Page 227, he writes "We focused on developing the ab...

Started 09/03/17 at 00:40:36 by trw
1 254 Last Post 09/03/17 at 05:34:38
By: LeeRoth
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What is your dream opening book?
Or, put another way - what would constitute a 'perfect' opening book to you? Of course, it's impossible to write a perfect book, but what characteristics, features or coverage would you value most?

Started 08/30/17 at 06:26:38 by TN
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18 1373 Last Post 09/03/17 at 02:32:51
By: TN
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American Chess Magazine, $30 per issue
A new high quality chess magazine has begun production: the 'American Chess Magazine'.
$30 per issue is more than I am willing to pay.

Started 07/06/17 at 22:44:30 by GeneM
9 1272 Last Post 09/02/17 at 16:56:33
By: trw
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Selling some books, bulletins and 1980 Comp Champ
I hope it's a right place to write. I'm currently selling on ebay some stuff:
I have also 365 Russian bulletins for sale:...

Started 09/02/17 at 08:07:22 by AJZ
0 152 Last Post 09/02/17 at 08:07:22
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Playing 1.e4 - Caro-Kann, 1...e5 & Minor Lines
The excerpt of the book is out now:
+ Caro-Kann: Advance 4 h4
+ 1 e4 e5 2 Nc6: Scotch
+ P...

Started 06/02/16 at 08:02:56 by alyechin
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50 14926 Last Post 09/01/17 at 08:24:14
By: TN
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Solid, low-theory openings as black against 1.d4
Earlier this year, I started playing again after a decade of inactivity and I'm struggling to decide what to play as Black against 1.d4.  I have a terrible memory for concrete variations if I don't pl...

Started 08/22/17 at 22:06:02 by Monocle
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58 3878 Last Post 08/30/17 at 16:04:41
By: Monocle
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Learning from Kassparov's Predecessor Series
Is Kasparov's "My Great Predecessors" series considered good for self-improvement? I have a few of the volumes and I saw that there are lots of pages of detailed computer analysis. Does it make much s...

Started 08/18/17 at 20:58:19 by bobbyh64
2 444 Last Post 08/24/17 at 22:22:43
By: LeeRoth
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Chess for Muggles
Having played in an U180 chess tournament, I was asked by the chess muggles if this was an age restriction. I told them this restriction is required to keep some of the Vampires from playing.
My ...

Started 08/19/17 at 07:08:28 by JEH
1 272 Last Post 08/19/17 at 07:12:04
Normal Topic
Studying the classics in modern times
I've thought about this a lot over the years: how do we best learn from the classics in modern times? I recently opened Romanovsky's Chess Middlegame Planning because I've never read much of it, but c...

Started 08/13/17 at 22:03:44 by ErictheRed
4 665 Last Post 08/17/17 at 12:48:07
By: califax
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Are you allowed to have a 2D representation OTB?
I'm not used to OTB chess so I was thinking maybe I could have one of those tiny 2D style sets placed on the table too. Of course, I wouldn't be doing anything but putting the game moves on it.

Started 08/01/17 at 11:44:16 by exigentsky
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76 4325 Last Post 08/16/17 at 11:49:34
By: exigentsky
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Repertoire books with ideas and explanations
I think that the average competitive player greatly needs repertoire books with lots of explanations of ideas and typical plans, and eventually typical tactics and tricks in key positions, rather than...

Started 07/25/17 at 17:05:42 by grandpatzer
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18 1978 Last Post 08/16/17 at 02:03:22
By: Stigma
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Opening books with complete games
I remember in the Old Days that opening books were simply "opening books", e.g. giving the variations, evaluating the positions, and giving the game source, e.g. "with a slight advantage for White, Ta...

Started 07/25/17 at 20:18:29 by grandpatzer
11 1031 Last Post 08/16/17 at 02:00:11
By: Stigma
Moved Topic
Moved: 'Opening book arranged the chapters in random order'
The contents of this Topic have been moved to this Topic by RoleyPoley
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Which of these books is easiest / hardest?
I have three books related to the subject of middlegame:
1) Hellsten: Mastering chess strategy
2) Panchenko: Mastering chess middlegames
3) Mauricio Flores Rios: Chess structures. A gra...

Started 08/06/17 at 16:06:26 by JHamberg
4 613 Last Post 08/07/17 at 09:51:31
By: JHamberg
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