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Before asking for help with improvement....
Hi all!
Since 2003, chess publicans have been starting threads asking for chess improvement. 
Read the previous threads before starting a new one on this topic. 
If possible, add your c...

Started 04/27/10 at 03:33:05 by Smyslov_Fan
11 11717 Last Post 09/11/17 at 08:52:48
By: GMTonyKosten
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ChessPub Book of the Year 2015!
Hi all!
It's that time of year again!
What books published for the first time in 2015 deserve to be considered for Chess Book of the Year?
Traditionally, ChessPub only focuses on Openi...

Started 01/06/16 at 16:14:55 by Smyslov_Fan
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59 17762 Last Post 03/07/16 at 20:05:14
By: Keano
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Advertisements for other sites/forums
Would anyone who wishes to advertise content on another site or Forum please have the courtesy to ask me first, otherwise your missive risks being deleted! Cry

Started 05/22/06 at 01:07:36 by GMTonyKosten
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68 50368 Last Post 11/12/17 at 22:53:24
By: ThorGold
Sticky Topic Poll closed
Poll: ChessPub Opening Book of the Year 2016
Time for the annual vote!
We normally begin with nominations followed by a poll.
Opening books only.  DVDs also count.  Must be published/copyrighted in 2016.

Started 01/08/17 at 19:24:34 by LeeRoth
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73 17173 Last Post 04/29/17 at 10:33:27
By: RoleyPoley
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Modern Chess
The Modern Chess website has been down for some time, and they are not answering emails; yet they are still sending out notifications of new publications! Does anyone know what is going on?

Started 02/14/18 at 09:51:58 by Straggler
0 205 Last Post 02/14/18 at 09:51:58
By: Straggler
Normal Topic
1. d4 Cf6 2. c4 e6 3. g3 for NID/QID >2200 ELO
So say that for someone 2200+ ELO they play Nimzo and Queen's Indians. Then if White wants to play the dreaded Catalán (btw Visca Catalunya Cheesy) they play 3. g3.
It feel quite uncomfortable as Bla...

Started 01/27/18 at 04:56:21 by Leon_Trotsky
0 87 Last Post 01/27/18 at 04:56:21
By: Leon_Trotsky
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Chess Diagrams exporting
Does anyone have recommendations on how to get decent looking diagrams when you export from pgn? I have been trying to figure out how to make chessbase 13 do this automatically but the ones it produce...

Started 10/22/17 at 15:31:23 by trw
0 224 Last Post 10/22/17 at 15:31:23
By: trw
Normal Topic
Ilyumzhinov asked not to run for President
Executive Board Asks Ilyumzhinov Not To Run For President
It looks like his FIDE career is coming to...

Started 10/13/17 at 20:58:54 by Keano
0 305 Last Post 10/13/17 at 20:58:54
By: Keano
Moved Topic
Moved: 'Opening book arranged the chapters in random order'
The contents of this Topic have been moved to this Topic by RoleyPoley
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Dial to Morphy's chess watch
http ://quillandpad. com/2017/04/19/check-mate-rgms-chess-enamel-honors-historical-am...

Started 07/06/17 at 22:40:04 by GeneM
0 252 Last Post 07/06/17 at 22:40:04
By: GeneM
Normal Topic
Move Repetition Decisions
Here are three positions. I'm interested in the forum's thoughts (without consulting an engine) about whether a draw by repetition should be taken or avoided.
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *

Started 07/05/17 at 22:30:33 by mn
0 335 Last Post 07/05/17 at 22:30:33
By: mn
Normal Topic
King Maze Challenge
Can you solve these strange puzzles? The final one has not yet been solved by anybody...

Started 07/04/17 at 22:43:08 by Chess_Dogg
0 350 Last Post 07/04/17 at 22:43:08
By: Chess_Dogg
Normal Topic
FIDECHess Encyclopedia
There was some discussion of this in the now broken Classical Sicilian thread on the Rauzer.  To clear up any lingering confusion:
The FIDEChess monographs were, I believe, originally published i...

Started 06/15/17 at 04:59:52 by LeeRoth
0 268 Last Post 06/15/17 at 04:59:52
By: LeeRoth
Normal Topic
Initiative examples, sought
I have a request of anyone here that might be willing to share.
I want to gather 3-5 examples of game score segments wherein one player clearly usefully had the **Initiative**, but...
...not to th...

Started 04/30/17 at 23:10:40 by GeneM
0 368 Last Post 04/30/17 at 23:10:40
By: GeneM
Normal Topic
0 292 Last Post 01/13/17 at 13:48:47
By: Wwqlcw
Normal Topic
Pre-1845 photo, are these chess players famous?
"First Photo's Ever taken in Date order"
Skip to the 8:17 mark...
Are any of these chess players famous, in this pre-1845 photo?<br /...

Started 09/20/16 at 00:54:20 by GeneM
0 391 Last Post 09/20/16 at 00:54:20
By: GeneM
Normal Topic
Draft of FIDE Laws of Chess 2017
FIDE has published the draft of FIDE Laws of Chess from 1st July 2017 on its website to be discussed at the FIDE Congress in Baku.
What do you think about it?
for example:
7.2.a (wrong ...

Started 08/24/16 at 15:12:16 by mating_net
0 363 Last Post 08/24/16 at 15:12:16
By: mating_net
Normal Topic
Anyone play chess variants?
Does anyone actually play chess variants or older versions of chess. I have been playing a lot of Makruk recently.
If anyone wants a game my username on boardgamr is acee
(only seems to be ...

Started 08/22/16 at 13:46:14 by ACEE
0 232 Last Post 08/22/16 at 13:46:14
Normal Topic
Has ceased updating pgn games? The last update I see is week 1 for June 2016. Rybka Aquarium and Chess Assistant software tout weekly games updates after purchasing their software. Anyone ...

Started 08/11/16 at 13:00:03 by bearheart
0 562 Last Post 08/11/16 at 13:00:03
By: bearheart
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Amusing story from Aronian
Yesterday I was looking up games annotated by Aronian and I came across the following pearl:

His comment on the 11th move was very funny:
Anyone who plays 11...Nc6 in this position
should strip naked and undergo a full-body scan. Since this illogical move is
considered by the computers to be the strongest...!
Just 3 months later...

For me, it is very amusing that a known theoretician like Kasim played like this. Did he undergo such a scan?  Cheesy

Started 07/18/16 at 15:13:18 by CarriedbyGg
0 524 Last Post 07/18/16 at 15:13:18
By: CarriedbyGg
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