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Which book for a new player to the Najdorf ?
Modernised Najdorf ? Everyman's book by the Doknjas's ? The Najdorf in Black and White ? Starting Out The Najdorf ?
My friend, rated 2100 ELO has asked me which book has the best reviews for some...

Started 12/06/18 at 18:10:14 by Laramonet
6 341 Last Post 12/08/18 at 16:38:39
By: LeeRoth
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New Najdorf Book 😞
Is it me or do we think we need a new Najdorf/Scheveningen book to be released!

Started 04/23/18 at 18:48:51 by najdorfslayer
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22 3589 Last Post 12/06/18 at 07:58:17
By: AntesInferno
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The Modernized Najdorf
Recently there is "a lot of inactivity" at the homepage of Thinkers Publishing
but the usually well informed shop Niggemann annouces for tomorrow
The Modernized Najdorf  by Milos Pavlovic
308 pages, paperback,...

Started 10/29/18 at 13:11:08 by tracke
6 1108 Last Post 11/09/18 at 10:14:29
By: AntesInferno
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6.Be3 e6 7.a3
I was a bit concerned to post this here, because there are so few computer-engine
analyses here. These are maybe in "competition" to human analyses
and not gladly seen here ?!? Although obvi...

Started 08/01/18 at 08:23:04 by gsgs
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20 1651 Last Post 09/02/18 at 10:46:18
By: gsgs
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Lazy Najdorf
There is a Ginger GM DVD on the Najdorf: . Interestingly, you can buy the PGN separately (very lightly annotated) for 1 pound (the DVD is 20 pounds and that ...

Started 07/13/18 at 10:00:34 by gwnn
8 1173 Last Post 08/02/18 at 14:33:37
By: Keano
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Polugaevsky variation busted?
[pgn][Event "Interzonal IT2E"]
[Site "ICCF"]
[Date "2016.06.17"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Rebord, Mauricio"]
[Black "Rubery, Mark"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "B96"]
The quiet, untested so far move 18.Kh1! (instead of 18.c4 where Black is doing rather well) does look like a killer.
So, this leaves 14...Qg6 (which is quite unpleasant for Black, and well analysed by Negi and Goh), and 15...Qc7, which may well be Black's last hope, but to be honest Black's position does look very unpleasant to me.

Started 11/13/17 at 18:11:13 by PANFR
6 1958 Last Post 04/30/18 at 12:11:15
By: jejega
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6.h3 h5
I recently-ish started playing 1.e4 again, and, following "Modernized: The Open Sicilian", I chose the Adams Attack (6.h3) as my weapon against the Najdorf.
I'm having some decent suc...

Started 11/27/17 at 03:11:37 by IsaVulpes
7 1502 Last Post 11/30/17 at 08:11:47
By: TN
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Motylev-Giri 6.Bd3
They played a couple of games in the FIDE World Cup blitz/rapid just now with 6.Bd3 Nbd7 7.0-0 g6. Seems like weird play by both sides, any thoughts? I thought 6...e6 was very comfortable for Black.

Started 09/08/17 at 19:04:17 by TN
0 547 Last Post 09/08/17 at 19:04:17
By: TN
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8... h5 Najdorf
Hi All,
I'm playing in a tournament soon and I think I will have a couple of English Attack games. I think that they will go 9. Qd2 against 8... h5. What's the best way to play against this plan ...

Started 11/22/15 at 23:51:30 by NegiRefutes (Ex Member)
1 1470 Last Post 06/27/17 at 10:18:15
By: Horatio
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Najdorf 6. Nb3 and 6. a3
The latest New in Chess Year Book contains some material about the latest two attempts against the Najdorf, namely 6. a3 and 6. Nb3. A point seems to be that against the natural response of 6. .. e5, ...

Started 03/23/17 at 19:17:11 by RdC
10 2133 Last Post 03/25/17 at 16:34:59
By: kylemeister
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Best líne against 6. Bg5?
What do you think si the Best líne black has against 6. Bg5? And where could I study it? Thank you very much

Started 08/18/15 at 01:47:22 by Pingudon
5 3595 Last Post 02/12/17 at 22:36:48
By: abrahampayton
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Bg5 Najdorf - do you play a3?
In many lines of the Bg5 Najdorf, Black will play .. b5. In his annotations in 60 Memorable Games, Fischer would reckon that a3 was mandatory. Later in one of this 1980s books, Nunn thought it best av...

Started 01/08/17 at 22:30:18 by RdC
1 1094 Last Post 01/09/17 at 00:16:11
By: Confused_by_Theory
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TN in the ...a5 line against the English Attack
The following position has been reached in 5 games between players rated between 2194 and 2582, with 17.Be2 being played 3 times, and 17.Nd4 twice.  Those five games turned out fine for White (4.5-0.5...

Started 01/01/16 at 20:14:17 by George Jempty
3 2245 Last Post 09/29/16 at 16:28:25
By: AntonioAg
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Main Line 6 Bg5 Najorf :!?/?!/?
Apologies if this line has been discussed here before...
Last week, I found in my closet a crumpled up sheet of paper, presumably from a while ago with some brief thoughts scribbled down about th...

Started 05/25/14 at 18:12:09 by Mainline_Novelty
5 3184 Last Post 09/29/16 at 04:48:16
By: AntonioAg
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Leitao's Najdorf DVD
Just came across this when browsing:
Leitao is a decent strength GM.
Anyone seen it at all? Lines covered? (not too much...

Started 11/23/15 at 06:13:14 by Bibs
7 3287 Last Post 09/29/16 at 04:21:57
By: AntonioAg
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6. Bg5 - Completely Safe and Strong Line!
There is a safe and strong line for Black with 7... Qb6 followed by ...Nc6 which seems to give Black a nice Rauzer structure with easy equality. Many people think Black is worse because of th...

Started 08/20/16 at 20:23:56 by NegiRefutes (Ex Member)
8 3207 Last Post 08/22/16 at 07:59:49
By: nestor
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6. Bg5 Najdorf for Black vs. Low Rated Players
I was looking at some games by some top players (Ding Liren, Wojtaszek) and they played the Najdorf against low-rated players. The opponents played something harmless I think but what would they do on...

Started 05/25/16 at 06:06:43 by NegiRefutes (Ex Member)
13 4276 Last Post 06/18/16 at 16:17:10
By: kylemeister
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Najdorf 6 Bg5 e5 ?!
A 2400 player played against me this "impossible" move
After some 20 moves I am probably winning
I could find in my DB nothing convincing , but I have only recent games
Surely there is ...

Started 01/16/14 at 11:58:17 by vallescure
4 2879 Last Post 06/13/16 at 10:53:03
By: lhl
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8.Ng1!? in the 6.h3 Najdorf
An interesting new option against 6.h3 e5 7.Nde2 h5 was seen in this rapid game, where Svidler tried 8.Ng1!?
[pgn][Event "World Rapid 2015"]
[Site "Berlin GER"]
[Date "2015.10.10"]

Started 01/30/16 at 11:25:19 by Claus Jensen
2 1846 Last Post 02/09/16 at 15:22:24
By: BenkoFan
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Do you ever play the classical Najdorf as White?
Hello everyone. I'm interested in playing the classical (6.Be2) variation against the Najdorf, yet so far I've only found one book which covers this variation from the White side, Slaying the Sicilian...

Started 12/13/15 at 19:28:13 by AlienOctopus
4 2255 Last Post 12/14/15 at 03:14:22
By: AlienOctopus
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