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Pirc , 3. Bd3
I have been playing 3. . . e5 and after 4. c3, the recommended 4. . . d5!, but after 5. dxe5 Nxe4; 6. Bxe4 dxe4; 7. Qxd8+ Kxd8, I don't love Black's position and White's position seems easier to play,...

Started 10/13/10 at 19:20:30 by ChessMonkey
6 3066 Last Post 11/02/10 at 08:55:01
By: TN
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5.h3 Pirc & 5.Bc4 Philidor in my White armory
My choices versus the
* Philidor: (4.Nf3 Nbd7) 5.Bc4 //a useful study could be games by Mark Hebden
* Pirc: (4.Nf3 Bg7) 5.h3 //who...?
I am creating my repertoire vs. 1..d6 and looki...
(I know that

Started 10/18/10 at 20:33:36 by HoemberChess
7 4076 Last Post 10/28/10 at 04:13:52
By: TN
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Lion (3_Nbd7 4f4/g4) with Philidor/Hanham or 1_g6?
I wonder if it is worth the energy for me (with my modest 40-50 OTB-games a year) to study (and play) more than one so-called _sound_ defences vs 1.e4 against u2200-players (until I am "2200+")... Pro...

Started 07/25/10 at 10:51:24 by HoemberChess
3 2998 Last Post 07/26/10 at 07:26:18
By: BPaulsen
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1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 e5 - B08
This is a pretty solid if not particularly adventurous line with some similarities to the queenless middlegames of the Spanish Berlin. In this line de 5.Qd8 Kd8 6.Bg5 Be6 7.000 Nd7 8.f4 is the "m...

Started 03/03/10 at 18:27:13 by Tripler64
5 3978 Last Post 06/02/10 at 22:29:19
By: motörhead
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Pirc: Austrian attack with 5...c5: endgame
I'm not sure whether this question belongs to either this topic or the endgame forum, my apologies in advance if I choose the wrong one. Of course it's an endgame, but I think this line is important f...

Started 05/10/10 at 22:51:44 by Spongebobiscool
2 1959 Last Post 05/19/10 at 08:02:05
By: JhF
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Line against Pirc without Nf6 but c6.
In the Line 1. e4 g6 2. d4 Lg7 3. Sc3 c6 I am looking for a sharp/good line. Any suggestios?

Started 12/16/09 at 20:09:35 by nobibla
6 1967 Last Post 12/18/09 at 02:17:47
By: MNb
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Pirc: 4.h3 in combination with g4 and Bg2
Hello pirc players,
Does anyone have a recommendation what to play against the move 4.h3 in combination with g4 and Bg2? I can't find this moves in any of my books and the results in my database ...

Started 10/21/09 at 12:06:16 by Dutch Pircer
5 2241 Last Post 11/10/09 at 19:49:59
By: Ludde
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A question for new in chess yearbook addicts :)
Hi guys, I have developed some interest for the line 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Be2 0-0 6.0-0 a6 !?
In his Pirc work Vigus says this was extensively analized in 3 successive NIC Ybs (7...

Started 09/25/09 at 21:21:08 by Chess_Addict
4 1896 Last Post 09/30/09 at 11:58:34
By: Chess_Addict
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Universal system against 4.Be3 followed by f3orh3
HI! sytsem
I've found some very interesting  system for Black in Pirc. The very popular system for White is to play 4.Be3 and 5.h3  or 5.f3. The normal game in this style is:
1.e4 d6 2. d4 ...

Started 09/12/09 at 11:35:50 by Chwileulotne85
9 3222 Last Post 09/14/09 at 15:04:21
By: SWJediknight
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Pirc Alert! II
I'm sure other people on this forum got an e-mail from NIC about the new Pirc Alert! book. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the details of this book. I thought the first one was pret...

Started 07/31/09 at 15:32:10 by TonyRo
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28 12720 Last Post 08/27/09 at 14:06:23
By: Antillian
Normal Topic
Hi all,
I am wondering till what level can one play the Pirc/Modern?  Or should I say at what level is it harder to play for a win vs better players?   for example such a question about 1....c5 a...

Started 04/26/09 at 04:46:57 by Zatara
3 1948 Last Post 06/08/09 at 00:49:37
By: Pingudon
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Nakamura and the Rat
Has anyone noticed that GM Hikaru Nakamura is playing the Rat (the Modern) regularly recently or has he played this for some time (and I have been missing stuff??)? I know he played the "famous" 2 Qh5...

Started 05/08/09 at 07:05:19 by GabrielGale
7 2839 Last Post 06/03/09 at 05:33:39
By: GabrielGale
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Equalize in accelerated classical Pirc(5.Be3 6.h3)
I've read DiePircDie recently and this stuff amazed a lot. My beloved Pirc was in dark clouds for a moment.
Inn all variations authors really soundly refuting Pirc! Sad
However, I must admit...

Started 06/02/09 at 21:07:47 by Chwileulotne85
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1 1551 Last Post 06/02/09 at 23:10:22
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Dangerous Weapons: The Pirc and Modern
It still takes sometime, but its coming!  Smiley

Started 07/27/08 at 17:00:51 by FM Dikkie
10 5815 Last Post 05/31/09 at 07:58:15
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Roman's analysis of the Pirc?
Can anyone provide access to the article & analysis called "Die Pirc Die"? The web site link for it is dead, and I'm really interested in reading up on the subject.
A friend of mine was telling ...

Started 05/07/09 at 03:06:30 by FirebrandX
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Refutation of Aus attack 5...0-0,for 10..exf4 ??
Hi everyone!
For some time I'm a chessmaniack:)
I have started to play my beloved Pirc/modern defence some time ago. I was going throught a many publications and books on it, and checking al...

Started 03/13/09 at 11:26:14 by Chwileulotne85
7 2388 Last Post 03/27/09 at 20:13:07
By: MaSu
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Simple question
Why (B08) 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Be3 is called the ''150 Attack'' ?
I'm so new to the Pirc/Modern.

Started 03/06/09 at 02:50:24 by star1
8 2444 Last Post 03/06/09 at 19:37:36
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Missing move order in "Pirc in Black and White"?
Vigus' book doesn't seem to cover the 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Be3 move order. I assume 5...c6 is the standard move, transposing into other lines?
I like to delay ...Bg7 against Be3...

Started 03/03/09 at 21:05:55 by Whitlingham
10 2516 Last Post 03/06/09 at 18:42:34
By: Whitlingham
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The Black Lion 2nd edition
Dear all,
can anyone give his opinion to this book ?
I had a look at the first edition and did nt found enough ideas against the most critical lines of the philidor, for instance
(1.e4 ...

Started 12/11/08 at 18:52:53 by e4d6
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20 10323 Last Post 01/23/09 at 00:29:43
By: MNb
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Pirc for CC
I've been reading through a number of the Pirc threads, all of which seem to share a consistent refrain: the opening is fine, but White has so many viable options to make Black's life uncomfortable th...

Started 01/10/09 at 21:34:08 by HgMan
12 3648 Last Post 01/11/09 at 22:18:13
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