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Timman & Short autobiographies
06/12/09 at 07:55:24
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Just saw at a Swedish blog that Jan Timman and Nigel Short are both working on their autobiographies.

Short seems to continue on his mudslinging from The Inner Game, even Bent Larsen is attacked (see quote in link below) - though it looks more like a scene from a bad American sit-com - why would it be harder to tell somebody to shut up than writing a book complaining about somebody talking too much?

Nosher's biography Short Stories will probably still be a fun read - though sometimes you'll probably be laughing more at him than with him...

or if you don't understand Swedish, try Google's automatically translated version - surprisingly well done, except for some slight mishaps like "Jan Timman" becoming "Jan hour"  Roll Eyes

Btw, if you'll click around at the other entries, there are some interesting games and positions as well. For example Short brilliantly beating Grandelius at the Sigeman tournament in a 6.Qf3 Najdorf - maybe it could arise from the Dragadorf too...
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