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Re: Malakhov on Chess
Reply #2 - 09/06/10 at 20:20:49
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he says: "blitz is simply a waste of time." Smiley
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Re: Malakhov on Chess
Reply #1 - 09/06/10 at 19:24:07
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Wow, that was very interesting indeed. His attitude of getting equality with black in the easiest possible way + having a large breadth of openings with white to make up for lack of super in-depth knowledge is I think the prevailing mentality today amongst professionals.

Physics in his spare time + 2700 chess player?
Malakhov = intellectual giant.
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Malakhov on Chess
09/06/10 at 18:52:32
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Great interview of Vladimir Malakhov here:

Among other things, he says that opening books are a waste of time, and recommends a database and engine. 

He hasn't read a chess book in the last 10 years, opening or otherwise, although he looks at Informant  and 64.   

He doesn’t generally work on endgames because the exceptional endings come up so infrequently that the benefit of knowing them is minimal. 

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