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Re: e6 vs GPA
Reply #2 - yesterday at 22:18:04
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I think the Bb5 + Qe2 lines should give you a good (yet equal) position. You can probably even get an edge against unexperienced players. There are a lot of people out there that hang their c5 pawn against typical Na4-b3-Ba3 stuff  Cheesy.
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Re: e6 vs GPA
Reply #1 - 05/21/14 at 19:29:22
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In my opinion it's time for White to play a Closed or head back to the Open with 3.Nf3, but then I think that the Grand Prix is just junk all around.  I'm pretty sure that White can equalize in the Closed Sicilian if that's your thing.
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e6 vs GPA
05/21/14 at 17:01:56
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Hi all,

Just wondering what do my fellow Grand Prix attack players do against e6 on move two (when white plays e4 and nc3.) Just looking for what options I might have. I really don't want to play the main lines. Then I know I can try f4 or the closed, but any other idears or set up's I can look into?

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