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Re: The complete Ragozin by Cornette
Reply #2 - 09/04/17 at 11:45:40
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I know a guy of my club that purchased the book. So we are two in 'da club' who are going to dismantle White positions in the Ragozin  Wink

I have Pert's book and comparing the two, I have to say that Cornette' layout is worst than Pert's (not his fault, obviously) but the analysis are deeper. For me Pert's one deepness is enough, but in the critical lines it's very complete, long lines.

About the lines given... not Vienna against 5.Bg5. In fact, it's played almost always h6 when Bg5.

I am going to check the book later, I hope. But first impressions is that it's more valuable in correspondence chess or for more advanced players than Pert's. The explanations are longer in Pert's even that are correct in this one also. More concrete, less educational.

I remember how deep was a series of chapters in the Tiviakov Grand Prix in "experts in the anti-sicilians", so it's a question of style. Great for us and thx to Mr Cornette!
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Re: The complete Ragozin by Cornette
Reply #1 - 06/20/17 at 19:01:41
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The complete Ragozin by Cornette
06/20/17 at 12:11:49
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There is a new book on the Ragozin by Matthieu Cornette/Chess evolution. Can anyone already compare it to the recent QC book by Pert?

Differences I've spotted from the excerpt:
- Cornette gives a pure Ragozin after 5.Bg5 with 5...h6 compared to 5...d;c (by Pert)
- He covers both move orders (1...Nf6/2...e6 as well as 1...d5 which he subsequently calls the accelerated Ragozin).

I probably will have both books, but for now I'm interested in more detailed impressions about Cornette's book (I already own Pert).

There is an excerpt on elitechesstraining com.
(I'm not allowed to post it as an URL before reaching 15 posts)
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