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Normal Topic Polugaevsky variation busted? (Read 508 times)
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Re: Polugaevsky variation busted?
Reply #2 - 02/10/18 at 16:01:29
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I was the player who went down in flames as Black Cry

It was my first attempt at this form of chess and I thought with with enough time and engines it would be interesting to venture the Polugayevsky...

Here is part of a letter I sent to my opponent along with my resignation:

'I spent more time on this game than all my other combined (and then some!). Over the board I play 7...Nc6?! against 6 Bg5 which I know is unsound due to a timely g6 from White but nobody has yet ventured down that line. The Poisoned pawn is probably the best bet at this form of chess but I was intrigued by the Polugayevsky variation and why nobody was playing the variation outside of an unknown Chinese GM? (Ma Qun)

Your move 18 Kh1 I think is a serious innovation and I wonder if there is any realistic hope for Black after that? 20 Rfd1! was also a surprise particularly as there is this wonderful tactical line that leaves Black in a doubtful position via 20 Qf4 Bxe4 21 Rxb5!! although I think your move is even better.  In the game the engines were suggesting 21...Qc5 but it leads quickly to an obviously lost ending after 22 fxg7. Hence my choice of 21...Bd6 (as opposed to resigning!) was with the faint hope of reaching a sort of fortress with R and pawns v Q and pawns.

Of course you gave me no chances and I again congratulate on your fine win and perhaps putting the 15...Qxb2 line of the Polugayevsky out of commission!'

Regards Mark

15...Qxb2 was considered rash by Polugayevsky himself and although his 15...Qc7 might not inspire confidence his instinct seems correct.
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Re: Polugaevsky variation busted?
Reply #1 - 11/14/17 at 22:20:38
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I tried to improve for black, but I got nowhere. The best I could do is: 21...Qc5 22.fxg7 Rxd1+ 23.Rxd1 Qxe3 24.gxh8=Q Qxe4 25.Qc3 Qc4 26.Qxc4 bxc4 27.Ne5 c3 as a mainline.

But this is not the sort of position that Najdorf players are aiming for. I agree with you that it's best to look at earlier deviations.
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Polugaevsky variation busted?
11/13/17 at 18:11:13
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The quiet, untested so far move 18.Kh1! (instead of 18.c4 where Black is doing rather well) does look like a killer.
So, this leaves 14...Qg6 (which is quite unpleasant for Black, and well analysed by Negi and Goh), and 15...Qc7, which may well be Black's last hope, but to be honest Black's position does look very unpleasant to me.
Your thoughts?
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