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Re: Password generator for chessplayers
Reply #2 - 08/27/18 at 03:09:16
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There's no real sense to it. His password is also vastly less secure than one randomly generated. What he should have is a keyfile on his USB if he's paranoid. He could have his keyfile generated by something like playing a chessgame if he likes. 
I have put in short chess openings as my full password like: "e4e5Nf3Nf6Ne5d6..." in that type of format. At one point I had the idea that I could try to make sure I know tricky lines by putting them as various passwords, but the vast majority of mine are saved anyway so it might just be an annoyance. 

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Re: Password generator for chessplayers
Reply #1 - 07/21/18 at 18:34:15
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You can post your implementation of the idea here, if you want.

A little bit freaky, but interesting anyways  Cheesy
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Password generator for chessplayers
07/09/18 at 21:01:05
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I was reading a random trail of password links and came across the following, which I thought might appeal to chess types:

create an 8x8 table like this:

2 9^/}hQU8

now write an algorithm that takes chess games (stored in PGN files) and converts the landing square of each move into its corresponding character from the 8x8 table you created, appending that character to a string. further encrypt the resulting string based on the result of the match. for example, you could use an ASCII-shift of some arbitrary positive integer if white wins and the negative of that integer is black wins. in the result of a draw you could reverse the string and ASCII-shift the characters by +1. again, these are just examples, feel free to use more elaborate methods in your actual algorithm. ...


(Note: Actually it's not an 8x8 table, it's 7x(mostly)8, and I had to insert some extra line breaks to reproduce it here on chesspub, but you get the idea.)

Well, the ASCII-shift flourish is a little over-the-top, but using "Ruy Lopez long algebraic" as a passphrase seems cool to me. I realize that using main line chess openings somewhat limits the solution space, but it still seems like a useful idea. Instead of an opening you could use the moves from a famous "combination"  Wink , etc. To change your password you obviously change the passphrase. Less obviously, you could keep the same passphrase and re-encrypt the chessboard; although with this second method if you have more than one passphrase (and you should), then you would have to either keep multiple chessboards around, or change all your passwords at once. For PINs you could have a board of just digits. And so on.
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