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Kings Gambit
Kings Gambit  (1 Viewing)
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In: Re: Taylor's King's Gambi...
By: RdC
Scotch Game [C45], Scotch Gambit [C44] & Scotch Four Knights [C47]
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90 793 Last Post 12/08/19 at 21:13:53
In: Re: The Modernized Scotch...
By: an ordinary chessplayer
2 Knights
2 Knights  (1 Viewing)
Two Knights Defence inc. Wilkes-Barre Variation [C56-C59]
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86 2014 Last Post 09/11/19 at 07:51:41
In: Re: 4.d3 h6!?
By: Straggler
Italian  (8 Viewing)
Italian Game 3 Bc4, Evans Gambit, Giuoco Piano, Bishop's Opening, Max Lange Attack [C50-55]
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125 1454 Last Post 11/12/19 at 07:45:28
In: Re: A Complete Guide to 1...
By: Jonathan Tait
4 Knights
4 Knights
Four Knights inc. Rubinstein's line, Belgrade Gambit, Glek's 4 g3, Three Knights [C46-49]
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37 533 Last Post 10/31/17 at 13:07:54
In: Re: New Four Knights DVD
By: Jonathan Tait
Petroff  (1 Viewing)
Petroff/Russian Defence [C42-43]
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76 1026 Last Post 07/02/19 at 20:33:08
In: Re: Opening Repertoire Th...
By: FizzySoda
Philidor's Defence, Hanham, 3...exd4 & 3...f5 [C41]
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45 734 Last Post 09/05/19 at 23:01:46
In: Re: C41: Bologan on Phili...
By: Michael Ayton
Vienna Game inc. Hamppe-Allgaier Gambit, Frankenstein-Dracula Variation [C25-29]
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49 806 Last Post 03/14/18 at 18:28:01
In: Re: The Modern Vienna, by...
1. e4 e5 - Non-Spanish 1. e4 e5 - Non-Spanish
Scotch, Petroff, King's Gambit, Vienna etc. [C20-59] with GM Victor Mikhalevski
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Meeting 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5
Bologan in his tome Bologan's Black Weapons suggests the line
1. e4 e5 2. Qh5 Nc6 3. Bc4 g6 4. Qf3 Nf6 5. Ne2 Bg7 6. Nbc3 d6 7. d3 Nb4 8. Bb3 Be6 9. 0-0 Bxb3 10. cxb3
It's also possible to p...

Started 11/29/18 at 20:30:15 by RdC
14 3964 Last Post 12/26/18 at 21:40:57
By: ReneDescartes
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1...e5 repertoire based on ...g6 fianchetto
I have Collins' Spanish Fianchetto DVD and saw in some recent NICYB that 3...g6 against the Spanish plays at the high level, especially by Məmmədjarow.
I was thinking of extending th...

Started 02/14/19 at 04:43:54 by Leon_Trotsky
10 2195 Last Post 02/22/19 at 00:49:47
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Modern Scotch by Khalifman/Solowiow
Book to be out in mai 2019. Looks like 1. e4 getting more popular  Cheesy

Started 03/26/19 at 21:50:30 by Leon_Trotsky
12 3519 Last Post 08/07/19 at 11:05:30
By: Jonathan Tait
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The Electrifying Elephant Gambit
Was this book by Quality Chess published? From the blog entry here:
I don't understand its current status... Thanks for the feedback!

Started 05/08/19 at 14:36:16 by grandpatzer
14 2393 Last Post 05/18/19 at 08:59:15
By: tony37
Normal Topic
The Latvian Gambit Lives! by GM Kosten
Is this seminal book by GM Kosten still available somewhere? Are there plans for a future edition? Thanks.

Started 05/08/19 at 14:40:34 by grandpatzer
4 1575 Last Post 06/27/19 at 13:42:37
By: TonyRo
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Opening Repertoire: The Petroff - Lakdawala
Could someoke kindly write what he's advocating for Black vs the non-2.Nf3 lines in this book? King's Gambit etc.

Started 08/17/19 at 17:47:37 by grandpatzer
12 2515 Last Post 09/08/19 at 10:52:52
By: Seeley
Normal Topic
Khalifman- Soloviev Scotch
I just received my copy, so if anyone has any questions. At first glance, the book looks interesting.

Started 08/20/19 at 10:53:33 by Pawnpusher
5 986 Last Post 08/21/19 at 10:52:21
By: Pawnpusher
Normal Topic
C44: Ponziani Opening by David Taylor
I am co author [with Keith Hayward] of the book Play the Ponziani.  New theory has come out since the book was written.  I am here to answer any questions about this opening.

Started 11/26/12 at 20:13:40 by Dave Taylor
2 3116 Last Post 11/29/12 at 23:26:07
By: CaptainDunsel
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Emms 'Play the Open Games as Black'
Does anyone else think that this is due a second edition
For me it is the best 1.e4 e5 Black repertiore book of its kind even though it is over 10yrs old!

Started 01/02/12 at 10:44:52 by najdorfslayer
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17 13295 Last Post 01/15/12 at 21:17:07
By: TopNotch
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) Poll
Poll: 2.blacks move Q-h4 in the danish refutation.
pick one and why.refute danish QH4./ 1.e4 e5 2.d-4. Qh-4. i played once agianst and 1000 player.and won.and he didnot play g-6.he played point is the poll. and the anylisis of 2. black Qh-4.

Started 08/27/07 at 03:27:57 by inn3
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16 5515 Last Post 09/02/07 at 11:32:00
By: CraigEvans
Normal Topic
Tony Kosten "on leave"
Tony Kosten is playing the British Championship at present. And doing really well (4/5).
Games can be followed on
Other Chesspublishing GM's taking p...

Started 08/03/07 at 15:22:35 by micawber
1 1267 Last Post 08/04/07 at 11:04:48
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
What's the verdict on the  Urusov Gambit?
What's the verdict on this opening? I'm surprised there aren't any discussions on this as there's a very good website still up that has copious details on this setup. Is it because the transposi...

Started 07/31/07 at 02:47:27 by alberich
2 2303 Last Post 08/15/07 at 16:37:22
By: urusov
Normal Topic
GM Nigel Davies's first 1 e4 e5 update, and 3 updated eBooks, have just been posted at

Started 02/06/03 at 02:29:08 by yaltmax
7 4025 Last Post 08/22/03 at 08:33:41
By: yaltmax
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
C44: Goring Gambit
I recently picked up the Ken Smith book on the goring and was wondering if it is worth the read and how the opening is doing in modern tournament.  I would definetly be interested in playing it becaus...

Started 07/26/11 at 21:57:48 by walkingterrapin
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25 12406 Last Post 07/30/11 at 02:12:43
By: walkingterrapin
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Gustafsson's Open Games DVD
I'm considering purchasing Jan Gustafsson's DVD 'Black Repertoire against 1.e4 Vol. 2: Open Games'.  Does anybody have it, and if so, what do you think of it, and could you give me an idea of what sor...

Started 12/20/10 at 19:13:43 by WillT
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54 32606 Last Post 04/21/11 at 19:13:13
By: kylemeister
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Lifetime 1...e5 repertoire
Hi everyone,
I hope that this message finds everyone well.  I have posted here with various frustrations over the last year or so as I have come to grips with playing 1...e5.  I am finally starti...

Started 11/01/09 at 04:25:55 by smrex13
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65 43872 Last Post 06/04/13 at 02:55:16
By: MNb
Normal Topic
Welcome to the 1 e4 e5 Forum
Welcome to the 1 e4 e5 Forum
Dear Readers,
Welcome to the 1 e4 e5 section of our Forum at Please feel free to use this area of the Forum as a place where you can enjoy p...

Started 01/06/03 at 14:39:49 by GMPaulMotwani (Ex Member)
0 2492 Last Post 01/06/03 at 09:39:49
By: GMPaulMotwani - Ex Member
Normal Topic
Last update from GM Paul Motwani
GM Paul Motwani's final 1 e4 e5 update, and 4 updated eBooks, have just been posted at
We are sad to see him go but GM Paul Motw...

Started 01/19/03 at 21:44:51 by yaltmax
0 2401 Last Post 01/19/03 at 16:44:51
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
Paul Motwani
When Nigel Davies took over it was mentioned it was due to Paul Motwani's health problems.  Does anyone know how he is doing now?  I've really enjoyed his past work (I think I have all of his books.) ...

Started 02/23/04 at 04:59:14 by Glenn Snow
0 1744 Last Post 02/22/04 at 23:59:14
By: Glenn Snow
Normal Topic
e5 repertoire
Hi everyone!
As I am changing my repertoire against e4, I am hesitating between a lot of lines. For instance, I would like to play e5, but I find (well, I think!) that in a few lines (like the go...

Started 05/06/03 at 17:32:33 by FRED (Guest)
5 4634 Last Post 07/18/03 at 09:17:34
By: Not a GM yet (Guest)
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