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In: Re: 3.Nc3 de4 4.Ne4 Nf6 5...
By: stockhausen
Pirc  (1 Viewing)
Pirc Defence [B07-09]
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In: Re: Austrian 150 Attack
By: MartinC
Modern Defence 1...g6 [B06]
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In: Re: Another Lakdawala Mod...
By: Wintermondnacht
Alekhine's Defence [B02-B05]
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In: Alekhine Defense - The Da...
By: lg
Scandinavian Defence/Centre Counter 1 e4 d5 [B01]
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In: Re: Scandinavian Portugue...
By: fling
1. e4 ... 1. e4 ...
Caro, Pirc/Modern, Alekhine & Scandinavian [B01-19] with GM Justin Tan
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1. e4 d6 2. d4 c6
Does anyone know anything about this mystery defense?  Is it just another way of entering the Pirc, or are there independent ideas here?
Also, how would 1. ...d6 and 2. ...c6 work if white were t...

Started 06/29/06 at 21:05:48 by Dinomike100
4 3622 Last Post 06/29/06 at 22:49:07
By: Dinomike100
Normal Topic
King's Indian Attack
I was wondering how strong the KIA is against the following defenses:
1. Caro-Kann
2. French
3. Sicilian
4. Pirc
From what I have heard (please correct me if I am wrong), the ...

Started 06/07/06 at 10:21:01 by Dinomike100
3 2533 Last Post 06/08/06 at 00:29:46
By: Nietzsche
Normal Topic
    Greetings and welcome to the forum for 1 e4..... Smiley
    Any queries or points of interest should be discussed here. I would very much like to encourage you to leave your views and ideas and w...

Started 12/27/02 at 12:39:58 by IMAndrewMartin
5 3471 Last Post 05/18/06 at 17:10:57
By: Markovich
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Nimzowitsch Defence - Mestrovic System
JEH wrote on 04/19/06 at 19:01:47:
I've been doing a bit of database digging in this line, and it's starting to interest me more. I like to have a few variations up my sleeve in the slippery Pirc.
Firstly, I looked at 1 e4 Nc6 ...

I'll start b

Started 05/01/06 at 13:23:52 by JEH
7 5655 Last Post 05/16/06 at 14:05:45
By: Uberdecker
Normal Topic
Limiting other player's options
Is there any merit to the idea of cutting down theory by choosing openings that limit your opponent's responses, like QGA, Scandinavian, and the Scotch or KG?

Started 03/25/06 at 01:26:34 by Snap (member here as Flea(Guest) (Guest)
2 2261 Last Post 03/27/06 at 08:59:24
By: Strptzr
Normal Topic
Nimzo-Sicilian 2. Ktc3 e6
This subject belongs neither in the Open or Anti-Sicilian sections, so I'm posting it here:
Some while ago I witnessed a rapid game between grandmasters Belkhodja and Murey which went 1. e4 c5 ; ...

Started 03/16/06 at 14:56:55 by Uberdeker(Guest) (Guest)
5 2622 Last Post 03/18/06 at 18:31:53
By: Glenn Snow
Normal Topic
Where is PGN Games Archive?
I could have sworn there was a PGN games archive in the 1.e4... site.
Now all I see are PDFs, "Playable e-books," and a search tool of questionable use (can't search by position or ECO code).<br ...

Started 02/14/06 at 21:39:56 by dsanchez
1 1654 Last Post 02/14/06 at 21:42:39
By: dsanchez
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
1.e4 gives white the advantage
I think 1.e4 is the best move and gives white the advantage.  Since there is nothing on this discussion board that would refute that statement, I guess my argument prevails.   Grin
- Lost Highway

Started 11/24/05 at 17:02:41 by lost highway
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34 12788 Last Post 11/30/05 at 13:43:04
By: Viking
Normal Topic
A new look at the Holey Wohly
The "Holey Wohly" opening:
1. e4 c6
2. d4 Na6
The Knight is eventually headed for c7.  3. B:a6 is answered by 3. . . . Qa5+, which leaves Black with the Bishop pair and an intact pawn s...

Started 11/28/05 at 15:23:40 by Longspur
5 3080 Last Post 11/30/05 at 05:14:40
By: CraigEvans
Normal Topic
What happened with the 1. e4... Forum
- recent discussion is lost
- way of arguing changed from serious analysis to highly speculative statements
P.S. Hope there is a backup for the lost threads.

Started 11/25/05 at 22:51:08 by snakeplissken
0 1473 Last Post 11/25/05 at 17:51:07
By: snakeplissken
Normal Topic
Nimzovitch puzzler?
Hi! All, I have modded my original thread (from French forum) to put it here to drum up discussion on this opening sequence of moves.
"... just played a local club championship game tonight as Wh...

Started 11/24/05 at 18:46:31 by oddjob290
2 2139 Last Post 11/25/05 at 05:25:39
By: SorenJensen
Normal Topic
2 new books on the pirc/modern
I think that vol 4 of Khalifman's series is out now, and Tiger's modern is supposed to be too...
Does anyone own one of these books???
It would be very interesting to see how the...

Started 06/28/05 at 07:19:29 by krugman
0 1479 Last Post 06/28/05 at 02:19:28
By: krugman
Normal Topic
Re: Queenless middle game with target the endgame.
Any one knows anything about that book :An Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire for Black by Jouni Yrjölä and Jussi Tella, that offers a complete defense to white by playing 1...d6 against just about...

I really quite

Started 05/06/05 at 18:01:10 by HgMan
1 1612 Last Post 05/11/05 at 14:21:42
By: GreeKnight
Normal Topic
Question for IM Andrew Martin
Good day Mr. Martin.

I have a question and I hope you can clear up my confusion.  In your Gambit recommendations for ChessPublishing you list the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit as your choice and ...

Started 04/15/05 at 11:16:10 by Topher (Guest)
0 1332 Last Post 04/15/05 at 06:16:05
By: Topher (Guest)
Normal Topic
Balogh Defence:  1.e4 d6 2.d4 f5!?
I don't think we've looked at this on the forum before and I'm curious to see if anyone else has dabbled with it.  And if anyone knows of a refutation (or refutations possibly) of 2...f5.


Started 01/13/05 at 23:57:39 by Glenn Snow
6 6508 Last Post 01/14/05 at 11:57:57
By: Glenn Snow
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Opening repertoire: Scandinavian vs. Alekhine
I am new here and followed with much interest the discussion about Alekhine opening/Scandinavian opening/opening repertoire (apologize my English).
I played the Sicilian for several year...

Started 12/05/04 at 13:20:03 by Dutch-Kalashnikov
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61 24108 Last Post 12/30/04 at 02:18:06
By: Dutch-Kalashnikov
Normal Topic
Alekhine or Scandinavian???
Hi to all!!!
Due to time constraints this year I have decided to play less theoretical systems as black. Vs e4, it means I have 2 choices: either the center counter, or the Alekhine. What bothers...

Started 09/15/04 at 19:03:28 by krugman
5 3538 Last Post 09/17/04 at 13:00:26
By: Markovich
Normal Topic
Something completely different
  I have been thinking a little about 1 e4 c6 2 d4 d6!? 3 Nc3 a6!?
   Ideas with a very early ...c6 and ...a6 are commonplace in the KID so why is this not playable ?
   Generally Black will...

Started 04/05/04 at 19:01:54 by IM_Andrew_Martin
9 4910 Last Post 04/13/04 at 20:57:29
By: KingDan
Normal Topic
Crazy new variation?!
I'm pretty sure this wouldn't qualify to be placed under the French section, but instead here.
1.e4 e6 2.d4 f5!?? 
How do I come to such ideas?   Roll Eyes
Anyway, what does everyone think o...

Started 12/22/03 at 00:38:36 by nexirae
4 2974 Last Post 12/22/03 at 18:10:27
By: X
Normal Topic
A question 4  Andrew?
Andrew can you tell us if you are still writing some books for Batsford called
"Black Magic Openings" and "White Magic Chess Opening" and if so which openings have you chosen?

Started 09/28/03 at 08:11:23 by Kiwi
0 1799 Last Post 09/28/03 at 03:11:22
By: Kiwi
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