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Chigorin, Breyer, Zaitsev [C90-99]
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58 645 Last Post 01/14/21 at 22:43:30
In: Re: [C97-99] Resources for Chigor...
By: LeeRoth
Marshall  (1 Viewing)
Marshall Gambit [C89] & Anti-Marshall [C88]
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38 348 Last Post 07/14/20 at 15:20:43
In: Re: GM Jan Gustafsson: Th...
By: RoleyPoley
Archangel & 3...Bc5 [C78 & C64]
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In: Re: Simeonidis on Neo-Møl...
By: grandpatzer
Open Variation [C80-C84]
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In: Re: Modernized Open Ruy
By: Bibs
Exchange Variation [C68-C69] & Delayed Exchange [C85]
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In: Re: C69 Alapin Gambit - v...
By: FreeRepublic
Berlin Defence [C65 & C67]
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In: Re: Is black suffering in...
By: tony37
Schliemann Gambit/Jaenisch 3...f5 [C63] and Delayed Schliemann [C70]
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20 422 Last Post 12/30/20 at 13:29:27
In: Re: Books on the Schiliem...
By: Tauromachie
1. e4 e5 Spanish 1. e4 e5 Spanish
(Ruy Lopez) [C60-99] with GM Victor Mikhalevski
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Chess Education and Ruy Lopez
I've heard it said that to become a complete player one must have a good grasp of the Ruy Lopez. The Ruy Lopez is considered to be an educational opening for the aspiring player. However, is this refe...

Started 11/05/08 at 08:59:17 by exigentsky
5 2557 Last Post 11/06/08 at 10:22:17
By: rossia
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Which lines from Ruy Lopez complex best fits in following criteria:
1. razor sharp tactical
2. tactical
3. tactical/strategical
4. strategical
5. strategical/endgame-ish

Started 08/24/08 at 21:36:25 by rossia
1 1791 Last Post 08/24/08 at 22:05:01
By: kylemeister
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Worrall Attack Questions
It's finally time to get back to some real serious chess discussion on this forum!
In Mihail Marin's book, A Spanish Repertoire for Black, against the main line of the Worrall Attack he recommend...

Started 08/15/08 at 07:02:50 by Anonymous (Ex Member)
2 2059 Last Post 08/15/08 at 20:13:55
By: micawber
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Learning the Ruy Lopez
I've been toying with the idea of playing the Ruy Lopez for some time, and have finally decided to take the plunge. I ordered "Opening According to Anand" Vol. 1/2 and hope that supplementing Watson's...

Started 07/25/08 at 17:28:17 by blueguitar322
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24 12515 Last Post 08/08/08 at 00:36:26
By: blueguitar322
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History of the Ruy Lopez and Spanish Opening
How did 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 become known as the Ruy Lopez and Spanish Opening?

Started 05/29/08 at 19:50:50 by Anonymous (Ex Member)
10 4815 Last Post 06/02/08 at 11:44:17
By: Matemax
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
New Spanish eBook
I've just completed and uploaded the Spanish eBook! Smiley
I'm now working on a Two Knights one with 'integrated Forum analysis'!

Started 10/04/07 at 14:17:12 by GMTonyKosten
11 10833 Last Post 05/21/08 at 22:56:25
By: GMTonyKosten
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Returning to the Spanish.
Greetings 1...e5 players.
I love classical, strategic chess where you fight white in the center (I meet 1.d4 with 1...d5 ) and have always wished I could play 1...e5, like I did when I first started. L...

Started 05/16/08 at 06:23:40 by Nietzsche
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19 10262 Last Post 05/20/08 at 00:05:21
By: Markovich
Normal Topic
3...a5 against the Ruy Lopez - G. Popov Variation
The above title is not a typo - 3...a5 is the move I would like to discuss. Have you seen this move before? Do you think it would make a decent surprise weapon?
Before you take this thread as a j...

Started 04/19/08 at 07:11:32 by The_Shah
6 3485 Last Post 04/21/08 at 11:49:00
By: trandism
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Books on the Spanish for white
Hi all,
I noticed that there seems to be a few good books lately on the spanish for black - The Ruy Lopez - A Guide for Black, Play 1.e4 e5 and A Spanish Repertoire for Black.
Are there any ...

Started 04/18/08 at 11:06:13 by The King
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19 8347 Last Post 04/19/08 at 15:41:24
By: Ender
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Modern Steinitz, Bronstein & Rubinstein Variations
As a supplement to the recent thread I started on the Modern Fianchetto Variation (C79) of the Steinitz, I’m hoping here to stimulate discussion of two other lines, the Bronstein Variation (C76) and (...

Started 03/12/08 at 18:23:26 by Michael Ayton
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15 8353 Last Post 04/18/08 at 12:43:25
By: Viking
Normal Topic
Spanish Deferred Cozio, yet again!
I’ll be brief about this ’cos this is now my third 'new topic' on a variation that intrigues me. The line in question begins 3 …a6 4 Ba4 Nge7 5 0-0 g6 6 c3 Bg7 7 d4 ed 8 cd b5 (8 …0-0 is also possible...

Started 04/04/08 at 23:27:09 by Michael Ayton
0 1308 Last Post 04/04/08 at 23:27:08
By: Michael Ayton
Normal Topic
IM Andrew Martin's Ruy Lopez Fritz Trainer DVD
I was watching each of the video lectures on the disc when it came to the part on countering the Norwegian system. In this video, Martin uses the game Pavlovic - Agdestein catalan bay 2003. Something ...

Started 03/30/08 at 06:38:46 by FirebrandX
2 2022 Last Post 03/30/08 at 09:04:53
By: FirebrandX
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Sharp Ruy's
Hi all.
What do people recommend as a sharp Ruy to play for the win.  I think the Marshall is drawish at top level.  The Zaitsev has the move order issue with Ng5 leading to a possible draw.  Tha...

Started 03/03/08 at 06:17:36 by Zatara
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25 11649 Last Post 03/21/08 at 13:46:55
By: Templare2
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Shocking The Lopez...
...Or, perhaps, just shocking. My boredom with the game has led me to give up all mainstream openings in search of what Harding described as "Terra Incognita". To this end I've been working on a few a...

Started 03/09/08 at 15:09:51 by CraigEvans
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17 6385 Last Post 03/13/08 at 22:42:09
By: Dragan Glas
Normal Topic
Worrall/Marshall question
How sound it grabbing the pawn in the Worrall version of the Marshall. I'm considering picking this opening up since the ...d6 lines give white what I believe to be better piece placement than Re1 h3 ...

Started 02/21/08 at 06:50:44 by bob000
3 2083 Last Post 02/26/08 at 03:19:23
By: Anonymous - Ex Member
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
what to play against the ruy lopez?
having reestablish that i will play and study the open games more, it is therefore logical that i should study a main line against the ruy lopez.  after looking over my options; my main choice is the ...

Started 01/27/08 at 23:38:36 by wcywing
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19 10564 Last Post 02/20/08 at 11:08:04
By: Dragan Glas
Normal Topic
Questions: Early d4 in the Spanish
1.e4 e5  2.Nf3 Nc6  3.Bb5 a6  4.Ba4 Nf6 5.d4
After deciding to finally quit smoking, or the rough chess equivalent of it  (giving up Nf6 in response to 1.e4  Cheesy) I get d4ed in the first OTB tourn...

Started 02/14/08 at 20:27:48 by drkodos
9 4426 Last Post 02/18/08 at 00:39:24
By: Dragan Glas
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
A Spanish Repertoire for Black- Marin
The second book of Marin to complete the repertoire for Black against 1...e5 is out soon.
I think this book and The Ruy Lopez a Guide for Black from Sverre are the best books on the Spanish avai...

Started 06/11/07 at 12:12:50 by Mortal Games
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80 45313 Last Post 11/24/07 at 21:07:31
By: MNb
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Materials for the whiteside of the Ruy...
I have some time to vest in the study of the Ruy from the white side. It time to move up from the Scotch and tackle this opening. I'M just wondering what and if any materials are available from the w...

Started 10/09/07 at 18:48:32 by RotGut
10 3565 Last Post 10/28/07 at 11:31:35
By: IM Andrew Greet
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Ruy Lopez variations and books
Hello to everyone!  Cheesy
I want to know which books are the best for each variation of the Ruy Lopez for the black side.
Also I invite someone experienced to rank variations for black into three cat...

Started 09/23/07 at 20:04:55 by rossia
11 4368 Last Post 09/27/07 at 18:49:03
By: Markovich
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