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Chigorin, Breyer, Zaitsev [C90-99]
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In: Re: [C97-99] Resources for Chigor...
By: LeeRoth
Marshall  (2 Viewing)
Marshall Gambit [C89] & Anti-Marshall [C88]
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38 348 Last Post 07/14/20 at 15:20:43
In: Re: GM Jan Gustafsson: Th...
By: RoleyPoley
Archangel & 3...Bc5 [C78 & C64]
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32 327 Last Post 03/25/21 at 23:56:53
In: Re: The Yurtaev Variation...
By: Bibs
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Open Variation [C80-C84]
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29 511 Last Post 03/04/21 at 00:52:33
In: Re: Is the Open Spanish a...
By: FreeRepublic
Exchange Variation [C68-C69] & Delayed Exchange [C85]
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26 210 Last Post 02/22/18 at 16:11:52
In: Re: C69 Alapin Gambit - v...
By: FreeRepublic
Berlin Defence [C65 & C67]
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45 733 Last Post 05/19/20 at 20:07:18
In: Re: Is black suffering in...
By: tony37
Schliemann  (3 Viewing)
Schliemann Gambit/Jaenisch 3...f5 [C63] and Delayed Schliemann [C70]
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20 422 Last Post 12/30/20 at 13:29:27
In: Re: Books on the Schiliem...
By: Tauromachie
1. e4 e5 Spanish 1. e4 e5 Spanish
(Ruy Lopez) [C60-99] with GM Victor Mikhalevski
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Idea in the 3...Bc5 4 0-0 Nd4 Variation
I've stumbled across an interesting idea for White in which I've barely been able to find any games:
1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 Bc5 4 0-0 Nd4 5 Nxd4 Bxd4 6 c3 Bb6 7 d4 c6 8 Bd3!?
A pawn sacrifice.<br...

Started 06/25/17 at 09:17:37 by mn
0 2561 Last Post 06/25/17 at 09:17:37
By: mn
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July 2013 Update?
It seems as though the July 2013 update for e4-e5 is announced, but not published.  Is a fix in the works?

Started 07/16/13 at 23:33:19 by poisonpawn
0 1884 Last Post 07/16/13 at 23:33:19
By: poisonpawn
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Books for Non-Mainline Spanish for Black
What are some repertoire books for Black on the Spanish non-main lines, i.e., any of these lines:

Started 04/08/12 at 23:14:00 by Gilchrist is a legend
0 1565 Last Post 04/08/12 at 23:14:00
By: Gilchrist is a legend
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Spanish Deferred Cozio, yet again!
I’ll be brief about this ’cos this is now my third 'new topic' on a variation that intrigues me. The line in question begins 3 …a6 4 Ba4 Nge7 5 0-0 g6 6 c3 Bg7 7 d4 ed 8 cd b5 (8 …0-0 is also possible...

Started 04/04/08 at 23:27:09 by Michael Ayton
0 1323 Last Post 04/04/08 at 23:27:08
By: Michael Ayton
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d3 or Qe2 in Ruy Lopez?
I was wondering what line is better in the Lopez (and also to cut down a little bit on the studying, get into a position that I might be more farmiliar with than my opponent, etc....) d3 or qe2 lines?...

Started 04/08/07 at 22:12:30 by Darthmambo
0 1190 Last Post 04/08/07 at 22:12:28
By: Darthmambo
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Further thoughts on the Cozio (Deferred)
Quite a while ago now, I had an interesting discussion with kylemeister about a line of the Cozio which NCO treats as a Cozio Defence Deferred, namely 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 a6 4 Ba4 Nge7 5 0-0 g6 6 ...

Started 08/28/06 at 23:45:58 by Michael Ayton
0 1583 Last Post 08/28/06 at 23:45:56
By: Michael Ayton
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New book on Bc5 Lopez or Berlin?
Is anyone writing or know of someone writing a book on the Bc5 lines in the Lopez (including the Moller, Archangelesk) ot the Berlin (3...Nf6?)

Started 07/14/06 at 21:03:49 by ano
0 1038 Last Post 07/14/06 at 21:03:47
By: ano
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Ruy Lopez Alapin Variation is good???
Hello! Olivier from mexico
this variant  1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Bb4!? ( The weapon of fantastic Grand master Jhonny Hector ) looks interesting in some variants, for example:
A) 4.0-0 Nge7 5...

Started 03/03/06 at 14:53:23 by badbishop(Guest) (Guest)
0 1852 Last Post 03/03/06 at 14:53:21
By: badbishop(Guest) (Guest)
Normal Topic
Ruy Lopez, Bird's Defence major lines
What do people think of Bird's Defence to the Ruy Lopez (3 ...Nd4!?)? There are several main lines after 4 Nd4 ed 5 0-0:
(1) 5 ...h5!?. The choice of Bird himself, and a subject of Davies's May u...

Started 06/27/05 at 19:47:10 by Michael Ayton
0 1950 Last Post 06/27/05 at 19:47:09
By: Michael Ayton
Normal Topic
Refuting Ruy Lopez With Old Steinitz
[C62] 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 d6 4 d4 exd4 5 Nxd4 Bd7 6. Nc3 g6
Any opinion on this line for black?  
Or 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 d6 4 d4 Bd7 5 Nc3 exd4 6 Nxd4 g6 (e.g. Lasker-Vidmar, St. Pet...

Started 05/07/05 at 01:17:36 by Crusader_Bishop
0 1912 Last Post 05/07/05 at 01:17:35
By: Crusader_Bishop
Normal Topic
How to counter the thematic kingside attack?
I feel tired of defending the black side of the Closed/Slow d3 Ruy Lopez. Not that it is challenging theoretically but the task of the white player to coordinate an attack is sooo easy. <br /...

Started 09/30/18 at 13:55:16 by nocteus
1 2192 Last Post 09/30/18 at 18:24:32
By: RdC
Normal Topic
Siesta correspondence game by Richard Callaghan
I'm trying to find a correspondence game by a past friend of mine, IM Richard Callaghan where he played the Siesta variation as Black.  I'm positive this was available when I had ChessBaseLight2009 bu...

Started 06/18/16 at 01:48:34 by George Jempty
1 3674 Last Post 06/18/16 at 04:24:08
By: proustiskeen
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10. Na3 in the Siesta as against Timman last year
In the online chessbase I can only find one game with 10. Na3 after the sequence 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 d6 5.c3 f5 6.exf5 Bxf5 7.O-O Bd3 8.Re1 Be7 9.Re3 e4, a game where Timman beat IM Poets...

Started 11/03/15 at 21:29:52 by George Jempty
1 2987 Last Post 11/06/15 at 20:17:18
By: George Jempty
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Elementary Tactics
There are some openings where Black can play his third and fourth moves in any order. So there's the very common sequence 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. 0-0. It isn't possible to win a pa...

Started 04/04/15 at 04:43:56 by RdC
1 2535 Last Post 04/05/15 at 07:13:25
By: TN
Normal Topic
attacking the Ruy
Hi all,
Thanks for reading.
1. what is the reputation of the Archangel in the Ruy?  It isn't nearly played as much as say the Marshall.  Is there a line that makes it no good or is it just ...

Started 02/04/09 at 03:06:04 by Zatara
1 2145 Last Post 02/04/09 at 06:41:50
By: TN
Normal Topic
Which lines from Ruy Lopez complex best fits in following criteria:
1. razor sharp tactical
2. tactical
3. tactical/strategical
4. strategical
5. strategical/endgame-ish

Started 08/24/08 at 21:36:25 by rossia
1 1815 Last Post 08/24/08 at 22:05:01
By: kylemeister
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Roy Lopez: 5. Qe2
Hi Chess Pub people. In 2 recent games I faced 5. Qe2 in a Roy Lopez. Both times I was playing against the same person and both times I lost. I was wondering: why isnt this move commonly known? Can yo...

Started 03/10/07 at 21:51:44 by Alien chess
1 1573 Last Post 03/12/07 at 09:12:18
By: Willempie
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Spanish Four Knights Bibliography
A new entry in Michael Goeller's excellent Chess Blog (The Kenilworthian) which may be of interest:
Spanish Four Knights (C48) Bibliography
(Tuesday, Ju...

Started 07/14/06 at 19:01:17 by OstapBender
1 1534 Last Post 07/14/06 at 20:39:49
By: MNb
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Ruy Lopez Russian Variation
Does anyone have any ideas for white after:
1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bb5 a6
4. Ba4 Nf6
5. 0-0 d6
6. ??
So far I have seen the following line:
6. d4 b5
7. dxe...

Started 06/14/06 at 03:52:54 by Dinomike100
1 1587 Last Post 06/14/06 at 18:56:00
Normal Topic
Steinitz deffered
Any book recomendations in regards to this line in the Ruy? How does it hold up in modern theory? Any current GM's specializing in this line?

Started 01/27/06 at 18:17:31 by JOE(Guest) (Guest)
1 1806 Last Post 01/27/06 at 18:36:50
By: Michael Ayton
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