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In: Re: Poisoned Pawn, Husche...
By: Syzygy
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In: Re: C09 : 3... c5 4.exd5...
By: SWJediknight
Steinitz 4 e5, 4 Bg5, McCutcheon, Alekhine Chatard Attack & Hecht-Reefschlaeger [C10-14]
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In: ChessPublishing eBook, Se...
By: FreeRepublic
Rubinstein with ...dxe4, including Fort Knox [C10], and also Burn [C11]
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In: Re: 3...dxe4 in Black rep...
By: winawer77
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In: Re: refuting the advanced...
By: Nernstian59
Exchange Variation (inc. Winawer Exchange) [C01]
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In: Re: Fishbein on French Ex...
By: MNb
French French
French Defence [C00-C19] with IM John Watson
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C00-C19: A system against french for 1450 elo kid
Hi ,
This is THORK , a full member of chesspublishing . I´m training a kid 1450 elo rating level and I wonder what is the best option for him to face the French Defense . ¿ Milner - Barry Attack...

Started 06/12/11 at 19:54:16 by THORK
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36 32950 Last Post 07/12/11 at 10:55:01
By: Bibs
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2 new French Chessbase DVDs by Kasimdzhanov
The Chessbase site is adverstising two new DVDs on the French for Black by Kasimdzhanov. Unfortunately the information about the specific lines is not very detailed:
Vol 1
3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5<b...

Started 05/16/22 at 16:23:28 by Paddy
4 519 Last Post 05/30/22 at 18:54:50
By: Nernstian59
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Tarrasch with be7
Hi all,
I was wondering how is Be7 vs the Tarrasch. Is it a decent try? Any books or videos that cover it well? Thanks.

Started 05/06/21 at 23:03:02 by Mtal
4 1316 Last Post 05/04/22 at 22:22:46
By: Nernstian59
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Modernized French Volume 2
Hi all, anyone know what the modernized French Volume 2 covers? Thanks.

Started 03/24/20 at 22:42:44 by Mtal
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15 5461 Last Post 03/11/22 at 02:44:31
By: Nernstian59
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Which 1 d4 Defense is Most Like the French?
I want to create a complete repertoire for White and Black based on the French Defense. So I have two questions:
1) Which do you think is more similar, especially in pawn structure, to the French...

Started 02/10/20 at 23:03:47 by Arnaudov
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48 15477 Last Post 02/12/22 at 20:42:56
By: DieHardMetsFan
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C00: 1.e4,e6 2.d4,d5 3.Bd3!?
Is it ok for white. or just an easy game for black.
I need something new against the french.

Started 04/06/07 at 14:05:25 by Nl
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17 12840 Last Post 12/29/21 at 16:06:31
By: tp2205
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Beat the French with 3.Nc3 by Harikrishna
Does anyone have the Thinkers Publishing book Beat the French with 3.Nc3 by Pentala Harikrishna?

Started 07/13/21 at 10:25:00 by BobbyDigital80
1 764 Last Post 07/13/21 at 10:49:31
By: Pawnpusher
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French Defence Move by Move by Lemos
Does anyone know which variations Lemos recommends?  No clues on the Everyman website so far.

Started 11/22/20 at 08:50:59 by snakebite
3 2088 Last Post 01/27/21 at 15:30:15
By: TD
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Variation on Milner-Barry Gambit
GM Jesse Kraai put a video on YouTube recommending a new twist on an old gambit last year:
The idea is like the Milner-Barry Gambit, except that white ...

Started 01/23/21 at 23:14:37 by Fromper
2 1077 Last Post 01/24/21 at 23:44:08
By: Fromper
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New upcoming book: The Modern French by Kryakvin
Looks like Chess Stars is working on a new French defense book. Expected in August. I wonder what the recommendations will be. In any case, looking forward to learning more about it...

Started 06/03/20 at 00:44:25 by ehpotsirhc
11 5688 Last Post 11/13/20 at 10:10:36
By: bragesjo
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Lifetime Repertoires: French Defense by Anish Giri
This course was released on Chessable this week. 400 lines, the bulk of which are the Winawer.
Would love to hear some French experts opinion on this course. I played the French when I first star...

Started 08/20/20 at 04:33:01 by scvchess
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15 7755 Last Post 08/23/20 at 21:51:15
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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French with 3...h6
I have just seen a new ebook (by FM Alexis Harakis) on Everyman's website, on 3...h6 in the French after both 3.Nc3 and 3.Nd2. Remarkably, it includes some analysis specifically responding to John Wat...

Started 06/18/20 at 16:57:31 by nestor
2 1394 Last Post 06/23/20 at 15:09:39
By: Krudos
Normal Topic
eBooks Severely Outdated Here!
Why are the Classical and Rubinstein and Advance eBooks often updated (latest being this month for both), but the Winawer and Tarrasch severely outdated (2006 and 2004, respectively)?
I get that ...

Started 03/16/20 at 20:18:50 by FrenchRefutes1e4
4 2071 Last Post 03/22/20 at 09:44:20
By: fling
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1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.Nce2
I have one simple question on a line which should be totally innocuous but I find it difficult to play against:
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.Nce2 c5 6.c3 Nc6 7. f4 Qb6  (is this best? So...

Started 03/09/20 at 13:14:11 by Lauri Torni
2 1564 Last Post 03/09/20 at 19:42:43
By: Lauri Torni
Normal Topic
Winawer with b6
Hi all, I was just wondering what is the current opinion of the winawer with b6? I know theres some classic games in it that are interesting but you hardly see it played. I feel theres so many ways yo...

Started 01/16/20 at 17:33:43 by Mtal
5 2667 Last Post 02/10/20 at 00:14:28
By: MW
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
A new french defence move by move
I saw on the everyman website that there is a new French defence move by move coming out by Damian Lemos. Anyone knows what it is one? I believe there already 2, and older one on the winawer and one o...

Started 01/16/20 at 19:32:24 by Mtal
13 5876 Last Post 01/28/20 at 20:21:52
By: Mtal
Normal Topic
Non Repertoire-based Book Recommendation?
I have Gligoric's book, which is a bit dated now (published in 1975), but it analyzes all of its contemporary lines instead of just constructing a repertoire for either color. Does anyone have any rec...

Started 11/15/19 at 23:53:42 by fei-chang-ming
5 2853 Last Post 11/19/19 at 23:15:42
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Winawer: 7...0-0 8. Ad3 Cbc6 with 13. Dg4 b5
Just wondering on how Berg's 13...b5 in the main line of the 13. Dg4 Winawer is doing. I do not see many games with this line in the database, and was wondering how were Black's ideas against Negi's 1...

Started 09/09/17 at 04:33:13 by Leon_Trotsky
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22 12216 Last Post 10/21/19 at 06:59:32
By: Leon_Trotsky
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French defence deep dive
Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone for French defence deep dive. I wanted to know what lines it covered. It was not clear from the website.
Also if anyone thought it was good.

Started 07/24/19 at 12:01:48 by Mtal
9 5491 Last Post 08/04/19 at 00:53:06
By: Stigma
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GM Harikrishna's chessable course on the french
Has anybody here seen Harikrishna's course on "toasting the french" at chessable? It offers a repertoire for White based on 3. Nc3. Of all the anti-french repertoires I have seen during my 40 years of...

Started 07/13/19 at 05:53:34 by tp2205
6 4108 Last Post 07/14/19 at 12:05:06
By: tp2205
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