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Yugoslav 9 0-0-0 & Intro
Yugoslav 9 0-0-0 & Intro
Yugoslav Attack [B75-B76] inc. 9 0-0-0 d5 Mainline [B76], 'Dragadorf' [B75], 9 g4 [B76], and Irregular [B75]
Moderator: MNb
118 1850 Last Post 03/02/21 at 03:11:32
In: Re: B76: Why is my move s...
By: Bibs
Yugoslav 9 Bc4
Yugoslav 9 Bc4
Yugoslav Attack [B77-B79] inc. Chinese Variation [B77], Soltis Variation[B78]
Moderator: MNb
188 1817 Last Post 02/21/20 at 11:51:32
In: Re: Soltis 13.Bg5 Nc4 rea...
By: XChess1971
6 Be2, 6 Bc4, 6 g3, Levenfish [B70-74]
Moderator: MNb
36 235 Last Post 01/12/18 at 07:28:32
In: help me.
By: petertohen
Accelerated Dragons, Hyper, Semi, Maroczy Bind [B27, B34-39]
Moderator: MNb
77 981 Last Post 08/09/22 at 14:05:07
In: Re: Accelerated Dragon wi...
By: bragesjo
Dragon Sicilians Dragon Sicilians
Dragons and Accelerated Dragons [B27, B34-39 & B70-79] with GM Chris Ward
(Moderator: MNb)
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Happy new Year and summery of 2011
Happy new year Dragoneers.
Sure there are a few days left but I make this post anyway,
I think we can have our usual summering of this years developments.
Unfortunately I am very busy a...

Started 12/29/11 at 13:02:27 by bragesjo
0 2289 Last Post 12/29/11 at 13:02:27
By: bragesjo
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Avoiding Bc4, Be2 classical Dragons
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 Qc7 occurred to me some while back as an interesting line to play. I indeed played it in the Rhein-Main Open, Bad Homburg, but made an inaccuracy and t...

Started 10/30/09 at 06:01:02 by ACSian
0 1598 Last Post 10/30/09 at 06:01:02
By: ACSian
Normal Topic
New in chess yearbook 89 articles
New In chess yearbook 89 had a two Dragon articles and a Dragon game at the forum.
My review so far (havent had time to check with computer):
The game at the forums annotations  am I disapoi...

Started 12/18/08 at 17:03:08 by bragesjo
0 1497 Last Post 12/18/08 at 17:03:08
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
Electronic Dragon themed tourneys
anyone interested in participating in one of these PM me

Started 08/30/08 at 09:42:18 by Chessmoby
0 1106 Last Post 08/30/08 at 09:42:17
By: Chessmoby
Normal Topic
Chessbasemagazine 123 line
If anyone else has noticed there is a opening video for white agianst Dragon based on Be3 Be2 0-0-0 (no f3). This is the same line mentioned in Dangerous Weapons the Sicilian. I have recently been mee...

Started 08/26/08 at 10:15:40 by bragesjo
0 1288 Last Post 08/26/08 at 10:15:40
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
I missed out on GM dragon lecture.
I was a helper at the annual "Ergas" training camp for the top Australian juniors.
GM Yuan Zong Zhao unravelled the Sicilian Dragon and showed solutions to even the most outrageous novelty moves ...

Started 07/16/08 at 09:41:35 by flaviddude
0 1439 Last Post 07/16/08 at 09:41:35
By: flaviddude
Normal Topic Poll
Poll: BEST LINE FOR BLACK??????????
choose your fav! Smiley

Started 04/23/07 at 01:21:20 by HN_18
0 1332 Last Post 04/23/07 at 01:21:18
By: HN_18
Normal Topic
Drawing whit the Dragon
Any suggested improvments to this game? I think that Fritz 10 would slaughter me if I play Nc4 so therefore I choosed a more positional path that took advantage of holes in Fritz 10 opening book (alte...

Started 03/26/07 at 11:34:03 by bragesjo
0 1525 Last Post 03/26/07 at 11:34:03
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
Chris... Chris...
From the annotations in Heslin-Gahir in the Dec. 06 update:
"White's ensuing blunder makes that argument mute."
"mute" ??

Started 01/10/07 at 17:32:04 by Globular
0 1268 Last Post 01/10/07 at 17:32:03
By: Globular
Normal Topic
kulouts-moskow .5-..5 chalk one up for the dragon, this 2600 drew with me fromslightly worse position see gausdal web site, how u ask he played d4 for one of the few times ever to avoid our dragon, wh...

Started 04/24/06 at 19:41:37 by emoskow(Guest) (Guest)
0 1469 Last Post 04/24/06 at 19:41:37
By: emoskow(Guest) (Guest)
Normal Topic
How amateurs plays the Dragon
I am a Swedish amateur club player and I have played the Dragon since about year 2000 and learned to play chess 1997. I have collected all of my black Dragon games that I have played on the i...

Started 04/12/06 at 17:07:40 by Bragesjo(Guest) (Guest)
0 1537 Last Post 04/12/06 at 17:07:40
By: Bragesjo(Guest) (Guest)
Normal Topic
putting together im tourney in fla july 8-20 any dragoneers with titles or fide greater than 2380 are welcome please email me at thanks have english im american gm and cuban im alrea...

Started 05/05/05 at 14:03:08 by eric moskow (Guest)
0 1307 Last Post 05/05/05 at 09:03:04
By: eric moskow (Guest)
Normal Topic
Did st. george kill chris ward??
Hi Guys,
I'm new here but a complete dragon enthusiast and I must confess have played it amateurishly from about 8 till 18 took a break from chess then found chris wards books. Not only did they...

Started 05/06/04 at 09:23:40 by muffler
0 2067 Last Post 05/06/04 at 04:23:39
By: muffler
Normal Topic
Note to Chris Ward
I just want to say thanks to Chris for a very enjoyable, thought provoking and excellent website. For sure his site has proven to be an invaluable resource of ideas and inspiration to Dragoneers the W...

Started 03/14/04 at 06:47:41 by TopNotch
0 2131 Last Post 03/14/04 at 01:47:38
By: TopNotch
Normal Topic
Accelerated dragon, Morra gambit tricky move order
Ok so I give the Morra the accelerated treatment by
1.e4 c5 2.d4 cxd 3.c3  Bg7 4.cxd d5.  Essentially making it an Alapin.
However when white delays the recapture on d4 what then?
For ...

Started 06/07/21 at 22:03:52 by helmet
1 788 Last Post 06/08/21 at 00:45:19
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Normal Topic
Some interesting games
Since there are not many posts or notable developments these days I thought we could start a insperation games thread (for both sides).
Here comes two recent blitz games of my own as a starter.<b...

Started 02/08/10 at 21:41:06 by bragesjo
1 2242 Last Post 02/10/10 at 07:00:13
By: XChess1971
Normal Topic
2009 Dragon theory developments
I thought that we could summon up whats has been happening theorticelly over the past year
Here are some starting thoughts
New reference book for white : Opening for White according to Anand...

Started 12/29/09 at 21:20:06 by bragesjo
1 2667 Last Post 01/04/10 at 17:06:53
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
Some games of my own from Superettan
This weekend I played two rounds in Swedish superettan (division directly under Swedish elite. English name would be someting like super division one) and I got one draw and one win. both games became...

Started 10/26/08 at 18:30:31 by bragesjo
1 1953 Last Post 10/28/08 at 16:37:04
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
Chess Notes
IS this site for chess notes I am asking this because i got a file from the internet  which had source as Dragon chess pub guide! in cbh format (chessbase) IF so please let me knw are there GM's here ...

Started 08/27/08 at 04:01:42 by Chaitanya
1 1716 Last Post 08/27/08 at 07:21:35
By: Swiss_Dragon
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