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Humiliating The King's Gambit
I read in GM Neil Mcdonald's book Concise Chess Openings 1.e4 e5  2.f4 exf4  3.Nf3 d5  4.exd5 Nf6  5.Bc4 (5.Bb5+ c6  6.dxc6 Nxc6  7.d4 Bd6  8.Qe2+ Be6  9.Ng5 0-0!) 5...Nxd5  6.Bxd5 Qxd5  7.0-0 B...

Started 07/10/03 at 09:23:46 by Ilikethedragon
12 8329 Last Post 07/26/03 at 07:03:02
By: Ilikethedragon
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Bishop's Gambit
As even TopNotch seems to think, that the Bishop's Gambit is playable and the Kieseritzky might be the only way to avoid a draw after 3.Nf3 g5 I would like to draw some attention to the following line...

Started 06/22/04 at 16:46:58 by MNb
4 3832 Last Post 06/24/04 at 05:33:39
By: MNb
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Bishop's Gambit, 5 ... Qh6
1 e4 e5 2 f4 exf4 3 Bc4 Qh4+ 4 Kf1 Nf6 5 Nf3 Qh6!?
Of what value is this move?  My computer recently chose this over the listed alternative of Qh5, and it looks pretty decent.  A quick online sea...

Started 07/25/04 at 02:22:51 by nexirae
2 2438 Last Post 07/31/04 at 08:34:02
By: MNb
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Rosentreter Gambit
This tricky gambit (1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.d4!? g4 5.Bxf4 gxf3 6.Qxf3) is an interesting way for White to avoid the Kieseritsky. As far as I know there is no definite refutation (although Black ...

Started 07/27/03 at 06:18:02 by Paul Cumbers
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15 16693 Last Post 08/07/04 at 08:56:31
By: MNb
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sources on the king bishop gambit
Hi everyone!
I am starting to be interested in this opening (less theory than the usual king's gambit), but I don't know of any books, articles...that cover it. Is somebody playing this????

Started 08/10/04 at 02:57:57 by krugman
13 8270 Last Post 09/02/04 at 07:06:59
By: MNb
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C34: Kings gambit/ Fischer defence
I have a question regarding the line 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Nf3 d6 4. d4 g5 5. h4 g4 6.Ng1 f5
After 7.Nc3 Nf6 8.Bxf4 fxe4 and now 9.d5 is meant to give white a good game.
In a recent game ...

Started 09/21/04 at 15:04:26 by talgoxe
0 1642 Last Post 09/21/04 at 15:04:25
By: talgoxe
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In the KG/Modern Variation thread Dragonslayer has posted some analysis of the Pierce Gambit. I have a question for him and others.
After 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Pf3 g5 4.Pc3 Pc6 5.d4 g4 6.Lc4 gxf3 7...

Started 09/18/04 at 17:29:55 by MNb
6 4137 Last Post 09/22/04 at 20:44:12
By: MNb
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King's Gambit 2...Nc6 & 3...f5!?
oes anyone have thoughts on the best way forward for White after. !.e4 e5 2.f4 Nc6 3.Nf3 f5!?
GM Wahls wrote an article in NIC a few years ago arguing that the line is good for's even ...

Started 02/16/03 at 02:07:24 by slangevar
11 10631 Last Post 11/18/04 at 20:21:54
By: MNb
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C30-C39: McDonald's King's Gambit
I recently purchased this book and have to say, it's been extremely diappointing. Why did GM McDonald write this book if he obviously has no confidence in this opening? The whole book can be summarize...

Started 11/21/04 at 16:23:19 by Markst0rm
14 7845 Last Post 01/26/05 at 20:23:10
By: MNb
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Status of Falkbeer counter-gambit ?
I was wondering how to play as white against the Falkbeer counter-gambit ? I recently tried what I thought was a healthy main line as white and run into 8...Na6 before being thoroughly crushed...This ...

Started 03/26/05 at 03:21:46 by hicetnunc
9 12908 Last Post 07/03/05 at 20:42:18
By: MNb
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King's Gambit Player
whats your Openingrepertoire against Sicilian, Caro Kann and French?

Started 05/28/05 at 08:59:49 by Gerod
2 2198 Last Post 07/27/05 at 14:54:14
By: rooked98
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King's Gambit Fischer Defence
1.e5 e5
2.f4 exf4
3.Nf3 d6
4.Bc4 Nf6
5.Nc3 Be7
6.d4 Nxe4
7.Bxf7 ! or ?
Is my seventh move any good? I like this better than 7.Nxe4 d5... but i am not sure of the adv...

Started 07/23/03 at 12:48:11 by OddvarRaugstad
2 2775 Last Post 10/10/05 at 23:08:18
By: basqueknight - Ex Member
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Is there any particular reason why its more usual for the gambit pawn to be accepted in the KG & declined in the QG??? Or is it something to do with trends?

Started 10/30/05 at 11:29:22 by woofwoof
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20 10266 Last Post 11/09/05 at 13:15:28
By: woofwoof
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C30-C39: Spasskys Kings Gambit
So i decided i wanted to look into spasskys Kings Gambit play and i was surprised to see in all the games on he never lost in a Kings Gambit! This is incredible! I dont know of any one wi...

Started 11/12/05 at 19:26:41 by basqueknight (Ex Member)
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57 23617 Last Post 11/18/05 at 23:01:11
By: TopNotch
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Eva Moser: Das Königsgambit
Anyone seen/used the recent Chessbase DVD by Eva Moser: Das Königsgambit?

Started 12/06/05 at 13:07:35 by Paddy
1 1997 Last Post 01/25/06 at 13:25:07
By: Black_Widow
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King's Gambit 2.Bc5
As I am a 1.e4 e5 plyer, I've purchased Davis new repertoire book. As I am also a Kings's Gambit player, I  was quite curious about his suggestions against it. And, I have to say, he does a very good ...

Started 01/25/06 at 22:15:21 by Borderliner
9 4856 Last Post 01/30/06 at 13:22:05
By: JohnCox(Guest) (Guest)
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Pierce gambit
Hello everybody,
In his recent (and very popular as you can see here !  Wink) book "The FKG" Thomas Johansson briefly condamns the Pierce gambit e4 e5 f4 Nc6 Nc3 exf4 Nf3 g5 d4? g4 Bc4 gxf3 0-0 Nxd...

Started 02/14/06 at 16:12:20 by fox
4 2988 Last Post 02/16/06 at 11:51:27
By: fox
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C37: Chatard gambit
In his book "Breviaire des echecs" Tartakower mentions an unknown line of the king's gambit accepted called Chatard gambit (1. e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.g3?!).
In my database (Chess Assistent 8....

Started 05/23/06 at 17:28:53 by paracelso
2 1882 Last Post 06/04/06 at 20:31:15
By: iggman
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King Gambit
Hello everyone here, I would like to know what is the best book on the King Gambit where the theory would still be actual and accurate? And for the specialists of the King Gambit here, do you think th...

Started 06/23/06 at 12:01:31 by ArKheiN
12 5422 Last Post 07/11/06 at 14:44:13
By: Jonathan Tait
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Simple King Gambit line?
I am mostly a Bird player as white, Was wondering if one could recommend a line of the King gambit that is good for OTB play for someone who doesn't want to learn tons of theory on the King Gambit.  (...

Started 05/24/06 at 21:45:25 by Distorted Humor
5 3626 Last Post 07/11/06 at 14:47:50
By: Jonathan Tait
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