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Najdorf  (2 Viewing)
Najdorf Defence [B90-B99]
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235 2825 Last Post 05/19/20 at 09:14:01
In: Re: 6.Bg5 e6 7.f4 Nbd7 th...
By: mn
Sveshnikov/Pelikan, Kalashnikov, Lowenthal & Grivas Sicilian [B32-33]
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100 829 Last Post 06/10/20 at 17:37:58
In: Re: Modernized Sveshnikov...
By: BadDays
Paulsen/Kan, Taimanov, Four Knights [B40-49]
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125 1588 Last Post 07/19/20 at 08:35:43
In: Re: Is the Kan still in g...
By: MartinC
Classical  (1 Viewing)
Richter-Rauzer [B60-69], Classical Sicilian, Boleslavsky Variation & Sozin Benko [B56-59]
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62 614 Last Post 06/15/20 at 07:33:02
In: Re: Kozul on the Kozul: "...
By: TD
Scheveningen, inc. Keres Attack, Perenyi, Sozin Velimirovic Attack [B80-89]
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44 695 Last Post 08/14/19 at 10:36:00
In: Re: Curious about recent...
By: Pawnpusher
Open Sicilians Open Sicilians
Najdorf, Sveshnikov, Kan & others [B32-33, B40-49, B54-69 & B80-99] with GM Michael Roiz
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Anand 9
I gave today Anand 9 to the printer, so it will be available in about 2 weeks.

Started 03/21/07 at 22:12:45 by Semko
2 1226 Last Post 03/23/07 at 11:15:50
By: Semko
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Khalifman/Anand, vol. 8
006 Preface
Part 1. Rare Systems; Nimzowitsch-Rubinstein Variation
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3
010 1 various; 2...Qa5; 2...Qb6; 2...d5; 2...Qc7
027 2 2...g6
034 3 2...b6
044 4 2....

Started 11/22/06 at 13:46:56 by Alias
11 4303 Last Post 03/13/07 at 20:51:23
By: ano
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Interesting Sicilian variations
Hi everyone
I have been trying to decide what to play against sicilian. My goal is to confuse my opponent in the opening or take him out of his preparation. I was wondering if any of you know any...

Started 03/02/07 at 00:21:20 by ChessAnimal
2 1319 Last Post 03/05/07 at 21:07:18
By: Semko
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Sozin line
I am analysing a line that transposes from the Sozin to a sort of dragondorf position, and would like to hear from you guys.

The line goes:

1.e4 c4 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cd 4.Nd4 Nf...

Started 02/24/07 at 08:24:00 by sssthepro
1 982 Last Post 02/28/07 at 13:38:41
By: sssthepro
Normal Topic
Beating the Sicilian
What is the difference between Beating the Sicilian 1 2 and 3, I want to switch to e4 (from Nf3, I realized that I suck at positional chess, but am good at tactics).

Started 02/20/07 at 18:02:33 by JonHecht
3 1419 Last Post 02/21/07 at 00:17:25
By: Mortal Games
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Kasparov's Sicilian Strategies by Raymond Keene
Does anyone own this book yet, or has anyone flipped through it at the book stall?  I'm wondering what it might be like.  I'm highly suspicious of its quality, in other words, I wouldn't order it unti...

Started 02/12/07 at 19:11:42 by J-dog
7 2918 Last Post 02/16/07 at 05:13:31
By: BlkSabb
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Sicilian woes from the white side......
 Oh how I hate to see that 1)...c5 played by strong players. It gives me fits! It is the one opening where I just can't seem to get comfortable as white. I get this aimless feeling when facing any va...

Started 01/25/07 at 07:16:29 by The Mechanic
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16 6096 Last Post 01/26/07 at 21:16:04
By: MNb
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Dangerous weapons: the sicilian
Hi everybody
This is the second "Dangerous weapons" book from Everyman - the first is on the Nimzo, see topic in the nimzo forum.
I would appreciate it if anybody who owns the book could com...

Started 11/07/06 at 12:01:37 by tbirdas
14 6669 Last Post 11/21/06 at 08:36:02
By: Jenny
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Classical vs Najdorf
Hi everyone!
well, I was suddenly wondering why the Najdorf is immensely more popular than the classical. After all, when you compare both variations, and look at them with a "fresh" eye, the ......

Started 09/26/03 at 10:22:49 by krugman
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27 9466 Last Post 08/01/06 at 05:19:58
By: BasqueKnight
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Sicilians with ..e5/with ..e6 in general
Why did you playing the black pieces decide for
-Sicilians with a black e5 (e. g.Sveshnikov, Kalashnikov, some Najdorf)
-Sicilians with a black e6 (Scheveningen, Paulsen etc.)?
I starte...

Started 07/12/06 at 09:04:05 by Sax83
11 3039 Last Post 07/15/06 at 14:05:14
By: LeeRoth
Normal Topic
"draw by repetition" lines
It would be interesting to list the most popular "draw by repetition" lines that appear in the open sicilians.
Of course if both white and black are happy with an early 1/2-1/2.
For instance...

Started 06/07/06 at 12:21:37 by asimof
2 1583 Last Post 06/14/06 at 22:31:03
By: asimof
Normal Topic
I have always steered clear of the Sicillian where I can, preferring to play Roy Lopez, Italian Game, or the Vienna game. Now that I am playing in a proper chess club though I am coming face to face w...

Started 05/28/06 at 12:04:52 by queenspawn
1 951 Last Post 05/28/06 at 12:13:16
By: jarih
Normal Topic
Came across a odd Sicilian in Corr. Chess
I am usally a Pirc or C-Kann player, but sometimes in Coor. Chess I mess around with the Sicilian, as it is a ton of fun to play with, and I have books to keep me from blowing a line that I am prone t...

Started 05/23/06 at 20:43:09 by Distorted Humor
4 1789 Last Post 05/25/06 at 09:40:08
By: TalJechin
Normal Topic
Thematic sacs in the Sicilian
Photophore's mention of Levy's book "sacrifices in the sicilian" in the General Section  reminded me of an age old problem of mine:
The book of course makes known the various std sacs available; ...

Started 05/10/06 at 15:49:06 by woofwoof
8 3156 Last Post 05/13/06 at 19:46:34
By: kylemeister
Normal Topic
Kasparov and the Najdorf/Scheveningen
After 1 e4 c5  2 Nf3 d6  3 d4 cxd4  4 Nxd4 Nf6  5 Nc3 a6 does anyone know what results Kasparov had i.e. the number of timesthat he lost in longplay games during his career. I read an article stating ...

Started 04/12/06 at 13:02:14 by snakebite
2 1649 Last Post 04/17/06 at 14:06:06
By: Paul Hopwood(Guest) (Guest)
Normal Topic
Starting out the Sicilian
This is a very interesting book. I would recomend it mainly for the white player at the amateur level looking for basics on each popular open sicilian. As a black player of this opening though it thin...

Started 11/11/05 at 18:09:03 by basqueknight (Ex Member)
3 1713 Last Post 03/21/06 at 10:39:48
By: Holbox
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Safe sicilian?
Which Sicilian does White NOT get a kingside attack? Or at least, a kingside attack is likely to fall flat on White's face?
I am thinking Accelerated Dragon, 4 knights and maybe Kalashnikov?!<br ...

Started 08/06/05 at 14:10:08 by lnn2
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22 7878 Last Post 03/15/06 at 17:00:16
By: Uberdeker(Guest) (Guest)
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New Sicilian Repetoire
i'm a 2078 player ,i've modified my repetoire,
1.Sicilian Najdorf=English attack and 6.Be2
2.Sicilian scheveningen=English attack,keres attack

3.Sicilian Classical=Ritchter Rau...

Started 11/03/05 at 07:37:26 by armtwister
3 2266 Last Post 03/01/06 at 22:36:39
By: J-dog
Normal Topic
Current state of the English attack
I'd like to start a new post about the English Attack. I've played the English Attack against the Sicilian (Najdorf, Classical and Taimanov) before I lost a horrible game at the beginning ...

Started 11/21/05 at 12:12:57 by FightingDragon
5 2260 Last Post 02/21/06 at 14:58:50
By: Keano
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Young Fischers universal Bc4
i was going over some games online and some from Kasparovs MGP. Was wondering what you all thought of young Fischers Bc4 in reply to almost all forms of the open sicilian. I was thinking of figureing ...

Started 10/06/05 at 02:52:49 by basqueknight (Ex Member)
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15 6122 Last Post 12/06/05 at 23:37:26
By: basqueknight - Ex Member
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