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Najdorf  (1 Viewing)
Najdorf Defence [B90-B99]
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230 2764 Last Post 02/19/19 at 10:45:43
In: Re: 6.Be3 e6 7.a3
By: gsgs
Sveshnikov/Pelikan, Kalashnikov, Lowenthal & Grivas Sicilian [B32-33]
Moderators: MilenPetrov, TN
99 822 Last Post 10/30/18 at 15:40:49
In: Re: GM REP: The Chelyabin...
By: AntesInferno
Paulsen  (1 Viewing)
Paulsen/Kan, Taimanov, Four Knights [B40-49]
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119 1504 Last Post 04/18/19 at 20:07:19
In: Re: How is the Taimanov h...
By: MW
Richter-Rauzer [B60-69], Classical Sicilian, Boleslavsky Variation & Sozin Benko [B56-59]
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61 596 Last Post 02/06/19 at 01:58:59
In: Re: Kozul on the Kozul: "...
By: kylemeister
Scheveningen, inc. Keres Attack, Perenyi, Sozin Velimirovic Attack [B80-89]
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43 693 Last Post 01/19/18 at 03:22:32
In: Re: Adorjan's 8..Qb6 in t...
By: LeeRoth
Open Sicilians Open Sicilians
Najdorf, Sveshnikov, Kan & others [B32-33, B40-49, B54-69 & B80-99] with GM Michael Roiz
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Maroczy Bind
The  following game was played against Houdini 3 at 120'40  60'20  30. Does White have an advantage or is a draw the appropriate result. Black has no counterplay but how does White make progress?<br /...

Started 07/20/13 at 19:54:32 by sloughter
4 2584 Last Post 08/09/13 at 00:50:09
By: Markovich
Normal Topic
Searching for a game
Hi everyone,
Some time ago I came across a really nice game (in a relatively recent book), featuring a very nice king-side attack by black. I have been trying to look for it but to no avail. Here...

Started 07/19/13 at 20:40:37 by ehpotsirhc
3 1783 Last Post 07/20/13 at 20:12:39
By: ehpotsirhc
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Dismantling The Sicilian
I was thinking of picking up an all inclusive book against 1 ... c5. Years ago I really enjoyed Experts Versus the Sicilian, though I imagine it must be a bit dated by now. I was thinking of picking u...

Started 04/17/13 at 08:10:06 by KingDan
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15 7004 Last Post 07/17/13 at 09:04:29
By: Vass
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Aussie Attack
Gary Lane's latest column at the chesscafe site features what he describes as the Aussie attack. This is a line that goes 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Bg5 and was dreamt up by the Australian team ...

Started 06/12/13 at 09:31:58 by RdC
0 1593 Last Post 06/12/13 at 09:31:58
By: RdC
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
O'Kelly Sicilian
I have a question to those who are "ïn the know".  Wink How does the current theory rate the O'Kelly Sicilian 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 a6!?(?!)? Is it still playable or too risky to employ in serious chess (not in...

Started 01/14/09 at 06:44:51 by The French Fan
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69 39701 Last Post 03/28/13 at 20:24:38
By: MartinC
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
What is advantages in Nc3 before d4
Hello, I've heard someone talking about that you could play Nc3 before d4, and then avoid the Najdorf and other systems. Therefor, I have 3 questions:
What sicilians do you avoid if you play lets...

Started 03/08/13 at 10:36:05 by ViktorN
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16 7648 Last Post 03/10/13 at 20:33:10
By: MNb
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Slay the Sicilian! Tomothy Taylor. Anyone have it?
I know that Timothy Taylor's books can be of variable quality.
Anyone had a good look at his latest?

Started 04/07/12 at 13:48:34 by MVR
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50 33517 Last Post 12/09/12 at 21:54:13
By: fling
Normal Topic
eco for my moves
in my game are the beginning moves 1. e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e6 6. Be3 a6 ( i am black ). Should i research this opening as B80 , B9o or another eco category? james

Started 11/23/12 at 19:24:47 by jclancey
2 1547 Last Post 11/28/12 at 02:31:08
By: Pingudon
Normal Topic
Opening for White According to Anand Volume 14
Can it ... can it really be true ... the finale of the epic odyssey started all those years ago could really be in my hands   Shocked ...
"Alexander Khalifman
From the author
"You are holdi...

Started 10/16/12 at 22:31:02 by JEH
1 2144 Last Post 10/17/12 at 08:31:24
By: Vass
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Books to improve my understanding of sicilians
After I finish with Pawn Structure Chess by Soltis I'd like to continue learning about the sicilian. Right now I play solely the carokann against e4 and would like to learn the sicilian as a second op...

Started 02/28/12 at 00:52:41 by up and comer
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17 12181 Last Post 10/14/12 at 17:30:20
By: Scarblac
Normal Topic
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 b6 !?
Hi guys!
This 2..b6 move was played against me couple of time on the internet. Does it have any name? Or maybe any literature about it is available?
I think this is not such a great idea to ...

Started 09/14/12 at 11:46:40 by Ender
7 4760 Last Post 10/09/12 at 01:17:29
By: Seth_Xoma
Normal Topic
The mighty Najdorf or the humble and poor schev?
The Najdorf is all the fashion. It seems the favorite of the best and strongest GM! It is the favorite of players at any level. But the schevenningen is more solid and easier to play, less theory. Is ...

Started 04/15/12 at 01:04:30 by Pingudon
5 2640 Last Post 05/17/12 at 04:23:38
By: Gilchrist is a legend
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Play 2...Nf6 in the Sicilian (Bogdanovich)
Any additional information on this book ( )?
The Table of Content looks a bit mangled and has no page numbers. The price is no...

Started 11/25/09 at 10:32:51 by tafl
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20 13298 Last Post 04/01/12 at 15:18:44
By: derdudea
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Please suggest me a good Sicilian line.
Hi friends i am a positional player... i Play 1.Nf3 for white ( following kramnik's repertoire) and for black i play caro-cann(Lars schandorff repertoire) but with experience i found that my opponents...

Started 12/28/11 at 22:22:55 by raja
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29 11356 Last Post 01/14/12 at 16:30:55
By: MNb
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Is there any book for Maroczy system?
Please guide me. I want to study Maroczy system as black so i want to know what are the books available.Also tell me is it a good system to play as black?

Started 12/28/11 at 05:42:19 by raja
13 7487 Last Post 12/29/11 at 20:57:28
By: Anders
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Switching sicilian variation
I have played the Dragon for many years, if internet games is counted I have played over 2400 games. However if feel it is to much work to maintain that repertour, particullary since I play very few n...

Started 11/15/11 at 13:02:34 by bragesjo
13 3943 Last Post 11/19/11 at 14:57:14
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
Beating the Sicilian DVD Series - Bologan
I'm rated about 2250 FIDE, recent convert to 1 e4. I'm using this series to start to build a Sicilian repertoire. It seems very interesting and I would like to start a thread to discuss some of his re...

Started 07/30/11 at 16:34:06 by varggrav
4 3293 Last Post 10/13/11 at 11:05:12
By: gewgaw
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
classical vs. scheveningen
I've always played the scheveningen sicilian, but the Keres attack is not much fun and I haven't had much luck with it.  I'm not all that strong a player (~1600) so it's not super important, but I am ...

Started 08/30/11 at 11:44:43 by zepled37
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18 6979 Last Post 09/08/11 at 14:19:22
By: walkingterrapin
Normal Topic
e6, Nc6 English attack
Something which I've been wondering about in a rather deep English attack main line:

Started 08/18/11 at 09:15:02 by MartinC
4 2502 Last Post 08/20/11 at 04:13:21
By: Vidit
Normal Topic
Favorable transposition to the Smith-Morra Gambit
In the main line of the Sicilian Defense it would appear that White can achieve an effortless plus if Black closes the position and a huge attack if he transposes to a Smith-Morra Gambit.
1.e4 c5...

Started 08/01/11 at 13:49:40 by sloughter
7 2974 Last Post 08/02/11 at 14:46:41
By: bragesjo
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