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Surprising piece sac for Black against the Voronez
There is a most surprising possibility for Black against the Voronezh Alekhine. After 1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Nd5 3. d4 d6 4. c4 Nb6 5. exd6 cxd6 6. Nc3 g6 7. Be3 Bg7 8. Rc1 0-0 9. b3 you play 9... d5!? and a...

Started 02/25/19 at 20:51:10 by Slowfox
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21 10668 Last Post 03/27/19 at 14:53:00
By: tony37
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Engine matches
Not sure this is the right palce to post this query.
But since this happened with a Alekhine defence game I decided to post it here.
Essentially, I have been doing some engine matches with d...

Started 09/09/23 at 11:05:19 by lg
5 295 Last Post 09/11/23 at 18:29:22
By: lg
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Exchange sacrifice on e3 (Rook takes Bishop in e3)
I am coming back to an old post of mine.
Could not find it.
At the time of a famous game Grischuk Riazantzev where White exchanged the exchange on e6 I recalled a similar idea that I have se...

Started 08/25/23 at 12:23:39 by lg
8 519 Last Post 08/31/23 at 18:31:10
By: lg
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New Alekhine repertoire by Marin
Following up on some useful surveys on the Alekhine for Chessbase Magazine a few years ago, GM and respected theoretician Mihail Marin has produced a very detailed black repertoire for Modern Chess.<b...

Started 03/01/23 at 12:49:10 by Paddy
8 1437 Last Post 06/11/23 at 20:12:10
By: lg
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The Week in 4PA (with 4.f4)
TWIC 1423 (2022.02.14)
New series, let's see how long / how regularly I maintain it. White scored 3.5/4, but it could have been very different.
  • Burgess (1992) [i]The C...

#1 Lodici - Shton, Titled Tue, 2022.02.08
1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.d4 d6 4.f4 dxe5 5.fxe5 c5 6.c4

Started 02/21/22 at 20:49:04 by an ordinary chessplayer
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By: lg
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Alekhine 4Ps old main line - Sadler/Stockfish
GM Matthew Sadler has recently been using some of the strongest engines to do deep analysis of various openings. He has presented some of his findings at his Youtube channel

Started 07/26/22 at 20:15:33 by Paddy
1 682 Last Post 07/27/22 at 08:38:25
By: MartinC
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Alekines Def. - Modern with 4.Nf3 dxe5
AND DEVELOPMENTS AGAINST      6) Bc4   6) Bd3  6) Be2  6) g3 and OTHERS.                                 ...

Started 05/13/09 at 06:22:59 by Kam
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37 37598 Last Post 05/16/22 at 03:42:33
By: Kam
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Motivation & practical aspects of Alekhine
Hi, after looking at Tony's recent video (thx a lot man!!!!!) I think myself agsin and again about practical benefits of playing this opening OTB. My online games are exclusively training/testing game...

Started 12/25/21 at 18:35:32 by CanadianClub
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18 2971 Last Post 12/31/21 at 18:05:39
By: lg
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Modernized Alekhine - C. Bauer
Thinkers Publishing are advertising a “Modernized Alekhine” by Christian Bauer (which has written recently, but not still out as far as I know, a “Modernized” 1.e4 Nc6!).
This looks interesting –...

Started 06/23/20 at 18:56:59 by lg
13 6168 Last Post 09/11/21 at 18:56:03
By: MW
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Alekhine: Sergeev variation
Interesting game today on on the Sergeev variation (which probably come to light due to the two latest everyman books by Taylor and Lakdawala)
Black's move 19...dxe5 is interesting ...

Started 10/05/15 at 17:58:05 by lg
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39 26316 Last Post 06/26/21 at 22:08:49
By: lg
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Rare and remarkably good move for white.
I recently faced a quite rare and annoying move, 6.d5. Hard to see what is wrong with this move. White seems to aim for a pleasant advantage without much effort.

What should

Started 03/20/21 at 10:33:05 by HAJS
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12 4083 Last Post 03/24/21 at 20:05:26
By: kylemeister
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Alekhine 4 Pawns 6...Nc6, 9...Qd7.
John Watson's latest, March 2009 update treats 1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Nd5 3. c4 Nb6 4. d4 d6 5. f4 dxe5 6. fxe5 Nc6 7. Be3 Bf5 8. Nc3 e6 9. Nf3 Qd7, a line that we've discussed here at length (but I have bee...

Started 03/20/09 at 01:06:23 by Markovich
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93 85230 Last Post 03/16/21 at 11:19:18
By: brabo
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The Killer Alekhine
I've just had an email through from Simon Williams' website that they are working on a video on the Alekhine with Dutch GM Roeland Pruijssers.
I havent seen a release date yet for 'The Killer Ale...

Started 07/17/20 at 16:35:40 by RoleyPoley
5 2959 Last Post 07/25/20 at 19:34:34
By: lg
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Alekhine Defense - The Dark Knight Rises
I wonder whether anyone can give me some advice on
this book/video (?) by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili & NM Bryan Tillis.
Please, see

Started 11/23/19 at 20:54:52 by lg
0 1902 Last Post 11/23/19 at 20:54:52
By: lg
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Tal-Larsen 1965
Not sure this is the right place to ask about this and even if I am allowed to since my question is not defense-analysis related. I am interested in material on the old match between Tal and Larsen in...

Started 04/12/19 at 22:59:42 by lg
6 4071 Last Post 04/29/19 at 15:33:47
By: edgy
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Kornev on Alekhine
There is an announcement by ChessStars Publishing:
Play the Alekhine Defence  by Alexei Kornev
expected in February
I didn´t found any black games by GM Kornev with the Alekhine Defence,
but f...

Started 01/23/19 at 12:32:15 by tracke
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29 16155 Last Post 03/31/19 at 17:25:42
By: lg
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Status of Exchange with both 5...exd6 and 5...cxd6
I always hear about White having something in both of these lines, but lately I would like to know how is the status for Black in the Exchange here.
What is so bad about 5...exd6, especially? I ...

Started 05/30/18 at 19:44:45 by Leon_Trotsky
3 5085 Last Post 03/04/19 at 21:45:08
By: GMTonyKosten
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1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.d4 c5?!
How does White punish this?

Started 01/27/19 at 10:48:25 by befuddled
0 1360 Last Post 01/27/19 at 10:48:25
By: befuddled
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Chetverik's Alekhine
Noticed in Amazon the following book (unfortunately in Russian) published by Russian Chess House
Alekhine's Defence. Encyclopaedia by Chetverik and another author (2015)

Started 01/30/16 at 21:45:49 by lg
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23 19044 Last Post 08/08/18 at 10:32:33
By: tracke
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exd6 Exchange variation w/ 6...Nc6
I recently read somewhere that this line is less optimal than 6...Be7, but my database seems to have it scoring slightly better/I've had good enough results using it. Can anyone explain why?

Started 03/29/18 at 09:10:40 by Bancrates
0 2402 Last Post 03/29/18 at 09:10:40
By: Bancrates
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