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"Teplitsky Variation"
I don't believe anyone here has discussed the possibility of turning an Advance Caro into a Modern Teplitsky Variation 
 ( ).<br...

Started 10/05/13 at 10:17:24 by ghenghisclown
6 6322 Last Post 03/24/14 at 23:35:10
By: Keano
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(CK) Gurgenidze
After 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3/Nd2
3-,dxe4 is the standard "CK move".
Is there anything wrong with the gurgenidze (3-,g6) these days?
When I see the gurgenidze, it almost always starts wi...

Started 08/15/07 at 18:29:22 by Viking
7 3991 Last Post 08/26/07 at 21:56:11
By: kylemeister
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...Na6 in the Caro Kann
Is ...Na6 in the Caro Kann considered in any of the SOS books?
If not it would seem to qualify, as 2...Na6 has been played several times by Serbian GM Markovic, including this year, and a few tim...

Started 10/06/13 at 15:13:27 by George Jempty
6 6396 Last Post 10/10/13 at 06:50:58
By: Ametanoitos
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1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. exd5 Qxd5?!?
This may seem a bit mad - but if a Caro-Kann guy does not fancy the Panov-Botvinnik what do you think about this for a way out back to Scandi territory? I suppose White can omit Nc3 and go for c4 line...

Started 05/09/06 at 14:01:14 by Keano
11 5539 Last Post 05/15/06 at 15:27:26
By: Alfredo(Guest) (Guest)
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1. e4 c6 2. Nf3 d5 3. exd5 cxd5 4. Ne5
My dear chess friends,
Could anybody tell me how I should play against this line? I would like to get rid of this knight on e5, but I couldn't really find a good way to do this. I'm not that eage...

Started 05/31/10 at 16:58:51 by Spongebobiscool
11 8323 Last Post 06/01/10 at 18:59:17
By: Ametanoitos
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1. e4, c6 2. c4
> Looking for a decent alternative to transposing to a Panov, if such exists. Is 2. ... e6 really that bad ?

Started 04/23/08 at 09:23:01 by nyoke
4 3024 Last Post 04/24/08 at 10:29:40
By: thibdb13
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1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.Nf3 Advance Caro-Kann
Any thoughts on which move might be 'better' for black after 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.Nf3, the move 4...Nc6 or 4...Bg4 or some other move?
4.Nf3 with the idea of a quick c4 is catching ...

Started 09/16/08 at 03:43:00 by rooksway18
3 3888 Last Post 09/18/08 at 22:00:55
By: pumi
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1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.Nxf6 exf6
Alumbrado said:
4...Nf6!? [...] I think this [...]line is suspect.
But  I don't know why, because after 5.Nxf6 exf6(I think gxf6 is wrong) 6.c3 Bd6
7.Bd3 0-0 8.Ne2 Te8 9.Qc2 h6

Started 06/13/05 at 14:34:46 by 986
9 3940 Last Post 06/20/05 at 10:55:09
By: Longspur (Guest)
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1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 g6
What plan here is for white?do you know any good games in this variant?thx

Started 06/10/09 at 16:19:52 by dragonman
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18 10076 Last Post 06/16/09 at 17:46:00
By: Bromstein
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1.e4 c6 2.Nf3 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.Ne5
I call it "The Apocalypse Attack" in an online article I've put together at:
If anyone has additional games, "refutati...

Started 10/12/05 at 22:37:40 by urusov
7 3172 Last Post 10/16/05 at 09:44:57
By: TalJechin
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1.e4 d6 2.d4 c6 3.Nc3 Qa5!?
1.e4 d6 2.d4 c6 3.Nc3 Qa5!? A friend rated (2200) playes this occasionally against me with great success, unfortunately. Then he follows up with Nf6.
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Started 04/23/09 at 10:18:55 by aspiringplayer
4 4633 Last Post 04/24/09 at 04:25:15
By: MNb
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1.e4c6 2.d4d5 3.e5Na6?!
What do you think about this? seems ok, since white shouldn't play 3. Bxh6, because black would end up having a open b-file and thieir white-squared bishop might end up being stronger later on.

Started 07/21/04 at 21:19:38 by Akavall
4 2649 Last Post 07/22/04 at 10:54:57
By: Scott Rex (Guest)
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13... Qb6!? Main Caro
Qb6 in the main line of the Caro-Kann seems to be very intresting, Negi's line doesn't lead to any advantage after 15... Qa5. Does White have anything after 13... Qb6?
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[Site "...|/pgn]

Started 01/29/16 at 20:01:54 by NegiRefutes (Ex Member)
0 1347 Last Post 01/29/16 at 20:01:54
By: NegiRefutes - Ex Member
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16...bxc5 in the 4...Nd7 Caro Kann (Khalifman?)
Dear chess friends,
1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Nd7 5. Ng5 Ngf6 6.Bd3 e6 7. N1f3 Bd6 8. Qe2 h6 9. Ne4 Nxe4 10. Qxe4 Nf6 11. Qe2 Qc7 12. Bd2 b6 13. O-O-O Bb7 14. Ne5 c5 15. Bb...

Started 09/24/09 at 00:54:48 by Spongebobiscool
1 1581 Last Post 10/11/09 at 00:02:17
By: foster
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2 Knights Caro Kann any good?
Im interested in peoples opinion on the two-knights Caro-Kann. Is this as good as other lines?
I have only recently tried it out in blitz and 90% of my games go:
1.e4 c6 2.Nc3 d5 3.Nf3 dxe4 ...

Started 05/02/08 at 17:28:31 by Gerbarts
5 5083 Last Post 08/15/08 at 04:26:29
By: rooksway18
Normal Topic
2. Nc3, 3.Qf3 Caro
I've made some analysis on the 2.Nc3, 3.Qf3 Caro Cann to use as s suprise weapon (see attachment).. I'd love to have feedback on that
NOTE 1: I have not yet subscribed to chess publishing e-books...

Started 04/13/08 at 22:49:34 by trandism
7 7029 Last Post 04/17/08 at 08:22:43
By: trandism
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3...a6 in the classical
1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 a6
Any thoughts on this line? Looking through the databases it seems to score quite well for black, and looks an interesting practical choice to force white into thinking fo...

Started 05/15/17 at 07:42:27 by helmet
1 3044 Last Post 05/15/17 at 09:07:06
By: CarriedbyGg
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3...c5 4.c3!? In the advance Caro-Kann
What is everyone's view on the following line:
1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5!? 4.c3 Nc6 5.Be2!
Now... having prevented ...Bg4, how can Black reply without ending up in some sort of 'Short System' ...

Started 06/06/08 at 20:51:08 by naughtyknight
6 3486 Last Post 06/09/08 at 17:25:39
By: Antillian
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3.Nc3 de4 4.Ne4 Nf6 5.Nf6 ef6 Caro-Kann
Today I had a quick look at this line of the Caro-Kann (1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3/Nd2 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Nf6 5.Nxf6 exf6) and think this line could be an interesting surprise variation. However when searching fo...

Started 06/27/12 at 13:44:16 by TN
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17 10556 Last Post 10/20/21 at 17:33:31
By: semper_fidelis
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4... Nf6 in the classical
I recently took up the Caro-Kann again after not having played it for the past two years. When I got back to it there had been some changes. One of them seems to be that 4... Nf6 in the classical has ...

Started 09/12/20 at 10:49:58 by HAJS
4 1577 Last Post 09/13/20 at 10:41:01
By: Fllg
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