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The best analysis program?
Is there any consensus as to the best analysis program at the moment? Has Rybka been overtaken by Houdini, Fire, Hiarcs, Komodo et al yet? Undecided

Started 01/24/12 at 14:07:41 by GMTonyKosten
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187 175138 Last Post 06/13/19 at 10:54:55
By: Pawnpusher
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Forward Chess
Would be interested in a little advice....because I'm an older  chess player to me the printed book has always been the way that I have studied the game. Problem is that living in the Southern Hemisph...

Started 12/25/20 at 20:36:57 by MW
9 425 Last Post 12/30/20 at 08:16:09
By: MW
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OpeningRepertoire command line tool
I came across this tool for making a chess repertoires from a pgn file: github dot com/zcesur/opening-repertoire
You have to replace ' dot ' with '.'
Haze someone tried this tool?
It se...

Started 12/23/20 at 12:14:26 by Jonathan003
1 212 Last Post 12/27/20 at 11:42:27
By: CanadianClub
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Exporting variations to separate games
I feel this is something I ought to know, but sadly I don't. If you have a game in ChessBase which includes a number of variations, is there a quick way to export them so that each variation constitut...

Started 12/04/20 at 16:27:49 by Straggler
3 195 Last Post 12/23/20 at 12:04:03
By: Jonathan003
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on chess engines
I have Fritz17 installed in my computer; by default the package also has Lc023 and Stockfish
I heard that there are new versions of these engines that can be installed for free.
can ...

Started 11/09/20 at 09:42:15 by lg
14 1285 Last Post 12/09/20 at 23:19:48
By: lg
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Filter games according to my repertoire
Hello everyone,
Is there a tool - if possible a freeware - 
that from two repertoire databases for each color  (in Chessbase or PGN format)
filters all games of another database or PG...

Started 06/07/19 at 10:44:19 by Tartakaviar
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26 3582 Last Post 11/15/20 at 18:36:39
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Stockfish 12 Released

Started 09/02/20 at 16:07:33 by IM_Serious
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17 1769 Last Post 09/15/20 at 10:37:16
By: Pawnpusher
Normal Topic
9 1633 Last Post 09/09/20 at 21:30:05
By: MaxJudd
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Best YouTube Chess Channels
What chess YouTube channels do you subscribe to?
I have never paid much attention to YouTube before since I am not really fond of viewing videos online. However, armed with an iPad and a Google ...

Started 12/05/13 at 16:23:24 by Antillian
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17 7122 Last Post 07/06/20 at 18:26:26
By: TNich
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Lc0 v0.25
I have had no problem using Lc0 in Chessbase up until v0.24. However, now, in CB 15, I can't create a new engine with Lc0 v0.25. Has anybody else the same problem?

Started 06/23/20 at 21:15:22 by fling
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15 1659 Last Post 07/03/20 at 18:15:12
By: fling
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Chessbase and opening questions
Hi all,
I was wondering the best way to do this. So I have different sources of cb stuff, ebooks, trainers, data base, etc... So if I come across a game that has good analysis,  can I copy it and...

Started 05/13/20 at 13:48:25 by Mtal
2 731 Last Post 06/01/20 at 04:35:33
By: trw
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Chessbase Change Log
Been looking around but for the life of me I cannot find a change log for every sub-version of Chessbase 15. Does it exist and if so where Shocked

Started 04/30/20 at 19:06:12 by Ballantine
2 500 Last Post 05/01/20 at 20:58:32
By: Ballantine
Normal Topic
Downloading a chess base trainer question
Hi all,
Just a quick question, probably a computer noob one. I am trying to download a chess base trainer I just got and it says the download is going to take 6 hours. Any reason why? Anything I ...

Started 02/13/19 at 05:42:38 by Mtal
8 2418 Last Post 04/30/20 at 16:11:27
By: Ballantine
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Syzygy tablebases in CB15
I've run into a problem using Syzygy tablebases in ChessBase 15 and I wonder if anyone can help, please. I installed the tablebases three or four years ago using the ChessBase Turbo 4 disks and they'v...

Started 04/22/20 at 17:01:30 by Seeley
11 1077 Last Post 04/27/20 at 23:41:37
By: Seeley
Normal Topic
Exporting files in PGN from SCID
I've recently been successfully using the 4-million-game Caissabase free online datbase in SCID, but have got nowhere trying to export this to ChessBase Reader 2017 using the normal facility in SCID: ...

Started 04/24/20 at 15:00:24 by Michael Ayton
4 603 Last Post 04/24/20 at 19:48:46
By: Michael Ayton
Normal Topic
ChessBase 13 and multimedia commentary
I recently updated from CB9 to CB13. In CB9 I could add multimedia commentary to a move, like a .jpeg picture or a .bmp file. In CB13 I can't find that option, but there is the possibility to remove m...

Started 05/30/19 at 07:32:18 by TD
1 1336 Last Post 04/23/20 at 04:04:02
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Normal Topic
Lc0 versus Lc0 opencl
Apologies for my lack of knowledge
I ma trying some chess engines and not clear to me what
is the difference between the engines
Lc0 and Lc0 opencl
By the way, when using t...

Started 04/18/20 at 19:50:38 by lg
7 974 Last Post 04/22/20 at 13:47:02
By: JFugre
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Fat Fritz
There seems to be some discussion about Fritz 17 and the neural network, and what model of gpu is the minimum to get good results. Anyone up to speed on this issue?

Started 11/14/19 at 11:47:17 by Pawnpusher
11 2910 Last Post 04/05/20 at 13:49:00
By: MaxJudd
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Stockfish 11
This has been released and is available at the usual haunts!

Started 01/20/20 at 14:42:05 by Pawnpusher
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18 4349 Last Post 03/16/20 at 18:52:39
By: brabo
Normal Topic
Has anyone used the cloud engines on Chessify? 
If so, curious how you found it?  Would like to be able to analyze with Leela, etc without going to all the trouble of setting up GPUs, etc.

Started 03/11/20 at 22:52:52 by BeeCaves
3 858 Last Post 03/13/20 at 04:22:11
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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