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The best analysis program?
Is there any consensus as to the best analysis program at the moment? Has Rybka been overtaken by Houdini, Fire, Hiarcs, Komodo et al yet? Undecided

Started 01/24/12 at 14:07:41 by GMTonyKosten
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187 179183 Last Post 06/13/19 at 10:54:55
By: Pawnpusher
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Chessbase Reader 2017 with non-chessbase DBs?
Noodling around today I tried to find a game - Keres vs. Tarve, (Tallin, 1969) and - nope! Not in my Fritz 17/Chessbase "Database 2020."" It wasn't a big deal, but now I was provoked.<...

Started 04/16/21 at 21:21:11 by cathexis
4 148 Last Post Yesterday at 16:59:08
By: cathexis
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Where does Fritz 17 Store Evaluations (answered)
[I recently asked this but now have the answer and started a new topic in hopes it might make matters easier for others in the future. All information was checked by trial and error on my PC - A Windo...

Started 03/29/21 at 18:43:31 by cathexis
0 112 Last Post 03/29/21 at 18:43:31
By: cathexis
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I currently run Komodo 14 on my computer. I brought Komodo from ChessBase so it came with the standard Fritz 16 interface. If I now download Stockfish 13 will it work on the Fritz interface and will S...

Started 03/29/21 at 02:10:55 by MW
2 173 Last Post 03/29/21 at 17:31:28
By: MW
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Fritz: questions on "Analysis" related functions
I am running Fritz 17 on a Windows 10 PC. These questions relate to using Analysis features on databases you can direct Fritz to open.
1st question: Where ARE stored evaluations actually stored?<...

Started 03/21/21 at 21:16:35 by cathexis
3 190 Last Post 03/22/21 at 05:09:25
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Re: Fritz features - Here or Gen. Chess forum?
I have some program features questions I'd like to ask.

Started 03/21/21 at 18:25:19 by cathexis
2 113 Last Post 03/21/21 at 20:36:43
By: cathexis
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Fat Fritz 2.0
The local Chess shop mailed and promoted Fat Fritz 2.0.
I got interested when I read the information and order it.
The information said is somehow based on Stockfish 12 but with a sort of Al...

Started 02/13/21 at 08:14:00 by bragesjo
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30 2723 Last Post 03/03/21 at 10:20:13
By: MartinC
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Convert old Chessmaster obk books to pgn.
Can someone help with this.
I have a tool obk2pgn that can convert obk books (Chessmaster 9000), to pgn with informant symbols.
obk2pgn works great as long there are no lines with underpromo...

Started 03/01/21 at 13:08:22 by Jonathan003
2 483 Last Post 03/01/21 at 19:33:26
By: Jonathan003
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Best chess-friendly PC for the non-obsessive!
I’m asking this question for myself, but only ’cos answers might be of use to other people too …
I want to replace my creaking (RAM- and storage-limited) 11-year-old H-P Windows desktop PC, and w...

Started 02/25/21 at 11:21:30 by Michael Ayton
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17 1181 Last Post 02/28/21 at 19:29:33
By: Michael Ayton
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Lc0 v0.25
I have had no problem using Lc0 in Chessbase up until v0.24. However, now, in CB 15, I can't create a new engine with Lc0 v0.25. Has anybody else the same problem?

Started 06/23/20 at 21:15:22 by fling
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23 2854 Last Post 02/27/21 at 22:21:44
By: Confused_by_Theory
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ChessBase or Chess Assistant
I use ChessBase regulary and have tried Chess Assistant (C A) only infrequently and don't really know much about C A compared to ChessBase.
What would be the relative strengths of C A over ChessB...

Started 08/21/10 at 22:13:59 by Sylvester
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34 25157 Last Post 02/24/21 at 10:45:01
By: Etherabloom
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Stockfish 13
As their hand got forced by Chessbase/A.Silver copying SF12dev and claiming to have made huge leaps in playing strength, beating SF12 by 35-40 Elo - all of which had just been the changes from SF12 to...

Started 02/19/21 at 17:07:07 by IsaVulpes
7 755 Last Post 02/21/21 at 10:12:52
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
Engine download question ...
Please forgive the colossal ignorance of this! … According to the CCRL website, the strongest two free 1-2 CPU engines are Stockfish 2021-01-11, and SugaR AI 1.00. So I wonder:
(1) Where do I get...

Started 02/16/21 at 10:21:55 by Michael Ayton
4 308 Last Post 02/16/21 at 16:00:14
By: Michael Ayton
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Forward Chess
Would be interested in a little advice....because I'm an older  chess player to me the printed book has always been the way that I have studied the game. Problem is that living in the Southern Hemisph...

Started 12/25/20 at 20:36:57 by MW
10 925 Last Post 01/31/21 at 14:59:11
By: FreeRepublic
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OpeningRepertoire command line tool
I came across this tool for making a chess repertoires from a pgn file: github dot com/zcesur/opening-repertoire
You have to replace ' dot ' with '.'
Haze someone tried this tool?
It se...

Started 12/23/20 at 12:14:26 by Jonathan003
1 355 Last Post 12/27/20 at 11:42:27
By: CanadianClub
Normal Topic
Exporting variations to separate games
I feel this is something I ought to know, but sadly I don't. If you have a game in ChessBase which includes a number of variations, is there a quick way to export them so that each variation constitut...

Started 12/04/20 at 16:27:49 by Straggler
3 365 Last Post 12/23/20 at 12:04:03
By: Jonathan003
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on chess engines
I have Fritz17 installed in my computer; by default the package also has Lc023 and Stockfish
I heard that there are new versions of these engines that can be installed for free.
can ...

Started 11/09/20 at 09:42:15 by lg
14 1836 Last Post 12/09/20 at 23:19:48
By: lg
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Filter games according to my repertoire
Hello everyone,
Is there a tool - if possible a freeware - 
that from two repertoire databases for each color  (in Chessbase or PGN format)
filters all games of another database or PG...

Started 06/07/19 at 10:44:19 by Tartakaviar
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26 4379 Last Post 11/15/20 at 18:36:39
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Stockfish 12 Released

Started 09/02/20 at 16:07:33 by IM_Serious
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17 2355 Last Post 09/15/20 at 10:37:16
By: Pawnpusher
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9 2069 Last Post 09/09/20 at 21:30:05
By: MaxJudd
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