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The best analysis program?
Is there any consensus as to the best analysis program at the moment? Has Rybka been overtaken by Houdini, Fire, Hiarcs, Komodo et al yet? Undecided

Started 01/24/12 at 14:07:41 by GMTonyKosten
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187 157069 Last Post 06/13/19 at 10:54:55
By: Pawnpusher
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Best engine for sparring
I am looking for a good computer sparring partner.
My experience with chess engines when you handicap them is that they don't often make very human mistakes, but that is the sort of behaviour I'd...

Started 11/06/19 at 21:29:56 by gillbod
7 608 Last Post 12/10/19 at 20:09:08
By: Nickajack
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Fat Fritz
There seems to be some discussion about Fritz 17 and the neural network, and what model of gpu is the minimum to get good results. Anyone up to speed on this issue?

Started 11/14/19 at 11:47:17 by Pawnpusher
6 591 Last Post 11/25/19 at 19:53:04
By: mattchess
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hash memory with multiple engine instances
Looking for some advice.  I recently suggested in another forum that I was using 2048 mb per engine instance and it was suggested this is overkill.
Anyone have any advice and suggested rationale ...

Started 11/23/19 at 21:34:23 by mattchess
2 108 Last Post 11/24/19 at 00:57:08
By: mattchess
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What chess software can talk to "Cloud engines"?
Is there chess interface / database software that can talk to a chess engine running on some Cloud server? Like send positions to them and store returned analysis.
If so, how could I make such a ...

Started 10/01/19 at 09:40:07 by Scarblac
6 530 Last Post 11/23/19 at 21:23:46
By: mattchess
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New version of LcO
The newest version, changes to evaluation. Easy to set up and free, why not?

Started 06/22/19 at 13:30:32 by Pawnpusher
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72 7883 Last Post 11/19/19 at 14:21:22
By: Jupp53
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Windows 10 update made Leela insane
I just updated Windows 10 with the latest patch. After the update, I went back to analysing my openings and turned on Leela 22.0. The engine is completely insane, with evaluations and move recommendat...

Started 10/01/19 at 03:06:28 by Leon_Trotsky
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16 1201 Last Post 10/11/19 at 10:02:07
By: Pawnpusher
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BrainLearn 4.1
A relatively new attempt to combine some of the ideas behind neural net/ linear algebra in an engine that is based on Stockfish but using a different learning approach. If you are familiar with Shash ...

Started 09/10/19 at 11:01:28 by Pawnpusher
2 584 Last Post 09/11/19 at 10:35:32
By: Pawnpusher
Normal Topic
How to remove thinking arrows in Lucas Chess?
Hi, I've just installed Lucas Chess to enjoy watching engines playing each other. It all looks great, except that during a game there are extremely distracting huge arrows that show the moves the engi...

Started 09/01/19 at 05:29:52 by jewelmind
0 439 Last Post 09/01/19 at 05:29:52
By: jewelmind
Normal Topic
Is anyone familiar with this? I tried to install, because the premise sounds great, but I couldn't quite make it work.

Started 08/26/19 at 18:41:10 by Pawnpusher
1 590 Last Post 08/28/19 at 06:20:13
By: msiipola
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Desktop setup for chess analysis
Hi all,
not much going on in this sub-forum it seems. But I will try to get a discussion started at least.
Currently, I have a 4 year old computer, Intel core i5-6600k, 32 GB RAM@2133 MHz. I...

Started 08/08/19 at 17:59:36 by fling
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16 2123 Last Post 08/22/19 at 21:57:44
By: fling
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Install Lc0?
I was interested in using Lc0, but I found I had to install new/other graphic drivers for my Nvidia card (GTX 1080).
Nvidia has recently updated drivers with security fixes, and if I'm going to u...

Started 08/11/19 at 07:01:11 by msiipola
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29 2583 Last Post 08/20/19 at 08:59:04
By: fling
Normal Topic
ChessBase 15 crashes, renames game files
I do not know why, when I run Leela for long time periods it lags my entire computer. Sometimes it gets so heavy that ChessBase crashes saying "ChessBase is not responding" and prompts me to close. Wh...

Started 08/13/19 at 04:54:52 by Leon_Trotsky
2 534 Last Post 08/16/19 at 04:45:19
By: Leon_Trotsky
Normal Topic
Nibbler gui
I recently downloaded this gui, and it is very interesting. It is designed (mostly specifically) for LcO and it has some very interesting features. I found it on github.

Started 08/10/19 at 16:16:18 by Pawnpusher
3 789 Last Post 08/12/19 at 18:05:07
By: fling
Normal Topic
Chessbase 15 Question
guys Have a problem with chessbase 15, if I open a game or database the window does not come up in front it stays under I have to click on the taskbar to see the window. any idea what is wrong how to ...

Started 08/06/19 at 22:41:29 by LANDRO
0 559 Last Post 08/06/19 at 22:41:29
Normal Topic
Subtree grafting with ChessBase
Say I have a bunch of variations that are in a game following a specific move order. I now want to move or copy these variations to another move in the game that has the same position (i.e. I want to ...

Started 08/06/19 at 11:48:58 by JFugre
1 601 Last Post 08/06/19 at 13:25:50
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Annoying Problem with Chessbase
I have an annoying problem with all my chessbase programs (namely Playchess, Fritz 10 and Chessbase 8). All my moves clog up on 1 line, as can be seen in the attachment
Can someone help me wit...

Started 01/02/10 at 07:58:08 by sssthepro
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63 53769 Last Post 08/04/19 at 00:22:04
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Vertically aligned game notation
Is there a way to vertically align the main moves in the game notation in ChessBase or Hiarcs Chess Explorer?
A screenshot from an older version of Hiarcs shows what I mean:
- The

Started 07/28/19 at 22:27:02 by Paul Cumbers
0 547 Last Post 07/28/19 at 22:27:02
By: Paul Cumbers
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LcO 21.3
I don't know what changes are made, but there is a new version.

Started 07/25/19 at 10:56:11 by Pawnpusher
1 620 Last Post 07/25/19 at 11:19:47
By: smatija
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Posting moves and board on Wordpress blog
I am trying to configure Wordpress blog, but I do not know how to post the chess board and some moves like how here you can just use pgn function and fen diagrams. Does anyone know how to do this on W...

Started 07/17/19 at 03:32:07 by Leon_Trotsky
12 1327 Last Post 07/23/19 at 23:01:09
By: Leon_Trotsky
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