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Stockfish suing ChessBase
CB is finally getting its comeuppance for selling an SF derivate and pretending it's their own work  Smiley
( Original stateme...

Started 07/20/21 at 21:24:38 by IsaVulpes
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23 5187 Last Post 12/10/22 at 10:50:14
By: batista
Normal Topic
Chss Engine "Fisherov Chess Monk"
    Hello everybody
    Has anyone managed to get the latest version of the Fisherov chess engine ?
    I have tried several times to send the request for personal use through Chess Engines ...

Started 06/09/22 at 05:18:01 by synergychess
4 2985 Last Post 09/30/22 at 00:14:55
Normal Topic
Engines with evaluations exposed as UCI parameters
I've been looking for engines which expose aspects of their evaluation functions via UCI parameters.
E.g. I'm hopeful that tweaking evaluations might incentivise an engine towards specific tasks,...

Started 08/29/22 at 11:06:30 by gillbod
5 990 Last Post 09/05/22 at 11:00:57
By: Pawnpusher
Normal Topic
ChessBase Cloud Engine Account not working
Hi, I recently installed ChessBase 16. When I try open cloud engines and log in, it tells me that my "" username or password is incorrect. When I enter into my browser, it r...

Started 07/07/22 at 17:23:37 by lbaruch
2 718 Last Post 07/08/22 at 05:52:12
By: lbaruch
Normal Topic
ChessBase 12 or 16?
Hi everybody. I currently have ChessBase 12, but I'm wondering if it is worth the upgrade to ChessBase 16? Are any of the new features actually very helpful or are they just small features that you fo...

Started 07/05/22 at 09:14:07 by lbaruch
4 922 Last Post 07/07/22 at 14:19:13
By: lbaruch
Normal Topic
Fritz Question
Every single time I open Fritz it defaults to 1 CPU (or core). But I want it to default to 16, the number of cores on my PC. Not the biggest thing in life, true. But I think I ought to be able to have...

Started 05/24/22 at 19:11:01 by cathexis
6 1212 Last Post 05/27/22 at 22:42:56
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
Pairings programs and double encounters
Oddly specific question...
Is there any pairings computer program out there where you can toggle double encounters on and off? What tends to happen is you select double encounters all...

Started 05/06/22 at 06:49:38 by Confused_by_Theory
3 757 Last Post 05/06/22 at 15:36:21
By: Confused_by_Theory
Normal Topic
PGN Editor
Recently I updated to windows 11 and this seems to have majorly destroyed any ability my windows notepad (now in app form) had to handle large PGN files. That annoys greatly because it means ...

Started 04/24/22 at 14:37:36 by Confused_by_Theory
5 1124 Last Post 04/24/22 at 21:01:14
By: Confused_by_Theory
Normal Topic
Preferred Processors?
[Doing a little dreaming here],
I may be getting a new desktop PC this spring (hoping anyway). Two possible processor choices are Intel or AMD. Say Intel i9 12th gen or AMD Ryzen 9, both 16 cores...

Started 02/18/22 at 18:44:34 by cathexis
8 1586 Last Post 03/17/22 at 12:10:27
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
ChessBase 16 problems
I still use CB 13 even though I also have CB 14, 15 and 16, but I thought I would have a look at the new novelty feature on CB 16 after watching one of their promotional videos. After clicking on the ...

Started 03/01/22 at 11:04:23 by GMTonyKosten
3 910 Last Post 03/02/22 at 15:03:37
By: Kai
Normal Topic
Any free chess databases these days?
Anyone know a good free chess database for windows?
I'm getting a laptop to bring with me at tournaments etc. and a low cost alternative to Chessbase would be nice. I already have a cor...

Started 02/24/22 at 22:17:26 by Confused_by_Theory
3 1098 Last Post 02/27/22 at 09:16:23
By: Confused_by_Theory
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
ChessBase 14 - to see move order for position?
Sometimes when I do something with notation in CB (e.g. create or edit my repertoire and so on) I want to see the move order for the position via which it was reached. Like in the Personal Opening Gui...

Started 10/27/17 at 22:19:39 by ahu_lee
12 6134 Last Post 02/20/22 at 05:58:05
By: Stigma
Normal Topic
Setting up simulated thinking time for an engine?
If I'm using an engine to spar against at something like a classical or rapid time control, how can I set things up so that the computer takes time to "think" before playing its move beyond the near i...

Started 11/14/21 at 20:00:10 by primer
1 716 Last Post 01/31/22 at 16:55:28
By: Odd Gunnar Malin
Normal Topic
Other software with feature like IDEA?
With ChessOK/Convekta looking like it is becoming less and less active I have concerns Aquarium development is going to be abandoned (some would argue that has already happened). 
I love Aquariu...

Started 01/29/22 at 17:35:39 by mattchess
2 977 Last Post 01/30/22 at 01:54:05
By: mattchess
Normal Topic
looking for Android app
Hi everyone
I’m a happy user of the paid iOS app: Chess Studio
I use it to manage my opening repertoire via pgn files that I can keep in sync via Apple Cloud accross PC, tablet and iPhone<br...

Started 01/18/19 at 18:46:41 by LaurentB
2 2277 Last Post 01/29/22 at 16:27:21
By: FreeRepublic
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Stockfish 14.1
Normally this forum is always one of the very first to accounce new releases of Stockfish so bit weird that after 1 month nobody mentioned this new release see

Started 11/26/21 at 08:45:23 by brabo
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26 4986 Last Post 01/26/22 at 20:34:42
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
On-line Chess Services vs. My PC Question
I'm using Windows 10 (and will not go to 11 if I can). But I'm sick of Edge. I'm not switching to Linux at this time. But I wanted to ask this:
Do any chess web sites or PC programs that you know...

Started 01/05/22 at 14:51:21 by cathexis
1 659 Last Post 01/10/22 at 15:08:30
By: cathexis
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Dragon 2
I saw that a new version of Komodo has appeared called Dragon 2.
Also based on NNUE technology. The networks training was based on last version of Komodo.
I think most interested here alread...

Started 05/17/21 at 17:33:55 by bragesjo
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27 7385 Last Post 01/05/22 at 10:07:50
By: Jonathan Tait
Normal Topic
Please! Tell me I'm not screwed.
For the last week my PC has been down and in repair. It has 2 HDs. A SSD and a HDD. The SSD was almost 100% corrupted. Unrecoverable save a very few files. All my Chessbase Reader and Fritz ...

Started 11/29/21 at 22:47:00 by cathexis
8 1537 Last Post 12/03/21 at 15:28:14
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
Where can download engines rated 2300, 2400, 2500?
I would like to download engines rated 2300, 2400, and 2500.
does anyone know where I can find these?
Ideally I would like to play versus them in Rybka Aquarium or Arena (Aquarium to be more...

Started 11/30/21 at 05:42:56 by FMCharless
2 631 Last Post 11/30/21 at 07:30:32
By: FMCharless
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