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MCO style opening variation tables, in ChessBase ?
I have ChessBase_9, and Komodo_9.  They display variation moves in paragraph format only (I think only).
But I want to display variation moves in tabular format, somewhat similar to how MCO displ...

Started 08/05/18 at 08:19:36 by GeneM
1 1280 Last Post 08/05/18 at 12:07:27
By: Fllg
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Chessbase 14 Dossier
I am looking for a player to study and am using CB14, using the 'dossier' function I find that the report typically brings back under Section 7. Endgames: -
"Ordinary often reaches an e...

Started 07/21/18 at 09:25:18 by Michael
0 1116 Last Post 07/21/18 at 09:25:18
By: Michael
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Forward chess question?
Hi, I already have a forward chess account and have bought some books. I wanted to subscribe again to chess pub. I was just wondering how I should go about this. I still want to be able to download pg...

Started 07/08/18 at 05:29:04 by Mtal
1 1220 Last Post 07/09/18 at 08:58:24
By: GMTonyKosten
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Surface pro with an m3 processor for chess?
Hi all, I been looking to get something portable that I can study chess on. I would love a surface pro but there pretty expensive. I see the cheapest one has a m3processor (not sure how good it is) wo...

Started 07/08/18 at 04:32:22 by Mtal
0 945 Last Post 07/08/18 at 04:32:22
By: Mtal
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Software for Mac with auto-flip board at each turn
I’m searching for a chess software (free or not, I don’t care) for Mac OS X in order to play with someone else (two players playing against each other on the same computer screen).

Started 04/12/17 at 23:40:00 by Marc Benford
1 2672 Last Post 07/07/18 at 10:13:26
By: tillchess
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Laptop for Chessbase and Stockfish July 2018
I'm thinking it's getting close to that that time, you know, when the old laptop is getting slow and sluggish, the HD is almost full and is of an age that it could die at any moment.
So, recommen...

Started 07/02/18 at 17:30:33 by Paddy
0 1073 Last Post 07/02/18 at 17:30:33
By: Paddy
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Java chess software release
I have released a Java program created in 2013.
As I cannot give direct link, search for "JavaChess4" on GitHub
It's free and could be good for chess beginners or people who want...

Started 05/22/18 at 20:21:00 by Bretwa
2 1487 Last Post 05/28/18 at 19:41:33
By: Bretwa
Normal Topic
Removal of "no-ELO" games in CB database
In CB14 while putting together a DB comprising games between players ELO 2349-3400, I find that no matter how I filter or search-delete, etc., I cannot get rid of games whose players show no ELO at al...

Started 05/19/18 at 23:08:15 by BrokenCipher
1 1080 Last Post 05/20/18 at 05:26:35
By: Kai
Normal Topic
Insert Engine Eval into notation - Chessbase 14
Hey folks... I did a google search and searched the manual. But I cannot find out if this is possible.
Aquarium chess allows you to insert just the engine eval into the notation by clicking Ctrl+...

Started 05/09/18 at 14:34:16 by ChiefPushesWood
0 923 Last Post 05/09/18 at 14:34:16
By: ChiefPushesWood
Normal Topic
Pasting variations into Chessbase 14
Hello, can anyone help please?
When I copy and paste a line from the forum into the Chessbase 14 board window (using Ctrl + V) it jumps to the end of the database.
It used to jump to the end...

Started 05/06/18 at 11:55:30 by Katalyst
2 1213 Last Post 05/08/18 at 17:36:21
By: Katalyst
Normal Topic
Chessbase 14 - Deep Analysis only 5 plies?
So... I was just playing around, trying to learn some things.
Thought I'd try the Deep Analysis in CB14. So I placed my cursor on move 16.Rac1...
Clicked the Deep Analysis button... off she...

Started 05/02/18 at 14:28:22 by ChiefPushesWood
7 1845 Last Post 05/04/18 at 04:09:08
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Normal Topic
Leela Chess Zero: AlphaZero for the PC
It might sound like a joke, but it is not: the revolutionary techniques used to create Alpha Zero, the famous AI chess program developed by DeepMind, are now being used to engineer an engine that runs...

Started 04/27/18 at 16:30:33 by gewgaw
4 2578 Last Post 05/01/18 at 20:04:33
By: MartinC
Normal Topic
Chessbase 14 - How to insert single move
Hey folks... Is there a way to insert a SINGLE move (first move of engine line) into the notation instead of the entire engine line?

Started 04/27/18 at 03:02:20 by ChiefPushesWood
1 987 Last Post 04/27/18 at 13:49:35
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Normal Topic
Android Tablet
Hello All:
Think of getting a 7- or 8-inch Android tablet to read Forward Chess and other books. Are there other chess apps like free databases that run on Android that I should be considering?<b...

Started 04/26/18 at 17:13:51 by Gerry1970
0 834 Last Post 04/26/18 at 17:13:51
By: Gerry1970
Normal Topic
ICCF Chessbase and Fritz workflow
Hey folks. I'm new to the CC scene and starting in ICCF.
Finding resources on this subject is terribly hard. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to help a guy out and share a workflow with m...

Started 04/22/18 at 01:05:26 by ChiefPushesWood
2 1209 Last Post 04/22/18 at 16:16:09
By: ChiefPushesWood
Normal Topic
Quotes about computers
Maybe others will find this one interesting. I’m also hoping to see some other good quotes in reply. In the below quote, computers have turned out to be quite good at the “multifarious devious” part.<...

Started 03/28/18 at 03:30:10 by an ordinary chessplayer
8 1536 Last Post 03/30/18 at 21:50:08
By: tdv
Normal Topic
Differences between Chessbase & HIARCS?
I happened to visit Hiarcs's site and saw that a version 2.0 seems to be on the way sometime this year (though it's been mentioned on their forum since 2015, so it could be 2018...)
Anyway, since...

Started 08/14/17 at 15:37:29 by TalJechin
6 3880 Last Post 03/28/18 at 19:41:10
By: tdv
Normal Topic
Free Forward Chess book
Our partners Forward Chess have offered us a free book, The King Is a Powerful Piece!.
The coupon code is: Kingforchesspub (this should be all in capitals, but ChessPub won't let me do that!)<br ...

Started 03/22/18 at 13:43:32 by GMTonyKosten
1 1295 Last Post 03/22/18 at 13:46:48
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
ChessBase 14 - to see move order for position?
Sometimes when I do something with notation in CB (e.g. create or edit my repertoire and so on) I want to see the move order for the position via which it was reached. Like in the Personal Opening Gui...

Started 10/27/17 at 22:19:39 by ahu_lee
9 2990 Last Post 03/07/18 at 09:08:57
By: TalJechin
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Games Databases
I often hear about something like when someone analyses a line deeply, that they did not consider this or that game in the correspondence database, but I always wonder where is this correspondence dat...

Started 01/12/18 at 07:23:25 by petertohen
10 3417 Last Post 02/13/18 at 10:08:52
By: brabo
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