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houdini opening book - anyone know where to buy it
I have the rybka opening book which you install on to rybka aquarium. it is awesome.
I saw they have the houdini opening book but i cant find it available anywhere. anyone know where to find it?<...

Started 11/08/21 at 04:19:45 by FMCharless
4 1932 Last Post 11/14/21 at 03:21:38
By: FMCharless
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Finding game-changing moves
Does ChessBase provide an easy way to identify, from among all the games of a database, those moves which change the engine's evaluation by at least a specified amount? I can't find such a feature, bu...

Started 09/01/21 at 18:44:46 by Straggler
7 1457 Last Post 09/03/21 at 09:07:27
By: Straggler
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Aquarium IDEA question - sometimes stuck on "idle"
Anyone have any experience with Aquarium IDEA getting stuck on "idle" and freezing?  Eventually it unfreezes but unclear why it does this - happens once in a while and I have not seen any pattern as t...

Started 08/31/21 at 17:30:43 by mattchess
1 713 Last Post 09/01/21 at 11:24:49
By: Pawnpusher
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Rybka/Aquarium Forums Closing
The rybka/aquarium forum is closing so curious if people that are there are also here?  I know at least a few of you are.

Started 08/31/21 at 15:52:00 by mattchess
0 555 Last Post 08/31/21 at 15:52:00
By: mattchess
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engine games/matches analysis
I have seen the book "Game changer" and a more recent pdf
by M. Sadler on a more rent match between LC0 and Stockfish.
is there any place where one can find analysis comments on more recent ...

Started 08/11/21 at 13:47:20 by lg
5 1185 Last Post 08/12/21 at 18:54:56
By: lg
Normal Topic
Stockfish 14
Title says it all, fairly soon after 13 release, but the recent neural network changes have sped up the process.

Started 07/04/21 at 11:11:46 by Pawnpusher
7 2083 Last Post 08/11/21 at 13:45:01
By: lg
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Swiss Tournament Administration Software
Hello everybody!
Can any of you recommend a particular software for carrying out (club internal) swiss system tournaments? (I've seen that there's a lot of software out there, some of them for fr...

Started 03/24/12 at 09:24:10 by Zwischenzugzwang
6 3335 Last Post 08/09/21 at 08:21:50
By: Nina
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Anyone having problems with Everyman Chess viewer?
Hi all, seems like my chess viewer is not working since the last andriod update. Anyone else having problems? I done all the typical things they say to do when an app does not work. Also very disappoi...

Started 06/13/21 at 19:34:32 by Mtal
3 1118 Last Post 06/16/21 at 13:36:41
By: Mtal
Normal Topic
Best Resource to Compare Engine vs. Engine?
Can anyone suggest a site or other resource that discusses chess engines by comparing their various strengths and/or weaknesses?
Not just which gets the most points. So, this one is better in the...

Started 05/20/21 at 17:37:40 by cathexis
0 583 Last Post 05/20/21 at 17:37:40
By: cathexis
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Chessbase Reader 2017 with non-chessbase DBs?
Noodling around today I tried to find a game - Keres vs. Tarve, (Tallin, 1969) and - nope! Not in my Fritz 17/Chessbase "Database 2020."" It wasn't a big deal, but now I was provoked.<...

Started 04/16/21 at 21:21:11 by cathexis
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21 6737 Last Post 05/03/21 at 03:50:45
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Normal Topic
Where does Fritz 17 Store Evaluations (answered)
[I recently asked this but now have the answer and started a new topic in hopes it might make matters easier for others in the future. All information was checked by trial and error on my PC - A Windo...

Started 03/29/21 at 18:43:31 by cathexis
0 885 Last Post 03/29/21 at 18:43:31
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
I currently run Komodo 14 on my computer. I brought Komodo from ChessBase so it came with the standard Fritz 16 interface. If I now download Stockfish 13 will it work on the Fritz interface and will S...

Started 03/29/21 at 02:10:55 by MW
2 1005 Last Post 03/29/21 at 17:31:28
By: MW
Normal Topic
Fritz: questions on "Analysis" related functions
I am running Fritz 17 on a Windows 10 PC. These questions relate to using Analysis features on databases you can direct Fritz to open.
1st question: Where ARE stored evaluations actually stored?<...

Started 03/21/21 at 21:16:35 by cathexis
3 1529 Last Post 03/22/21 at 05:09:25
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Normal Topic
Re: Fritz features - Here or Gen. Chess forum?
I have some program features questions I'd like to ask.

Started 03/21/21 at 18:25:19 by cathexis
2 910 Last Post 03/21/21 at 20:36:43
By: cathexis
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Fat Fritz 2.0
The local Chess shop mailed and promoted Fat Fritz 2.0.
I got interested when I read the information and order it.
The information said is somehow based on Stockfish 12 but with a sort of Al...

Started 02/13/21 at 08:14:00 by bragesjo
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30 13379 Last Post 03/03/21 at 10:20:13
By: MartinC
Normal Topic
Convert old Chessmaster obk books to pgn.
Can someone help with this.
I have a tool obk2pgn that can convert obk books (Chessmaster 9000), to pgn with informant symbols.
obk2pgn works great as long there are no lines with underpromo...

Started 03/01/21 at 13:08:22 by Jonathan003
2 1460 Last Post 03/01/21 at 19:33:26
By: Jonathan003
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Best chess-friendly PC for the non-obsessive!
I’m asking this question for myself, but only ’cos answers might be of use to other people too …
I want to replace my creaking (RAM- and storage-limited) 11-year-old H-P Windows desktop PC, and w...

Started 02/25/21 at 11:21:30 by Michael Ayton
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17 4556 Last Post 02/28/21 at 19:29:33
By: Michael Ayton
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Lc0 v0.25
I have had no problem using Lc0 in Chessbase up until v0.24. However, now, in CB 15, I can't create a new engine with Lc0 v0.25. Has anybody else the same problem?

Started 06/23/20 at 21:15:22 by fling
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23 7821 Last Post 02/27/21 at 22:21:44
By: Confused_by_Theory
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Stockfish 13
As their hand got forced by Chessbase/A.Silver copying SF12dev and claiming to have made huge leaps in playing strength, beating SF12 by 35-40 Elo - all of which had just been the changes from SF12 to...

Started 02/19/21 at 17:07:07 by IsaVulpes
7 2437 Last Post 02/21/21 at 10:12:52
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
Engine download question ...
Please forgive the colossal ignorance of this! … According to the CCRL website, the strongest two free 1-2 CPU engines are Stockfish 2021-01-11, and SugaR AI 1.00. So I wonder:
(1) Where do I get...

Started 02/16/21 at 10:21:55 by Michael Ayton
4 1642 Last Post 02/16/21 at 16:00:14
By: Michael Ayton
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