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publish from rybka aquarium?
Dear fellow addicts!
I would like to ask for some advice regarding rybka analysis of a position in scotch. But i can not figure out how to copy the data from rybka to forumformat.
For any co...

Started 02/14/10 at 12:14:46 by toppace
5 1704 Last Post 02/15/10 at 14:28:13
By: Jupp53
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Chessbase 10 Service Pack 2 bug
Hello guys,
I hust want to warn you that the latest CB10 SP 2 (About dialog shows CB version 10 July 2009) has quite an annoying bug. It may destroy your databases, so please make a backup before...

Started 10/05/09 at 20:41:47 by MilenPetrov
11 8939 Last Post 02/12/10 at 08:39:12
By: Bonsai
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OTB vs Computerized study
It finally occured to me, after all these years, that I could read a chess book 'on the computer.'  Take Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual, for example.  I have the book and the CB version that came out at t...

Started 01/25/10 at 18:50:36 by proustiskeen
1 821 Last Post 01/27/10 at 01:23:07
By: Gerry1970
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ChessBase Online Database down?
I've been trying to access the ChessBase Online Database from within ChessBase -- several different versions, in fact -- for several days now without success. Does anyone know whether they're experien...

Started 01/17/10 at 05:01:29 by Blackburne
9 3801 Last Post 01/21/10 at 13:35:47
By: Blackburne
Normal Topic
ChessBase/Fritz/Rybka help needed
I have taken the plunge and bought a new laptop (and ordered broadband to replace my home dial-up!).
I have installed CB9 successfully and have installed Junior 10 and Fritz 11 and can see their ...

Started 01/10/10 at 10:40:28 by TimS
4 1681 Last Post 01/11/10 at 17:27:39
By: TimS
Normal Topic
Re: Rybka 3 and Fritz 11 Problem
You mean Rybka3 and Fritz11 as stand alone programs or like engines under a GUI ?

Started 12/25/09 at 20:55:41 by John88
3 2264 Last Post 12/26/09 at 20:13:52
By: Smyslov_Fan
Normal Topic
So, is anybody using this rather peculiar, apparently Italian, open source chess engine?
It appears to be designed to run on Linux or (I'm not quite sure) Wind...

Started 12/23/09 at 19:37:06 by Markovich
6 6818 Last Post 12/26/09 at 13:20:10
By: Daniel
Normal Topic
GNU Chess' strength?
Has anyone played GNU Chess 5.07 lately? Any estimates on its playing strength?
I use it once in a while for G/45 training games since my Rybka and Fritz crush me too quickly (I am only 2090 FIDE...

Started 12/17/09 at 17:54:35 by Mythos
7 3475 Last Post 12/21/09 at 07:55:56
By: thibdb13
Normal Topic
Chess Gadget Google Chrome
Anyone else using the Chess gadget in Google Chrome?
I have only been using it for a week or so (since it came out for Linux), but it's a nice and easy way to play some games in your Chrome brow...

Started 12/15/09 at 20:53:36 by Viceroy
2 1471 Last Post 12/17/09 at 14:35:13
By: Viceroy
Normal Topic
Deep Rybka under Wine?
Anyone running Deep Rybka under Wine?  I have a virtual windows machine, but it only uses 2 of my eight processors, so I'm not going to spring for Rybka on that basis.  But I might if it would run und...

Started 12/10/09 at 16:44:43 by Markovich
1 1094 Last Post 12/10/09 at 22:40:16
By: Göran
Normal Topic
Chess Programs that Run on MAC Snow Leopard 10.6.2
Is anyone running a chess program OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard?

Started 12/09/09 at 19:35:08 by Playslikefish
6 4505 Last Post 12/10/09 at 16:36:15
By: Markovich
Normal Topic
Sam Collins Fritz Trainer DvD
I see that Sam Collins has completed an opening repertoire DVD for chessbase. Does anybody have any information concerning this? i.e. release date, opening choices etc.

Started 11/30/09 at 16:17:59 by Kafka
2 1366 Last Post 12/01/09 at 13:27:12
By: Kafka
Normal Topic
ChessBase 9 incident
I am not a great fan of ChessBase but am using it now the last few years. Last night though something happened which has just about shattered what little confidence I had in this database program.<br ...

Started 10/27/09 at 09:47:12 by Keano
5 2865 Last Post 10/27/09 at 15:54:34
By: Papageno
Normal Topic
Deep Rybka 3 in ChessBase9
I just purchased Deep Rybka 3 for Chessbase.  I'm using Chessbase 9.  Is there any way to make Deep Rybka 3 one of the Chessbase kibitzers or even the default kibitizer? 
When I installed DeepRy...

Started 10/10/09 at 17:39:08 by LeeRoth
7 4032 Last Post 10/27/09 at 04:07:03
By: LeeRoth
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when do you think engine wch will end?
I think chess is a draw, if both side play the best moves.
Since technology advances more and more, computers get faster year by year, shouldn't it just be a matter of time until the engines find...

Started 09/01/09 at 12:31:06 by battleangel (Ex Member)
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22 7987 Last Post 09/10/09 at 05:15:25
By: Flick Er12
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Running engines in Winboard
Does anyone know how properly to install Winboard and UCI engines in Winboard using this utility?
(I already use Arena, but wan...

Started 06/29/09 at 10:54:37 by Michael Ayton
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27 17597 Last Post 08/11/09 at 15:44:27
By: Instruct1
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
What software to play out openings against?
Can someone recommend a, preferably free, chess software where I can play against the computer in a certain opening position? I'm sure there must be several.
Best wishes,

Started 07/18/09 at 21:19:38 by greymattermatters
10 3574 Last Post 07/22/09 at 09:29:01
By: Göran
Normal Topic
[Help] Winboard 4.3.15m + Crafty 20.14 Setup
my shortcut target is:
"d:\games\winboard\winboard.exe" -cp -fcp "crafty2014 log=off" -fd="d:\games\crafty" -scp "crafty2014 log=off" -sd="d:\games\crafty"
winboard starts up just fine, but ...

Started 07/15/09 at 12:19:57 by biatche
0 898 Last Post 07/15/09 at 12:19:56
By: biatche
Normal Topic
CB 10 updates
Hello, I just got the newest CBM 130. I tried to install the latest update for CB 10 and after restarting my PC i get the following message when i start CB 10:
Unknown Message Symbol M_BISHOP_PAI...

Started 06/15/09 at 21:14:38 by MilenPetrov
7 6948 Last Post 07/01/09 at 20:37:13
By: MilenPetrov
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Computers, Analysis and Theory
Moderator's note:  [color=#000000]The initial posts were modified by one moderator then removed by me.  Gambit started the thread with an off-color joke and t...

Lev, I look forward to your article, but by this quote:<

Started 06/17/09 at 15:45:56 by CraigEvans
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45 15813 Last Post 06/24/09 at 00:36:05
By: trw
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