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Chess24 and search for games in database with CB13
   Hi all,
   I have for a while played at Chess24. A strange thing is that when I download games and try to search for a handle in the players fields, I get no hits. Has anyone else noticed this...

Started 05/09/17 at 17:33:24 by fling
0 766 Last Post 05/09/17 at 17:33:24
By: fling
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Fritz Komodo unable to find a position ?
I have a FEN position. I paste it into Fritz or Komodo. I use Database > Filter search to "copy the board". Finally I click OK to start the position search thru the games in Mega Database 2008.

Started 03/18/17 at 03:58:28 by GeneM
2 913 Last Post 03/18/17 at 06:39:10
By: brabo
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When does CB 14 display all tablebase moves?
I am baffled by Chessbase 14's behavior when using Syzygy tablebases to analyze a position like this, from Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual, Illustrative Position 9-7 (I think Tarrasch first analyzed it):<b...

Started 03/17/17 at 02:03:23 by ReneDescartes
0 728 Last Post 03/17/17 at 02:03:23
By: ReneDescartes
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Chessbase 14
Does anyone know the difference between the Chessbase 14 download version and the Upgrade from 13? As they are the same price.
I am quite interested in the Assisted and Tactical Analysis improvem...

Started 03/14/17 at 19:31:54 by Trefor
1 1212 Last Post 03/15/17 at 12:37:44
By: Göran
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
chessbase for the cheapskate
To this point I have been using chessbase engines and stockfish with the fritz GUI. I want to step up with the standard chessbase but its expensive for me. So I downloaded SCIDS vs. PC and I don't lik...

Started 02/10/17 at 13:49:15 by gd6595
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15 4943 Last Post 03/11/17 at 18:08:40
By: buddho
Normal Topic
Does anybody know Lucas Chess?
I recently came across a chess program called Lucas Chess. Is anybody here familiar with it? It looks quite good.
I'm using it for about a week now and I really like it. It is also su...

Started 02/15/17 at 03:21:28 by Paul
5 2089 Last Post 02/22/17 at 04:34:56
By: Paul
Normal Topic
Chessgames vs 365chess
I intend to use/test either 365Chess or Chessgames as an aid when developing my opening repertoires. I find it it difficult to choose one of them.
If you would like to have full functionality th...

Started 01/29/17 at 01:20:34 by Göran
0 909 Last Post 01/29/17 at 01:20:34
By: Göran
Normal Topic
New app: Chess-wise for Android
Hello chess players,
Chess-wise is now available for Android. Free download, no ads.
It contains an interface to FICS and Multi, a large database of grandmaster games and video lectures, puz...

Started 01/17/17 at 11:32:08 by marcelnijman
3 1486 Last Post 01/18/17 at 16:47:42
By: marcelnijman
Normal Topic
Chessbase 13 opening reference issue
I don't suppose some other Chessbase 13 users could help me with something?
When using the 'opening reference on selection' feature, the number of games appearing in the reference appears to be d...

Started 12/20/16 at 13:04:03 by Monocle
6 1981 Last Post 12/31/16 at 12:44:34
By: Monocle
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Chessbase 14 released.
Anyone else make the jump? That 25% off sale the first day sealed it for me. One change I like is that you no longer have to do replace game to update a game in the db. Save works as you'd expect it t...

Started 11/19/16 at 02:48:43 by snits
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32 11605 Last Post 12/28/16 at 01:40:27
By: Keano
Normal Topic
Chess computer advice
I just recently got work abroad so will be going on a long trip to a tropical island, which as you can imagine, I’m pretty stoked about. It’s super-interesting work but there’s not a great...

Started 11/29/16 at 03:40:36 by Knight
6 2443 Last Post 12/04/16 at 22:05:24
By: CanadianClub
Normal Topic
Managing your Chess Database
In the old days I used to update my database with the latest TWIC.
Now I see Chessbase release updates also, but they are not as often.
What method do people recommend?

Started 07/10/16 at 12:36:20 by Keano
5 2211 Last Post 11/19/16 at 02:39:18
By: snits
Normal Topic
So Im a new player that owns Fritz 15/6 month data
Any advice on how I should go about learning to use this/how it will be helpful analyzing my games? Even just a basic outline on what youd use it for would be helpful even if its only a few sentences....

Started 10/16/16 at 23:58:26 by IrohSho
4 1604 Last Post 10/18/16 at 07:42:24
By: CanadianClub
Normal Topic
Convekta smart phone apps
Convekta's programs have recently become available on IOS as apps and have already been out for awhile on Android. I've used some of their programs sporadically in the past, but didn't always find it ...

Started 09/10/16 at 13:20:48 by Marcellus
2 1527 Last Post 10/01/16 at 01:14:44
By: Marcellus
Normal Topic
android app for
I have noticed that I spent quite a few time in the Chess-Results page, looking for pairings,  results,  standings and so on.  Mostly from my android  device.
Is there any app in the android mar...

Started 09/30/16 at 17:29:05 by CanadianClub
0 660 Last Post 09/30/16 at 17:29:05
By: CanadianClub
Normal Topic
Chessbase reader doesn't work on my new laptop
I just got a new laptop. Unfortunately this has meant the failure of even chessbase reader. I can't create a uci engine. It just freezes completely. The only way to close the dam thing is to do it thr...

Started 09/15/16 at 14:17:01 by Rebel-Yell
2 1137 Last Post 09/19/16 at 11:02:45
By: Rebel-Yell
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Maintaining an opening repertoire
What do you do electronically to maintain an opening repertoire? I must really do this too but simply haven't done it yet.
Having looked quickly at it, I see at least the following options:

Started 05/20/15 at 11:14:24 by Paul Brondal
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22 11752 Last Post 09/10/16 at 02:34:33
By: Smyslov_Fan
Normal Topic
Which Chess Program with Database?
My 2015 Chess King appears to have hosed up, as it crashes every time I attempt "hard" or "only blunders" crashes the program. Support team suggestions (cleaning out folder "Data\ATrees\GameAnalysis" ...

Started 07/29/16 at 11:26:52 by bearheart
9 3130 Last Post 08/23/16 at 20:15:13
By: Michael
Normal Topic
Does Windows 10 weaken chess engines?
Now I've got your attention with a (too?) dramatic subject line, I've a serious question. I run engines like Stockfish 7 a lot in the Arena GUI, which, while an engine is running, displays how much fr...

Started 07/21/16 at 14:00:46 by Michael Ayton
8 2437 Last Post 08/17/16 at 18:54:13
By: KestonyChess
Normal Topic
Stockfish 6-7 bug (same position 2 times = draw)
To be fair to stockfish, I have read that several other engines have this same bug (but not Houdini). It happens to me quite often, and it's frustrating when SF evaluates 4 lines correctly at depth 30...

Started 08/12/16 at 20:17:12 by erasmus_b_dragon
3 1291 Last Post 08/16/16 at 04:53:36
By: erasmus_b_dragon
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