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Chessbase 14 - How to insert single move
Hey folks... Is there a way to insert a SINGLE move (first move of engine line) into the notation instead of the entire engine line?

Started 04/27/18 at 03:02:20 by ChiefPushesWood
1 1275 Last Post 04/27/18 at 13:49:35
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Android Tablet
Hello All:
Think of getting a 7- or 8-inch Android tablet to read Forward Chess and other books. Are there other chess apps like free databases that run on Android that I should be considering?<b...

Started 04/26/18 at 17:13:51 by Gerry1970
0 1079 Last Post 04/26/18 at 17:13:51
By: Gerry1970
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ICCF Chessbase and Fritz workflow
Hey folks. I'm new to the CC scene and starting in ICCF.
Finding resources on this subject is terribly hard. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to help a guy out and share a workflow with m...

Started 04/22/18 at 01:05:26 by ChiefPushesWood
2 1606 Last Post 04/22/18 at 16:16:09
By: ChiefPushesWood
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Quotes about computers
Maybe others will find this one interesting. I’m also hoping to see some other good quotes in reply. In the below quote, computers have turned out to be quite good at the “multifarious devious” part.<...

Started 03/28/18 at 03:30:10 by an ordinary chessplayer
8 2243 Last Post 03/30/18 at 21:50:08
By: tdv
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Differences between Chessbase & HIARCS?
I happened to visit Hiarcs's site and saw that a version 2.0 seems to be on the way sometime this year (though it's been mentioned on their forum since 2015, so it could be 2018...)
Anyway, since...

Started 08/14/17 at 15:37:29 by TalJechin
6 5469 Last Post 03/28/18 at 19:41:10
By: tdv
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Free Forward Chess book
Our partners Forward Chess have offered us a free book, The King Is a Powerful Piece!.
The coupon code is: Kingforchesspub (this should be all in capitals, but ChessPub won't let me do that!)<br ...

Started 03/22/18 at 13:43:32 by GMTonyKosten
1 1936 Last Post 03/22/18 at 13:46:48
By: GMTonyKosten
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ChessBase 14 - to see move order for position?
Sometimes when I do something with notation in CB (e.g. create or edit my repertoire and so on) I want to see the move order for the position via which it was reached. Like in the Personal Opening Gui...

Started 10/27/17 at 22:19:39 by ahu_lee
9 3918 Last Post 03/07/18 at 09:08:57
By: TalJechin
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Games Databases
I often hear about something like when someone analyses a line deeply, that they did not consider this or that game in the correspondence database, but I always wonder where is this correspondence dat...

Started 01/12/18 at 07:23:25 by petertohen
10 5279 Last Post 02/13/18 at 10:08:52
By: brabo
Normal Topic
DGT board and Chessbase
Hi all,
A few years ago I bought a DGT board because my idea was to use it when reading books and follow along games OTB. However, to follow along in games already in a file, is not working prope...

Started 02/07/18 at 09:18:37 by fling
0 790 Last Post 02/07/18 at 09:18:37
By: fling
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help me.
A minor observation that the Endgame Tablebases which advertise as having "all 5-piece" positions are a lying a little bit.
Here, as FEN, is a 5-piece position the SyZyGy Endgame Tablebases lack:...

Started 01/12/18 at 07:22:30 by petertohen
3 1275 Last Post 01/18/18 at 23:40:48
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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engines in Winboard
I have Winboard installed in a directory called D:/Program files/Winboard and engines. In this directory I have (to give one example) made a sub-directory called Crafty 23.0 and extracted Crafty into ...

Started 01/12/18 at 07:21:38 by petertohen
1 1280 Last Post 01/12/18 at 20:15:43
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Ankidroid and diagrams
Anyone knows how to change the default chess pieces and square colors of the diagrams of the FEN chess visualizer on Ankidroid (not the comp)? Mine are some small Hastings/Leipzig-like and tr...

Started 12/31/17 at 15:50:00 by nocteus
0 762 Last Post 12/31/17 at 15:50:00
By: nocteus
Normal Topic
Arena GUI
Hello: Anyone using this? And do you know how to set handicapped levels so you can play against an engine like Stockfish? Want this for practice games.
Used to use Fritz 10 and you could use Stoc...

Started 12/08/17 at 22:26:36 by Gerry1970
1 1163 Last Post 12/12/17 at 16:55:44
By: TalJechin
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Does SSD significantly improve ChessBase speed?
I'm wondering if investing in a solid state drive would noticeably improve the search speed within ChessBase.  Any other benefits from a chess software standpoint?

Started 11/13/17 at 14:32:15 by Greenhaven
14 5014 Last Post 11/29/17 at 13:38:22
By: Keano
Normal Topic
ChessBase 14 - to list variations as A, B, C etc?
How do you list variations in ChessBase as A, B, C and then A1, A2 and so on?
In this YouTube video (watch?v=yzTmUapwXrg) the author demonstrates how he uses ChessBase 12 to study his openings an...

Started 10/27/17 at 18:08:44 by ahu_lee
2 1700 Last Post 10/27/17 at 21:51:56
By: ahu_lee
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Forward Chess for Ipad
Chess Stars publishing goes into the future with a new aplication for Ipad users with 3 e-books (Safest Grunfeld, Sharpest Sicilian and Modern Reti). Anyone have any views on this?

Started 02/24/13 at 00:12:21 by Mortal Games
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100 72944 Last Post 09/05/17 at 20:31:19
By: Glenn Snow
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Difference between 'Mega' vs 'Big' Database 2017 ?
Both 'Mega Database' and 'Big Database' say they have 6.8 million games.
So why is Mega triple the cost of Big?
(Mega 2008 claims 3.8 million games.)

Started 05/17/17 at 05:22:05 by GeneM
6 6335 Last Post 09/03/17 at 10:43:45
By: ChessIsWar
Normal Topic
Problem with Fritz 15 and Windows 10
I have Windows 10 and sometimes when I analyze a position with Fritz 15, it won't show the lines it's currently analyzing, and the only way to make it show the lines is to mouse over to the analysis w...

Started 08/14/17 at 01:45:52 by BobbyDigital80
0 995 Last Post 08/14/17 at 01:45:52
By: BobbyDigital80
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Software for chess teaching
Hi everyone.  I'm going to be doing a bit of teaching at a chess camp, and I'm looking for a piece of software that will allow me to set up and project illegal positions on a screen.  In particular, t...

Started 06/14/10 at 01:21:18 by proustiskeen
9 6804 Last Post 08/13/17 at 18:55:31
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Java/Firefox problem disabling chess applets
Despite its terrible GUI, I've always loved the chess game/position search site, because it's easy and quick to download multiple PGN game-scores. But now I can't access the game view...

Started 07/19/17 at 13:19:21 by Michael Ayton
5 2708 Last Post 07/26/17 at 17:07:40
By: Michael Ayton
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