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What processor should i get in a laptop?
Hi, I been thinking of getting a laptop for chess. I would like a 2 in 1 but as the processor gets better, the prices jump up. So to run chess base, what is the minimum to get by with it? Also if I ge...

Started 05/19/16 at 15:59:50 by Mtal
4 1715 Last Post 08/12/16 at 18:41:50
By: erasmus_b_dragon
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New app for mobile phones
Hi there! I'm a software develop and chess player. With a friend we start to create last year a new mobile software designed for chess players for study. You can store on cloud your games; access to a...

Started 08/09/16 at 15:16:23 by Aliyat Chess
0 677 Last Post 08/09/16 at 15:16:23
By: Aliyat Chess
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Chess engines compatible with Google OS
A friend of mine is sailing the Atlantic in January, and will have with him a laptop that uses, instead of Windows, the (web-based, I believe) Google operating system. Does anyone know of a (preferabl...

Started 12/20/14 at 11:26:45 by Michael Ayton
10 4220 Last Post 07/21/16 at 13:39:22
By: Michael Ayton
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DGT chess board + Fritz 15
Hi everyone.
I have a question regarding DGT chess board and Fritz 15.
I would like to set up a position on DGT chessboard and play against Fritz. ( Let's say some endgame, 15min+10 sec, w...

Started 06/25/16 at 01:15:03 by Chess coach London
1 1332 Last Post 07/06/16 at 09:04:31
By: francjacb
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Training questions in Chessbase and pgn formats
Hi everybody,
I'm about to start building a database of exercises for my own use, either as raw positions with solutions or within a complete game score (I will probably want to vary this).

Started 07/04/16 at 03:06:35 by Stigma
1 908 Last Post 07/04/16 at 04:12:57
By: Stigma
Normal Topic
FEN with last move in notation form?
I want to make diagrams that will have the last move showing in algebraic notation. In Chessbase 12 you can copy a position as FEN but is there a way to have the last move indicated other than doing i...

Started 05/27/16 at 22:04:38 by Gerry1970
2 1072 Last Post 05/30/16 at 16:30:20
By: Gerry1970
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Looking for Safe Chess Engine Download or Purchase
I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to practice against chess engines that are at or about 200 ELO points above my rating. That would be 1800 to 2100. Are there sites where a person can get a safe downlo...

Started 11/18/15 at 01:15:33 by Sylvester
11 6323 Last Post 05/27/16 at 13:40:36
By: max mate
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Help with Chessbase Create Search Booster bug
So, I recently installed Chessbase 10 onto a new laptop running Windows 10.  Everything seems fine, except I cannot get rid of the "Create Search Booster?" dialogue box that pops up every single time ...

Started 01/24/16 at 19:55:02 by ErictheRed
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29 12573 Last Post 05/27/16 at 13:08:45
By: max mate
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Windows tablets seem to have got very cheap. I realise that they're not ideal for ChessBase, but would one of these (e.g. a Linx 1010) be OK for watching Fritztrainer videos?

Started 05/25/16 at 21:38:14 by Straggler
3 1087 Last Post 05/27/16 at 13:04:28
By: max mate
Normal Topic
Chess base power books?
Hi all, I see that chessbass offers power books in certain openings and a data base with it too. Would anyone know if some of the games are analysed? Is it worth it to get a power book or maybe just g...

Started 05/24/16 at 16:14:37 by Mtal
0 597 Last Post 05/24/16 at 16:14:37
By: Mtal
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ChessBase on a Mac
I've read elsewhere that ChessBase needs to run on a Windows machine and that includes not using it on a Mac with Boot Camp.  I think it was Jon Edwards who wrote that in his ChessBase book n...

Started 03/30/16 at 10:31:55 by Michael
11 3637 Last Post 05/11/16 at 08:41:58
By: Gamesunday
Normal Topic
Time Odds Computer Games
I would like to play some training games against Fritz 15. If I play 90 vs 30 minutes I suppose it will be playing to GM standard. But I cannot find anything on how time odds impact playing strength -...

Started 02/26/16 at 10:55:22 by tetra
1 871 Last Post 05/01/16 at 06:28:12
By: Rebel-Yell
Normal Topic
Searching for correspondence games in a database
Hi, hopefully this is a simple query but I just find the answer. When you enter games you are given the option to identify whether the game is rapid, normal play or correspondence. However, how do you...

Started 02/05/16 at 10:46:32 by Laramonet
1 885 Last Post 04/25/16 at 14:13:09
By: applechess
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Not all 5-piece positions are in SyZyGy
A minor observation that the Endgame Tablebases which advertise as having "all 5-piece" positions are a lying a little bit.
Here, as FEN, is a 5-piece position the SyZyGy Endgame Tablebases lack:...

Started 03/26/16 at 23:06:35 by GeneM
1 748 Last Post 04/25/16 at 14:03:45
By: applechess
Normal Topic
Problem with Fritz 15 in Windows 10
I'm having a problem with "infinite analysis" in Fritz 15 (I'm using Windows 10).
Sometimes when I analyze a game using "infinite analysis" and click through the moves, the suggested lines don't ...

Started 03/27/16 at 07:34:49 by BobbyDigital80
1 1674 Last Post 03/27/16 at 12:11:00
By: fling
Normal Topic
Chess videos / apps on Iphone/Android phones?
Hi all,
I'm planning on getting a new phone shortly, does anyone know whether you can watch chess videos on either of these? (i've got some on my laptop i would like to watch during my commute if...

Started 03/07/16 at 20:50:39 by RoleyPoley
1 944 Last Post 03/07/16 at 22:46:44
By: CanadianClub
Normal Topic
Correspondence Games Databases
I often hear about something like when someone analyses a line deeply, that they did not consider this or that game in the correspondence database, but I always wonder where is this correspondence dat...

Started 05/14/15 at 23:04:14 by DenVerdsligeRejsende
6 4871 Last Post 02/29/16 at 14:12:23
By: brabo
Normal Topic
"Rare" Chessbase (13) Bug - Uneditable Source
Everytime i edit anything in the source tab, a message comes up when i click OK
"The parameter is incorrect".
And the publication,date,version,and quality fails to edit
I need help, I n...

Started 01/05/16 at 10:13:41 by Dave
3 1403 Last Post 02/05/16 at 02:35:33
By: Dave
Normal Topic
Unable to remove game links in Chessbase
I'm unable to edit or remove the links ("weblinks"?) to games which CP typically uses for game reference. Am I missing a trick?
Right-click briefly displays the edit menu but then jumps to the li...

Started 01/25/16 at 18:09:33 by Lucente
1 798 Last Post 01/26/16 at 11:51:52
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
Hiarcs opening books
Does anyone know if it is possible to create custom opening books in Hiarcs?  I would like to do this so that I could train against those books and not have to set up a position and play from that poi...

Started 01/17/16 at 23:35:22 by crdII
1 903 Last Post 01/22/16 at 21:21:12
By: Michael
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