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The best analysis program?
Is there any consensus as to the best analysis program at the moment? Has Rybka been overtaken by Houdini, Fire, Hiarcs, Komodo et al yet? Undecided

Started 01/24/12 at 14:07:41 by GMTonyKosten
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187 162801 Last Post 06/13/19 at 10:54:55
By: Pawnpusher
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Time Odds Computer Games
I would like to play some training games against Fritz 15. If I play 90 vs 30 minutes I suppose it will be playing to GM standard. But I cannot find anything on how time odds impact playing strength -...

Started 02/26/16 at 10:55:22 by tetra
1 1034 Last Post 05/01/16 at 06:28:12
By: Rebel-Yell
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I have Stockfish on my iPad, which seems like a nice little piece of work. Does anyone have any sense of its overall strength and what kinds of strengths and weaknesses it possesses as an analysis too...

Started 12/03/14 at 02:04:40 by HgMan
6 4336 Last Post 12/06/14 at 14:07:37
By: GMTonyKosten
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Well, guys! I think you don't have to suffer in a pawn endgame, no matter how complex it is.
There are some modern ways for analysis that can solve things easily. For example, there is a tool cal...

Started 10/17/13 at 06:59:13 by Vass
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56 32694 Last Post 04/08/15 at 13:59:18
By: Vass
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Games Databases
I often hear about something like when someone analyses a line deeply, that they did not consider this or that game in the correspondence database, but I always wonder where is this correspondence dat...

Started 01/12/18 at 07:23:25 by petertohen
10 4056 Last Post 02/13/18 at 10:08:52
By: brabo
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Install Lc0?
I was interested in using Lc0, but I found I had to install new/other graphic drivers for my Nvidia card (GTX 1080).
Nvidia has recently updated drivers with security fixes, and if I'm going to u...

Started 08/11/19 at 07:01:11 by msiipola
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29 3500 Last Post 08/20/19 at 08:59:04
By: fling
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Annoying Problem with Chessbase
I have an annoying problem with all my chessbase programs (namely Playchess, Fritz 10 and Chessbase 8). All my moves clog up on 1 line, as can be seen in the attachment
Can someone help me wit...

Started 01/02/10 at 07:58:08 by sssthepro
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63 55741 Last Post 08/04/19 at 00:22:04
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Correspondence Chess Websites?
What is a comprehensive list of correspondence websites which allow computers?
I know of only

Started 03/05/11 at 22:44:46 by kevinfat
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37 16892 Last Post 12/18/12 at 14:13:08
By: Göran
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chessbase for the cheapskate
To this point I have been using chessbase engines and stockfish with the fritz GUI. I want to step up with the standard chessbase but its expensive for me. So I downloaded SCIDS vs. PC and I don't lik...

Started 02/10/17 at 13:49:15 by gd6595
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15 6834 Last Post 03/11/17 at 18:08:40
By: buddho
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looking for Android app
Hi everyone
I’m a happy user of the paid iOS app: Chess Studio
I use it to manage my opening repertoire via pgn files that I can keep in sync via Apple Cloud accross PC, tablet and iPhone<br...

Started 01/18/19 at 18:46:41 by LaurentB
1 1381 Last Post 01/19/19 at 11:38:46
By: Bondefanger
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Re: Freely distributable human chess databases
Another one which I do not collect:
...but still:
Icofy DB (update 14.1.2 included).cbv!9kcS1IhC!v1ZZOTf-DnxZ1zDmd0fDqgqph2jK7l_HwLL-Y...

Started 02/10/14 at 19:58:17 by Vass
10 9906 Last Post 05/19/15 at 07:31:38
By: CanadianClub
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Stockfish dethroned (big time)?!
Disclaimer: Very unclear basis on everything right now!
According to its developers, AlphaZero (as far as I understand it, the updated version of AlphaGo, the Go program which beat a human elite ...

Started 12/06/17 at 12:19:53 by IsaVulpes
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54 22860 Last Post 12/08/18 at 13:25:03
By: Confused_by_Theory
Normal Topic
ChessBase: A First Look - new video series
I've just published the first installment in a new video series devoted to demystifying ChessBase and other chess software. It's totally free, so hopefully this doesn't fall afoul of advertising regul...

Started 11/22/18 at 14:11:17 by proustiskeen
7 2594 Last Post 12/08/18 at 16:39:10
By: proustiskeen
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Stockfish 9 Released !
Stockfish 9 Released !

Started 02/01/18 at 12:47:02 by IM_Serious
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43 17173 Last Post 11/30/18 at 22:33:37
By: proustiskeen
Normal Topic
Solitaire chess software
My favorite way of learning openings and systems is by stydying and memorizing model games, and analysing mine. But reviewing all of them is a tedious task.
Can you advice a software/we...

Started 07/24/18 at 12:38:34 by nocteus
1 2089 Last Post 11/21/18 at 06:11:14
By: snits
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Chessbase 15 just released. Time to upgrade?
Chessbase 15 has just been released. Anybody know if this is worth the upgrade pricing or should I just keep using Chessbase 14?

Started 11/12/18 at 20:32:59 by HagenWatch1
12 4905 Last Post 11/17/18 at 14:21:26
By: lnn2
Normal Topic
ChessBase 10 Errror Message
I have tried using three different Tools, Database options with ChessBase 10 and get the very same error message each time :
    Database in use  Undecided
The tools are : Check Integrity, Remove ...

Started 06/21/09 at 09:34:01 by jeupham
0 1566 Last Post 06/21/09 at 09:34:00
By: jeupham
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Fritz11 on netbook
I just bought an ASUS 1000HE and installed Fritz11 but my netbook has no DVD. I copied the whole original Fritz11 DVD (Fritz11 perfectly runs on my Dell Inspiron 9400) on an external HD (one ...

Started 06/21/09 at 06:50:14 by hmups
2 2476 Last Post 06/21/09 at 12:05:58
By: hmups
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Computers, Analysis and Theory
Moderator's note:  [color=#000000]The initial posts were modified by one moderator then removed by me.  Gambit started the thread with an off-color joke and t...

Lev, I look forward to your article, but by this quote:<

Started 06/17/09 at 15:45:56 by CraigEvans
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45 20466 Last Post 06/24/09 at 00:36:05
By: trw
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CB 10 updates
Hello, I just got the newest CBM 130. I tried to install the latest update for CB 10 and after restarting my PC i get the following message when i start CB 10:
Unknown Message Symbol M_BISHOP_PAI...

Started 06/15/09 at 21:14:38 by MilenPetrov
7 8124 Last Post 07/01/09 at 20:37:13
By: MilenPetrov
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