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The best analysis program?
Is there any consensus as to the best analysis program at the moment? Has Rybka been overtaken by Houdini, Fire, Hiarcs, Komodo et al yet? Undecided

Started 01/24/12 at 14:07:41 by GMTonyKosten
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187 161052 Last Post 06/13/19 at 10:54:55
By: Pawnpusher
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Business model for chess engines still viable?
What do you think about chess engines and their business model? I mean the strongest chess engine houdini is available for free and has like 3300 ELO or more? I mean the amateur does he really need an...

Started 03/09/11 at 19:02:14 by battleangel (Ex Member)
2 1412 Last Post 03/09/11 at 22:37:01
By: Uhohspaghettio
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when do you think engine wch will end?
I think chess is a draw, if both side play the best moves.
Since technology advances more and more, computers get faster year by year, shouldn't it just be a matter of time until the engines find...

Started 09/01/09 at 12:31:06 by battleangel (Ex Member)
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22 10571 Last Post 09/10/09 at 05:15:25
By: Flick Er12
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ChessBase 14 - to see move order for position?
Sometimes when I do something with notation in CB (e.g. create or edit my repertoire and so on) I want to see the move order for the position via which it was reached. Like in the Personal Opening Gui...

Started 10/27/17 at 22:19:39 by ahu_lee
9 3242 Last Post 03/07/18 at 09:08:57
By: TalJechin
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ChessBase 14 - to list variations as A, B, C etc?
How do you list variations in ChessBase as A, B, C and then A1, A2 and so on?
In this YouTube video (watch?v=yzTmUapwXrg) the author demonstrates how he uses ChessBase 12 to study his openings an...

Started 10/27/17 at 18:08:44 by ahu_lee
2 1333 Last Post 10/27/17 at 21:51:56
By: ahu_lee
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1 1008 Last Post 09/30/12 at 17:54:36
By: Uhohspaghettio
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Chess vision trainer ... Unique app
Hi ,
If you own any ios devices like new ipad or iphone , then be very Glad . The new app called " chess vision trainer " at 4.5$ price tag , is a high valuable tool for training your calculatio...

Started 08/19/12 at 19:03:26 by aidin
0 3453 Last Post 08/19/12 at 19:03:26
By: aidin
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Razer Blade and chess !
Razer blade an innovative double touch screen laptop equipped with core i7 2.8 Gh just has announced ! and can be shipped imminently ! this gaming laptop has very decent specifics. 17" full HD screen ...

Started 12/08/11 at 16:17:20 by aidin
4 2183 Last Post 12/09/11 at 05:56:33
By: Daniel
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
ipad 2 , experiencing chess !
After some while , finally the magic tablet has been released and since I'm a chess- nut  , instantly after unboxing I checked out some chess applications on it. As you know this new tablet has been a...

Started 04/14/11 at 22:02:14 by aidin
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49 39759 Last Post 12/06/11 at 21:46:45
By: GabrielGale
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
John Nunn vs my pocket pc
well ,
after  somewhile I can tell you some of my thoughts and impressions and some critiques about the books which I have received ,a bunch of great and famouse books ,....some best selling...<b...

Started 02/04/11 at 17:08:50 by aidin
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37 9772 Last Post 02/07/11 at 04:40:06
By: TN
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Endgame Tablebases and the Anand-Gelfand
I once emailed the link to a webpage with the Nalimov table bases to a CC opponent who kept on playing in a drawn position.
Title of thread edited.   ~SF May 31st, 2012.

Started 06/01/12 at 07:07:07 by Alias
12 7190 Last Post 06/18/13 at 18:56:40
By: Vass
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New app for mobile phones
Hi there! I'm a software develop and chess player. With a friend we start to create last year a new mobile software designed for chess players for study. You can store on cloud your games; access to a...

Started 08/09/16 at 15:16:23 by Aliyat Chess
0 797 Last Post 08/09/16 at 15:16:23
By: Aliyat Chess
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Best Endgame Engine?
Hello everybody,
My question is very simple. According to the authorities here, or according to the experience of normal guys like me, [i]which chess engine do you think that plays better in t... I am not tal

Started 04/29/13 at 19:32:47 by Ametanoitos
13 9312 Last Post 05/01/13 at 04:12:42
By: erasmus_b_dragon
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Turing's test
"Turing's test" gets referred to frequently. Searching here on chesspub returns seven examples (and one typo for "turning"). But what I read about it before was not exactly the test Turing devised. Th...

Started 05/26/19 at 14:46:18 by an ordinary chessplayer
0 922 Last Post 05/26/19 at 14:46:18
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Quotes about computers
Maybe others will find this one interesting. I’m also hoping to see some other good quotes in reply. In the below quote, computers have turned out to be quite good at the “multifarious devious” part.<...

Started 03/28/18 at 03:30:10 by an ordinary chessplayer
8 1727 Last Post 03/30/18 at 21:50:08
By: tdv
Normal Topic
Best YouTube Chess Channels
What chess YouTube channels do you subscribe to?
I have never paid much attention to YouTube before since I am not really fond of viewing videos online. However, armed with an iPad and a Google ...

Started 12/05/13 at 16:23:24 by Antillian
7 4996 Last Post 11/05/14 at 07:14:21
By: chandrashekharkoravi
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Free Chess applications for Blackberries
I am interested in some recommendations of free chess applications for Blackberries.  Feel free to suggest any that you have experience with or know of.

Started 10/29/09 at 14:37:42 by Antillian
3 1578 Last Post 06/03/10 at 22:37:25
By: LeeRoth
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Hi, the notation has just disappeared in my Chessbase 10, like u can still play through the games, but u just cant see the text.
Another thing that has happened, is you cant see any of the text ...

Started 07/20/11 at 06:28:04 by Arcticmonkey
4 1967 Last Post 07/20/11 at 10:10:03
By: GMTonyKosten
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Linux and ChessDB?
Any ChessPub Linux forum members have experience installing and using ChessDB (based on Scid)?

Started 01/26/12 at 01:03:36 by Arnaudov
12 3633 Last Post 02/02/12 at 20:40:55
By: Arnaudov
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Which Chess Program with Database?
My 2015 Chess King appears to have hosed up, as it crashes every time I attempt "hard" or "only blunders" crashes the program. Support team suggestions (cleaning out folder "Data\ATrees\GameAnalysis" ...

Started 07/29/16 at 11:26:52 by bearheart
9 3450 Last Post 08/23/16 at 20:15:13
By: Michael
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