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I Tried to Catch Fog Yesterday.

Started 05/31/20 at 23:02:19 by cathexis
3 149 Last Post 06/02/20 at 10:11:34
By: Bibs
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Standing in the Park Today,..
Standing in the park today wondering why frisbees look larger as they come closer. And then it hit me,...

Started 05/30/20 at 12:38:34 by cathexis
4 104 Last Post 05/31/20 at 23:01:25
By: cathexis
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I Broke my Finger Yesterday,..
I broke my finger yesterday.
On the other hand I'm ok.

Started 05/30/20 at 12:40:15 by cathexis
4 141 Last Post 05/30/20 at 23:55:44
By: Bibs
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Another Deadly Virus!
Another deadly virus has been discovered. It is called the Peekaboo virus.
Anyone exhibiting symptoms should go straight to ICU.

Started 05/20/20 at 22:32:33 by cathexis
2 210 Last Post 05/25/20 at 03:13:00
By: Stigma
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Important Question
1.What do you call a dog with no legs?
It doesn't matter what you call him, he ain't gonna come.

Started 05/20/20 at 22:18:16 by cathexis
0 60 Last Post 05/20/20 at 22:18:16
By: cathexis
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Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
This coronavirus and the disease it causes (COVID-19) is without doubt the biggest event, so far, of the 21st century. The world will be dealing with it for all of 2020 and most of 2021. For large swa...

Started 04/04/20 at 13:55:27 by an ordinary chessplayer
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17 1214 Last Post 05/03/20 at 15:22:22
By: Cesso
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How did Fischer do it?
How did he give up chess? It's so addictive!!!
My current strategy is to use Stayfocusd (no typo) to keep away from websites I waste time on and I find it works incredibly well. But Babaschess do...

Started 08/15/12 at 05:01:35 by Uhohspaghettio
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23 14497 Last Post 05/03/20 at 15:11:15
By: Cesso
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Hi there.
I'm Paul from the UK. I've been playing chess for about a year / year and a half. So I wouldn't consider myself as a complete beginner.
I'm hoping to get some advice here to improve m...

Started 02/14/17 at 05:06:16 by Paul
1 1465 Last Post 05/03/20 at 15:08:43
By: Cesso
Normal Topic
Howdy, I'm new here. Starter chess player, looking forward to reading the boards

Started 02/18/17 at 04:38:00 by Egon
3 1645 Last Post 05/03/20 at 15:07:51
By: Cesso
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Vietnam War Music
Hi, I am pretty much into Vietnam War Music, is anybody else too?

Started 02/18/17 at 04:43:14 by MadMax
2 1625 Last Post 05/03/20 at 15:07:24
By: Cesso
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Help adapting the White Elephant game for kids
This has nothing to do with chess. But I got such great help choosing a chess set for one grandkid, that I am hoping I might get some help with a game I want to use with some other grandkids. And ever...

Started 12/12/18 at 07:49:05 by Cynthia Moore
4 1122 Last Post 05/03/20 at 13:01:37
By: Cesso
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New here
Hi, I'm new to the forums. Intermediate chess player, looking forward to reading the boards

Started 11/21/16 at 09:38:12 by Knight
9 3465 Last Post 05/03/20 at 12:58:59
By: Cesso
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Aren't we giving too much importance to openings?
I have the feeling that I am constantly changing my opening repertoire over the months / years in search for the "perfect opening" (or defense). In reality there is no perfect opening, most of opening...

Started 06/05/16 at 10:27:06 by grandpatzer
10 5219 Last Post 05/03/20 at 12:54:36
By: Cesso
Normal Topic
Improving tactical play?
Do you have recommendations on how to improve tactical play and calculations? Do a lot of puzzles?
I'm rated around 2200, but I am fairly weak tactically (I often miss shots or even ...

Started 02/13/20 at 17:14:21 by ehpotsirhc
2 380 Last Post 05/03/20 at 12:53:09
By: Cesso
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
What kind of music do you listen to?
What genre of music do you enjoy and what bands do you find yourself listening to?
I greatly enjoy classic rock, particularly after learning how to play guitar. I listen to a number of classic ba...

Started 10/28/09 at 06:17:27 by up and comer
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93 72230 Last Post 05/03/20 at 12:52:24
By: Cesso
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Karlheinz Stockhausen
Does anyone else here love the music of Stockhausen?
Here are some of my highlights:
Cosmic Pulses

Started 02/10/20 at 23:12:40 by stockhausen
5 707 Last Post 03/30/20 at 15:42:02
By: stockhausen
Normal Topic
Password generator for chessplayers
I was reading a random trail of password links and came across the following, which I thought might appeal to chess types:
create an 8x8 table like this:
2 9^/}hQU8<br...

[i](Note: Actually it's not an 8x8 table, it's 7x(mostly)8, and I had to insert some extra line breaks to

Started 07/09/18 at 21:01:05 by an ordinary chessplayer
2 2128 Last Post 08/27/18 at 03:09:16
By: Uhohspaghettio
Normal Topic
Consistent repeating 50/50 ocurrences
Hello Chesspub.
After some not so active months for me I've come back, put down my bindle for a while and now I'm gonna ask a very strange question.
You see I've set up and am currently dire...

Started 06/05/18 at 11:22:34 by Confused_by_Theory
5 1789 Last Post 06/06/18 at 09:46:41
By: Confused_by_Theory
Normal Topic
Non-ELO games in CB databases
In CB14 while putting together a DB comprising games between players ELO 2349-3400, I find that no matter how I filter or search-delete, etc., I cannot get rid of games whose players show no ELO at al...

Started 05/19/18 at 23:10:43 by BrokenCipher
0 1117 Last Post 05/19/18 at 23:10:43
By: BrokenCipher
Normal Topic
Do you play Go?
Hi all,
Are there Go players here?   What do you think about this game?

Started 03/28/18 at 19:58:32 by tdv
2 1746 Last Post 05/12/18 at 17:57:15
By: Olivia_Chess
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