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Garry Kasparov in Graphic Novel
Garry Kasparov will be appearing in Blitz, a chess-themed graphic novel from Ablaze Publishing slated for release in September.  The book cover on the publisher's site shows a prominent image of GK al...

Started 04/17/22 at 20:03:50 by Nernstian59
0 139 Last Post 04/17/22 at 20:03:50
By: Nernstian59
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Invasion of Ukraine
Yesterday I posted the following on the Durham County Chess Association website. I have nothing against individual Russian players, provided they don't support Putin, but this is one more way of getti...

Started 03/02/22 at 16:22:03 by Ken Neat
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41 2207 Last Post 04/16/22 at 12:21:58
By: cathexis
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Message from Dragon Expert Mikhail Golubev
Our Ukrainian army and Odesa people are prepared to defend the city and we are continuing all necessary preparations. Odesa will stay strong! The situation is tense. I’m directly involved in supportin...

Started 03/18/22 at 18:58:07 by Victor Reppert
7 620 Last Post 03/23/22 at 23:27:59
By: Mikhail_Golubev
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Karjakin's Ethics Violations
Russia and Belarus banned from holding world chess events, Karjakin to face ethics case
Russia, the biggest superpower in chess, has been effectively banned from the game it considers its own, al...

Started 03/01/22 at 08:58:29 by TopNotch
5 470 Last Post 03/14/22 at 16:53:53
By: Jupp53
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Why did the Green Pepper fail at Archery?
Because it didn't habanero.

Started 03/13/22 at 01:17:55 by cathexis
0 131 Last Post 03/13/22 at 01:17:55
By: cathexis
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Some puns can make me numb -
But math puns make me number.

Started 03/10/22 at 17:41:50 by cathexis
0 124 Last Post 03/10/22 at 17:41:50
By: cathexis
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A Question
Q: Why should you always carry an extra pair of sox when you go golfing?
A: In case you get a hole-in-one.

Started 03/06/22 at 16:40:59 by cathexis
0 124 Last Post 03/06/22 at 16:40:59
By: cathexis
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You can never explain puns to a kleptomaniac
They take everything literally.

Started 03/03/21 at 14:18:37 by cathexis
2 580 Last Post 03/02/22 at 14:03:09
By: cathexis
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Kasparov on Ukraine
One of the best interviews on this topic I have heard so far:

Started 03/01/22 at 22:23:56 by cathexis
0 115 Last Post 03/01/22 at 22:23:56
By: cathexis
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Truely the Most Bizarre Chess Story Ever
No humor this time. But I decided to put this link here in chit-chat.
I happened on this You-Tube vid yesterday and here is the link:
Now the astute vie...

Started 02/22/22 at 14:20:53 by cathexis
0 221 Last Post 02/22/22 at 14:20:53
By: cathexis
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"Imagine You're 2400+ and Beaten by a Drunk Guy"
A quote from one of the comments to this clip of Magnus playing smashed:

Started 01/02/22 at 13:25:06 by cathexis
0 315 Last Post 01/02/22 at 13:25:06
By: cathexis
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I for one,
I for one, enjoy a good Roman Numerals pun.
Merry Christmas!

Started 12/24/21 at 15:13:27 by cathexis
1 267 Last Post 12/24/21 at 21:23:58
By: pirx
Normal Topic
How can I display my own posts?
That is,
How can I bring up a list of prior posts I made historically in order to go back over them? The Search function allows for "my own posts" but requires a search string. I just want a clic...

Started 10/06/21 at 13:38:53 by cathexis
4 620 Last Post 10/30/21 at 08:42:03
By: Jupp53
Normal Topic
GM Nona G. sues Netflix for $25Million
Just saw this and thought I'd put up a link here.
GM Nona Gaprindashvilli sues Netflix for $25 million claiming they trashed her legacy in "Queen's Gambit." I'm not sure how defamation suits work...

Started 09/29/21 at 18:21:40 by cathexis
0 360 Last Post 09/29/21 at 18:21:40
By: cathexis
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The journey is the reward
This is the english version of Der Weg ist das Ziel. Litterally translated The way is the goal.
In german it can be turned around: Das Ziel ist im Weg.. This means the goal is blocking to progres...

Started 07/31/21 at 12:03:50 by Jupp53
2 581 Last Post 07/31/21 at 20:04:08
By: Jupp53
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Words of Wisdom
"Without trying there can be no failure, since every failure begins with somebody first trying."
So true, so true,...

Started 07/28/21 at 15:09:48 by cathexis
0 309 Last Post 07/28/21 at 15:09:48
By: cathexis
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What is the difference,..
What is the difference between an Indian restaurant and a Vietnamese restaurant?
The Indian one is naan profit and the Vietnamese one is pho profit.

Started 07/22/21 at 12:35:25 by cathexis
0 342 Last Post 07/22/21 at 12:35:25
By: cathexis
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Did You Know 10+10 and 11+11 are the same?
10+10 = twenty and 11+11 = twenty too.

Started 05/22/21 at 12:54:59 by cathexis
0 543 Last Post 05/22/21 at 12:54:59
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
One of the Greatest Inventions of the 20th Century
I honestly believe one of THE greatest inventions of the 20th century has to be - the dry erase board. It truly is remarkable.

Started 05/10/21 at 14:27:00 by cathexis
2 624 Last Post 05/11/21 at 11:36:33
By: cathexis
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Understanding Begins with You!

Started 03/29/21 at 05:12:41 by cathexis
0 455 Last Post 03/29/21 at 05:12:41
By: cathexis
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