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The journey is the reward
This is the english version of Der Weg ist das Ziel. Litterally translated The way is the goal.
In german it can be turned around: Das Ziel ist im Weg.. This means the goal is blocking to progres...

Started 07/31/21 at 12:03:50 by Jupp53
2 277 Last Post 07/31/21 at 20:04:08
By: Jupp53
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Words of Wisdom
"Without trying there can be no failure, since every failure begins with somebody first trying."
So true, so true,...

Started 07/28/21 at 15:09:48 by cathexis
0 124 Last Post 07/28/21 at 15:09:48
By: cathexis
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What is the difference,..
What is the difference between an Indian restaurant and a Vietnamese restaurant?
The Indian one is naan profit and the Vietnamese one is pho profit.

Started 07/22/21 at 12:35:25 by cathexis
0 152 Last Post 07/22/21 at 12:35:25
By: cathexis
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Did You Know 10+10 and 11+11 are the same?
10+10 = twenty and 11+11 = twenty too.

Started 05/22/21 at 12:54:59 by cathexis
0 353 Last Post 05/22/21 at 12:54:59
By: cathexis
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One of the Greatest Inventions of the 20th Century
I honestly believe one of THE greatest inventions of the 20th century has to be - the dry erase board. It truly is remarkable.

Started 05/10/21 at 14:27:00 by cathexis
2 313 Last Post 05/11/21 at 11:36:33
By: cathexis
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Understanding Begins with You!

Started 03/29/21 at 05:12:41 by cathexis
0 276 Last Post 03/29/21 at 05:12:41
By: cathexis
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THIS is why you should go to Longsford, Ireland!
Here be why:

Started 03/26/21 at 23:07:13 by cathexis
1 316 Last Post 03/28/21 at 10:46:20
By: Jupp53
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A Lesson from Mark Twain
"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."

Started 03/26/21 at 16:50:42 by cathexis
0 191 Last Post 03/26/21 at 16:50:42
By: cathexis
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Chess can be cruel!
Mama! The Final Boss of chess!

Started 03/21/21 at 14:09:46 by cathexis
2 419 Last Post 03/23/21 at 02:07:40
By: cathexis
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You can never explain puns to a kleptomaniac
They take everything literally.

Started 03/03/21 at 14:18:37 by cathexis
0 261 Last Post 03/03/21 at 14:18:37
By: cathexis
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Nabokov - Lushin's Defense
This is a question to someone liking the novel. What is interesting about it, except that there is chess as content?
I have read the book twice and Imo Lushin is a ready character from the beginn...

Started 02/15/21 at 13:33:16 by Jupp53
2 490 Last Post 02/16/21 at 12:38:59
By: Jupp53
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0 335 Last Post 01/23/21 at 21:16:39
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
No Big Deal, I just love this clip!

Started 12/29/20 at 13:31:22 by cathexis
0 284 Last Post 12/29/20 at 13:31:22
By: cathexis
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UK churches won't go forward with female bishops
Because bishops always move diagonally.

Started 12/11/20 at 22:13:55 by cathexis
0 302 Last Post 12/11/20 at 22:13:55
By: cathexis
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Why Couldn't the Bicycle Stand Up?
It was two tired.

Started 11/16/20 at 19:52:08 by cathexis
0 364 Last Post 11/16/20 at 19:52:08
By: cathexis
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"The Queen's Gambit"

Started 10/19/20 at 18:59:38 by cathexis
9 1548 Last Post 11/06/20 at 13:15:47
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
Why was the work so hard at the apple pie factory?
They had a high turnover rate.

Started 10/31/20 at 15:15:00 by cathexis
0 353 Last Post 10/31/20 at 15:15:00
By: cathexis
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
English idiomatic expressions - asking for help
When reading English I stumble again and again on expressions where neither the dictionary nor a search gives help to understand what the author means. So I will ask here the native english speaking m...

Started 08/28/20 at 12:18:20 by Jupp53
14 2573 Last Post 10/18/20 at 21:56:05
By: Jupp53
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AMD Ryzen now selling a 64 core cpu
IIRC, Stockfish was designed to be able to handle a 64core.

Started 09/17/20 at 02:32:48 by cathexis
2 665 Last Post 10/02/20 at 14:19:36
By: cathexis
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Food for Thought
Long ago in Ancient China there lived a man who made his living as a monkey trainer. He kept a large cage of monkeys behind his home and he would try to tame and train them. The best would be used to ...

Started 09/06/20 at 12:29:39 by cathexis
4 830 Last Post 09/08/20 at 12:43:05
By: cathexis
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