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Happy New Years chess friends!!
Happy New Years!
What chess thing in 2024 are you looking forward to the most? An event? A book? A challenge?

Started 01/01/24 at 18:04:15 by trw
2 445 Last Post 01/02/24 at 23:56:10
By: Nernstian59
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What Do You Call a Bunch of Chess Players...
Q: What do you call a bunch of chess players in a hotel lobby?
A: Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.

Started 11/27/23 at 13:39:46 by cathexis
2 487 Last Post 11/29/23 at 13:46:38
By: cathexis
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New Fischer Biography
A new Fischer biography, this time in the form of a graphic novel, is scheduled to be published in April by Abrams Comicart.  Titled Black & White - The Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer, the book is wri...

Started 01/26/23 at 21:39:10 by Nernstian59
10 1301 Last Post 08/28/23 at 18:27:42
By: Nernstian59
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Naughty! Naughty!
WGM Dina Balenkaya. See here:
Her Wiki page:
Hmmmm Roll Eyes

Started 03/03/23 at 17:44:48 by cathexis
2 363 Last Post 08/28/23 at 18:23:30
By: AndyFeng35
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Garry Kasparov in Graphic Novel
Garry Kasparov will be appearing in Blitz, a chess-themed graphic novel from Ablaze Publishing slated for release in September.  The book cover on the publisher's site shows a prominent image of GK al...

Started 04/17/22 at 20:03:50 by Nernstian59
4 1125 Last Post 04/08/23 at 16:26:46
By: Uhohspaghettio
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FWIW: A Sale You Might Like
Hey folks!
This is just a head's up - NOT a sales attempt. Thechessworld site is having a huge sale on vids. Vol. 1-182 as downloads for $97 US. So, less than .50 cents per title...

Started 03/13/23 at 13:29:49 by cathexis
0 269 Last Post 03/13/23 at 13:29:49
By: cathexis
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Guess the Opening!
A remarkably neutral book blurb for an upcoming book. Can you guess the opening and author?
The [OPENING] arises after the opening moves [...], and is an ideal weapon based on sound principles of...

Started 01/11/23 at 14:14:11 by Kerangali
2 482 Last Post 01/11/23 at 15:50:31
By: Kerangali
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A smart trick
I was thinking of ways we could keep re-using deals and offers, but unfortunately some require a phone number and we can't keep re-using a phone number, so I did some research and it turns out you can...

Started 12/05/22 at 03:58:04 by IssyLA
0 326 Last Post 12/05/22 at 03:58:04
By: IssyLA
Normal Topic
Be Careful What You Ask For
An elderly couple is out to dinner to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and also having 10 children.
But the old man is agitated and restless. Finally, he asks his elderly wife,
"I hate to ...

Started 08/27/22 at 12:24:12 by cathexis
0 456 Last Post 08/27/22 at 12:24:12
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
Spassky Tells a Joke About Korchnoi
You may have seen this, but it is still funny:
And here's a link to Spassky making fun of Karpov:<br ...

Started 06/12/22 at 13:47:43 by cathexis
2 837 Last Post 06/14/22 at 23:25:25
By: cathexis
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Message from Dragon Expert Mikhail Golubev
Our Ukrainian army and Odesa people are prepared to defend the city and we are continuing all necessary preparations. Odesa will stay strong! The situation is tense. I’m directly involved in supportin...

Started 03/18/22 at 18:58:07 by Victor Reppert
7 1777 Last Post 03/23/22 at 23:27:59
By: Mikhail_Golubev
Normal Topic
Karjakin's Ethics Violations
Russia and Belarus banned from holding world chess events, Karjakin to face ethics case
Russia, the biggest superpower in chess, has been effectively banned from the game it considers its own, al...

Started 03/01/22 at 08:58:29 by TopNotch
5 1272 Last Post 03/14/22 at 16:53:53
By: Jupp53
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Why did the Green Pepper fail at Archery?
Because it didn't habanero.

Started 03/13/22 at 01:17:55 by cathexis
0 486 Last Post 03/13/22 at 01:17:55
By: cathexis
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Some puns can make me numb -
But math puns make me number.

Started 03/10/22 at 17:41:50 by cathexis
0 406 Last Post 03/10/22 at 17:41:50
By: cathexis
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A Question
Q: Why should you always carry an extra pair of sox when you go golfing?
A: In case you get a hole-in-one.

Started 03/06/22 at 16:40:59 by cathexis
0 424 Last Post 03/06/22 at 16:40:59
By: cathexis
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Kasparov on Ukraine
One of the best interviews on this topic I have heard so far:

Started 03/01/22 at 22:23:56 by cathexis
0 371 Last Post 03/01/22 at 22:23:56
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
Truely the Most Bizarre Chess Story Ever
No humor this time. But I decided to put this link here in chit-chat.
I happened on this You-Tube vid yesterday and here is the link:
Now the astute vie...

Started 02/22/22 at 14:20:53 by cathexis
0 553 Last Post 02/22/22 at 14:20:53
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
"Imagine You're 2400+ and Beaten by a Drunk Guy"
A quote from one of the comments to this clip of Magnus playing smashed:

Started 01/02/22 at 13:25:06 by cathexis
0 635 Last Post 01/02/22 at 13:25:06
By: cathexis
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I for one,
I for one, enjoy a good Roman Numerals pun.
Merry Christmas!

Started 12/24/21 at 15:13:27 by cathexis
1 562 Last Post 12/24/21 at 21:23:58
By: pirx
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How can I display my own posts?
That is,
How can I bring up a list of prior posts I made historically in order to go back over them? The Search function allows for "my own posts" but requires a search string. I just want a clic...

Started 10/06/21 at 13:38:53 by cathexis
4 1070 Last Post 10/30/21 at 08:42:03
By: Jupp53
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