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6 Be2, 6 Bc4, 6 g3, Levenfish [B70-74]
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classical dragon sideline
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 g6 6. Be2 Bg7 7. Be3 0-0 8. g4 (!?). None of the dragon books i have seem to discuss this line, and my abridged ECO (2nd edition) also does not mention t...

Started 02/01/09 at 02:00:22 by anthonydoncordova
8 11454 Last Post 05/30/09 at 08:49:18
By: will smith
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Hi i like playing the Bg5 vs the Najdorf and was wandering if any of my fellow players play Bg5 agaisnt the dragon and what are the ideas?
Thanks for your time and godbless.

Started 08/28/05 at 21:53:44 by basqueknight (Ex Member)
2 1827 Last Post 08/29/05 at 17:46:26
By: roastednuts
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Classical Dragon
I was wondering if you guys could help a brother out i want to start playing the white side of the classical dragon. No more Yugoslav i want to surprise some people. Does any one know of a good site t...

Started 06/06/05 at 23:46:50 by basqueknight (Ex Member)
5 2625 Last Post 06/07/05 at 05:22:36
By: MNb
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New possible trend
After playing at ICC after a long inactive time I noticed a new trend.
When I played White vs serveral different Najdorf players they often transposed to Dragon after Be2 allowing me to play my W...

Started 08/23/13 at 10:53:12 by bragesjo
1 5482 Last Post 08/23/13 at 22:40:09
By: MNb
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B70 Giri - Hou
Since there is not that much activery at this forum I post a game I saw tody that was played yesterday in the Tata Steel torunament,
[pgn][Event "75th Tata Steel GpA"]
[Site "Wijk aan Zee NED"...|/pgn]

Started 01/19/13 at 12:38:00 by bragesjo
0 2673 Last Post 01/19/13 at 12:37:59
By: bragesjo
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B70: Interesting game in g3 system
Discovered this game today from Swedish championships, junior class. Black plays very aggresive agianst g3 system and tries to mate white in usual white yugoslav attack style with h5 h4 etc. White won...

Started 07/09/10 at 09:49:30 by bragesjo
4 5718 Last Post 09/10/11 at 09:26:06
By: bragesjo
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Possilbe new Dragon trend
It looks like the Dragon is in excellent shape at higher levels since both Anand and Shirov played this line
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 g6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nc6 5. Nc3 Bg7 6. Be3 Nf6 7. Bc4 O-O 8. Bb3 d6 ...

Started 05/13/09 at 11:59:26 by bragesjo
1 3109 Last Post 05/13/09 at 19:49:35
By: DragonKnight
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New idea in Levinfish (6 f4)
Lets discuss this line. any comments? This variantio creates a more complicated position than 6 __ Nc6 that can become realy boring.
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6
5. Nc3 g6 6. f4...

Started 09/08/08 at 13:19:04 by bragesjo
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5 5548 Last Post 09/09/08 at 09:22:33
By: bragesjo
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More Classical Dragon
In the classical approach to the classical Dragon Fritz 9 suggest a novelty 15..  g5
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Be3 Bg7 7.Be2 0–0 8.0–0 Nc6 9.Nb3 Be6 10.f4 Qc8 11.h3 Rd8 12....

Started 04/25/06 at 17:23:38 by Bragesjo(Guest) (Guest)
8 4586 Last Post 05/30/06 at 01:55:25
By: MNb
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Classical Dragon - where to start? (books etc.)
Hi all - first of all I admit having not read the threads of this section, so please direct me if necessary to useful threads/posts.
For a few years now I am contemplating including the Classical...

Started 12/14/15 at 12:47:17 by chk
8 11604 Last Post 05/04/16 at 21:14:33
By: MNb
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Dragon with 6. Bd3
whats the idea behind 6. Bd3 in the "normal" Dragon (1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Sc3 g6 6. Bd3)? In my opinion bishop has to go to e2 or c4 ...
Regards, e2e4

Started 10/04/06 at 11:04:25 by e2e4
1 2854 Last Post 10/04/06 at 19:44:01
By: bragesjo
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A modern way of classical dragon
how about this line:
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 g6 6. Be2 Bg7 7. Be3
White waits with 0-0.
7... O-O
Black should maybe wait too and wait with 7. S...

Started 04/21/06 at 09:11:58 by e2e4
4 2717 Last Post 04/26/06 at 04:37:01
By: rooksway18
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
1.e4.c5 2. nf3d6 3.d4cd 4.nd4 nf6 5. nc3 g6 6be2 bg7 7.00 nc6 8nb3 00 9re1 a6 10.bf1 b5 11 nd5 e6 (nd7 12bg5 h6 bh4 g5 bg3 e6 may be better)12nf6 bf6 13 c3 qc7 14bh6 rd8 15qf3 be7 16qg3 e5 17 f4 ef 18...

Started 07/11/05 at 06:37:05 by eric_moskow
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28 11961 Last Post 07/14/05 at 20:48:59
By: eric_moskow
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Early Bg5 in dragon
So I see that the limited analysis on 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Bg5 ... is generally dubbed "ok for black" with the simple 6..Bg7.
But in the main line Soltis variation doe...

Started 07/02/08 at 20:08:19 by everalexfor
3 3779 Last Post 07/03/08 at 22:57:29
By: bragesjo
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Classical dragon question
After searching the dragon forum it became obvious to me that most of that posts were geared toward the Yugoslav attack, which is logical because it is the most aggresive and the most controversal of ...

Started 06/22/07 at 01:27:29 by everalexfor
5 5123 Last Post 07/07/07 at 22:58:06
By: thibdb13
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Classical Dragon
I've just started to play Sicilian, and really like to get into the dragon. Just know studying Wards last book on it. I have also picked up some anti-sicilian books to cover up alternate white approac...

Started 04/18/04 at 06:09:29 by Faja
1 1815 Last Post 04/29/04 at 18:45:21
By: Faya (Guest)
Normal Topic
Last sunday I played the dragon and my opponent "surprised" me with 6.Be2. We played a short game, which ended in a draw, because I wasn´t content with my position.
At home, I wanted to check my ...

Started 10/15/12 at 10:48:13 by gewgaw
6 6167 Last Post 10/16/12 at 13:24:35
By: bragesjo
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Dragon 6.g3
I played a game against R. Vasquez (2558), he surprised me with:
6.g3 Nc6 7.Bg2 Nd4 8.Qd4 Bg7 9.a4!? 0-0 10.a5!? Bd7 11. Qb4 with some pressure on my queenside;
up to this game I di...

Started 08/04/05 at 11:49:57 by gewgaw
6 2946 Last Post 08/10/05 at 21:12:57
By: MNb
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6.Bg5,7.Bb5+ system
I know Ward doesn't think highly of this system but Martin recently did a couple of articles on it at "".  I think its quite dangerous.  I recently started reviewing some of the recomm...

Started 03/20/04 at 23:12:01 by Glenn Snow
10 8321 Last Post 01/12/09 at 11:17:13
By: bragesjo
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Classical Dragon with Qd2
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 g6 6. Be2 Bg7 7. Be3 Nc6 8. O-O O-O 9. Qd2
In this position Rogozenkos (Sicilian Dragon 1 B70-B74) and Martins (Starting out - The Sicilian Dragon...

Started 06/24/10 at 09:18:14 by joakimvitriol
3 4851 Last Post 08/09/10 at 14:07:07
By: bragesjo
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