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New ChessPub icons
Bibs wrote on 07/03/14 at 07:50:05:
I suggest reducing the size of the speech bubbles down the left margin. 50%. Huge, currently overpowering. Just bad design.

Or what about replacing them entirely with chess-related icons? Cheesy<br /...

Started 08/31/14 at 22:18:15 by GMTonyKosten
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28 16029 Last Post 09/30/14 at 16:34:03
By: Stefan Buecker
Sticky Topic
Forum reorganisation
I'm sure everyone will have noticed that the Forum has been totally reorganised with all major openings having their own sub-board now. Smiley
If anyone has any suggestions for any more sub-boards th...

Started 09/16/14 at 21:42:12 by GMTonyKosten
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18 10248 Last Post 01/29/18 at 14:37:47
By: Keano
Sticky Topic
The Forum is back!
As you can see the Forum is finally back! Smiley
We had enormous problems getting the new software to work on our servers, and then had difficulties converting all the old messages to the new format ...

Started 01/23/06 at 15:59:47 by GMTonyKosten
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59 23139 Last Post 02/16/19 at 16:38:54
By: msiipola
Sticky Topic
New tools buttons
I can reduce screen clutter a bit by having two drop-down lists by the posts and threads: 'Post Tools' and 'Topic Tools'.
The first is for things like 'Modify' and 'Print post', and the second 'N...

Started 09/16/14 at 10:00:19 by GMTonyKosten
4 3884 Last Post 05/15/19 at 17:48:04
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Private Forum
Is this forum open only to Chesspublishing subscribers or are all other people welcome too ?

Started 01/04/03 at 21:55:34 by hicetnunc
1 1840 Last Post 01/04/03 at 18:49:26
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
New Topics within boards
Feel free to start new topics in each board to separate different discussions.
For example if there is a topic called "Welcome" in the "French" board, and you would like to discuss a specific iss...

Started 01/05/03 at 23:58:40 by yaltmax
0 1494 Last Post 01/05/03 at 18:58:37
By: yaltmax
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Important: New forum feature "Member Map"
Dear forum members,
The new feature called "Member Map" has just been installed in this forum to enhance our little (or big) community. This new feature allows visualization of the locations of t...

Started 01/07/03 at 02:54:48 by yaltmax
3 3315 Last Post 01/10/03 at 10:28:13
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
New Forum!
Well, welcome to our new Forum. I guess if you have come so far then the fact that we have a new Forum is hardly news to you! Smiley
There are plenty of exciting projects planned for the future, we h...

Started 01/04/03 at 07:39:58 by GMTonyKosten
3 2720 Last Post 01/15/03 at 21:06:58
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
Does anyone have a email address to contact support at the chess channel?The one they have provided doesn't seem to work.
Best regards,

Started 01/25/03 at 22:53:33 by texastuna
1 1647 Last Post 01/25/03 at 22:14:56
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
To attach a chess file at the forum
mr. Administrator,
                           Is possible to attach a chess file at this forum? thank in advance for your answer,
Best regards,

Started 02/18/03 at 19:44:28 by Fratenben
1 1704 Last Post 02/18/03 at 16:30:05
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
Member's status
I have been asked many times about this "member's status" feature of this forum. So, Let me explain it here for everybody else Smiley
Basicaly, your status shows up in your mini-profile below your ha...

Started 02/19/03 at 18:05:43 by yaltmax
0 1328 Last Post 02/19/03 at 13:05:42
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
Opening codes
Chesspub. uses the ECO-codes for the openings; I guess it is a normal habit in the chessworld. Personally Wink I prefer the NIC-codes, because they are far more clear and flexibel: as openingtheory deve...

Started 04/01/03 at 13:46:26 by Raspje
3 1820 Last Post 04/01/03 at 13:21:11
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
Member Map
I noticed with interest the Member Map feature.  I select the USA map, but alas! I wasn't included.  I've been a member for 4-5 weeks and I double checked that my profile says "USA".
I guess I'm ...

Started 05/01/03 at 18:01:04 by GonzalezJ
2 1815 Last Post 05/01/03 at 16:28:38
By: GonzalezJ
Normal Topic
1000+ messages
Dear Forum members and guests,
I would like to let you know and congratulate on the very important mark in our forum... we have reached 1000 messages posted in the forum since...

Started 07/02/03 at 12:06:06 by yaltmax
0 1513 Last Post 07/02/03 at 12:06:05
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
No more section notifications within the forum
As it was suggested by one of our forum readers, the messages with info that a particular section on the main website is updated will no longer be posted within the forum....

Started 09/08/03 at 05:36:55 by yaltmax
0 1378 Last Post 09/08/03 at 05:36:54
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
Register in Forum
Register for free in our forum and benefit from great features!
I have been unable to any info on the difference of registering and not.
I know i must be looking in the wrong place so please...

Started 10/01/03 at 20:40:03 by dilligaf
2 1411 Last Post 10/09/03 at 15:04:00
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
member map
How often is the member map updated?  I followed the procedures to have myself added (and maybe even correctly) but it doesn't show up on the member map.  Also, I see you have a color for male and a c...

Started 10/09/03 at 05:28:36 by Glenn Snow
3 1733 Last Post 10/17/03 at 19:27:45
By: Glenn Snow
Normal Topic
Status of authors
Was just looking at one of the posts by Lane (I think it was Lane) and I noticed he was listed as a Junior member here.  Imho the people who write for each of the opening catergories should have an au...

Started 11/28/03 at 01:58:42 by Glenn Snow
0 977 Last Post 11/27/03 at 20:58:41
By: Glenn Snow
Normal Topic
Moderator Position
Ok, while I'm being picky, let me mention that alumbrado and AmateurDragoneer should be listed as "Moderators" under the "Position" column on the member list.  Thanks,  Roll Eyes

Started 11/30/03 at 23:44:08 by Glenn Snow
1 1385 Last Post 12/04/03 at 10:13:02
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
URL to game viewer in posts
I have just discover one PHP script on Chesskit forum...and I would like to know if it might  be used in Chesspublishing forum posts.
I have read YaBB FAQ and i have not seen any resctricted usag...

Started 02/11/04 at 12:27:06 by dom
0 929 Last Post 02/11/04 at 07:27:05
By: dom
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