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Trompovsky  (2 Viewing)
[A45] & Pseudo-Tromp [D00]
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67 758 Last Post 04/12/21 at 23:23:10
In: Re: How strong are Black'...
By: TopNotch
Torre Attack [D03] [A46-48]

16 118 Last Post 09/01/18 at 19:59:26
In: Re: Terrible play... some...
By: Stigma
London  (3 Viewing)
London System 2 Nf3 & 3 Bf4, Neo-London System 2 Bf4 inc. Jobova-Prié Attack [A45-48, D00, D02]

90 915 Last Post 03/04/21 at 14:36:50
In: Re: The Agile London Syst...
By: an ordinary chessplayer
2 Nc3 [D01]

26 332 Last Post 05/01/20 at 19:22:45
In: Re: Opinions wanted on th...
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Colle. Colle-Zukertort Attack & Anti-Colle [A47-8, D02, D04-05]

45 641 Last Post 03/10/20 at 02:06:56
In: Re: Kingside fianchetto a...
By: LeeRoth
BDG  (2 Viewing)
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit [D00]
Moderators: CraigEvans, Bibs
108 3989 Last Post 08/03/18 at 11:57:39
In: Re: c5 against the Blackm...
By: Gambit
Barry Attack & Vorotnikov-Kogan-Hebden Attack [D00]

7 107 Last Post 11/13/16 at 18:03:02
In: Re: Spectacular Game in t...
By: abrahampayton
d-Pawn Specials d-Pawn Specials
Tromp, Colle, London, Torre, Veresov, BDG, Barry etc. [A45-49 & D00-05] with IM Richard Palliser
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Hello, welcome to the d-Pawn Specials!

Started 01/04/03 at 12:47:56 by GM Aaron Summerscale (Guest)
3 3231 Last Post 04/12/03 at 16:55:19
By: bb (Guest)
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Aaron's last update (?????)
Who will doing Aaron's d-Pawn Specials from now on?
Thank you!

Started 05/30/03 at 03:29:49 by Ross Smith (Guest)
2 2724 Last Post 05/30/03 at 17:15:16
By: yaltmax
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
So who will be replacing GM Summerscale?
Any possibility of getting a Tromp expert like Julian Hodgson?
(Inquiring minds want to know  Grin  )

Started 05/30/03 at 03:00:04 by Mike Thomas
10 6343 Last Post 06/17/03 at 17:08:45
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
Welcome GM Eric Prie!
Welcome GM Eric Prie who is now the head of the d-pawn specials!

Started 06/18/03 at 15:07:56 by yaltmax
6 7383 Last Post 07/18/03 at 06:47:10
By: GMTonyKosten
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Paleface attack
Does anyone know anything about the moves:
1.d4 Nf6 f3!?
I'm making the assumption that the game will stay away from BDG territory and in independent lines...Any thoughts on this move?  Per...

Started 12/01/03 at 21:32:23 by nexirae
11 9620 Last Post 05/10/04 at 08:56:40
By: flaviddude
Normal Topic
Need advice on Torre/Veresov repetoire
I just picked up Nigel Davies' excellent book "The Veresov".  It's a great introduction.  I'm interested in using this opening against queen's pawn defenses.  Does anyone have any good web-links where...

Started 05/17/04 at 02:35:36 by FusterCluck
4 4556 Last Post 07/28/04 at 18:00:03
By: Andrew Aaboe (Guest)
Normal Topic
Eric's Repertoire
Looking at some of your recent games, I noticed that after 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5 d5 you have played 3.e3 in all three games where the position occured in the ChessBase database.
Do you not ha...

Started 08/13/04 at 11:33:45 by RedIvan
2 2793 Last Post 09/17/04 at 15:24:57
By: Markovich
Normal Topic
The Stonewall Attack vs KID setup
I am having problems trying to solve for white an early e5 by black in a King's Indian setup while playing the Stonewall Attack. It appears that move knocks out white's d4/f4 bind. Any solutions?<br /...

Started 10/10/04 at 18:07:09 by Little Guppy
4 4520 Last Post 10/11/04 at 17:36:55
By: tracke
Normal Topic
Nimzo/QID player facing Colle/Torre
As a nimzo player I have problems facing 2.Nf3. I would like to play 2...e6 to be able to transpose into a QID or a Nimzo/QID hybrid. However, 2.Nf3 is often played to avoid just this and instead play...

Started 06/28/04 at 12:06:03 by Lobachevsky (Guest)
5 4173 Last Post 10/31/04 at 05:15:33
By: Lobachevsky
Normal Topic
1.d4 e6 2.Nf3 c5
While reading Burgess' strategic introduction in his book "The Gambit Guide to the Torre Attack" I found "Another question for White is how to reply to 2...c5".  He then goes on to explain White's var...

Started 05/31/04 at 09:20:16 by Glenn Snow
5 3184 Last Post 11/05/04 at 05:28:37
By: elspringer
Normal Topic
Has any one ever tried there own d pawn system or combined a few systems to play  there own opening ala coffee house.
I think its interesting to find new ways of looking at the opening and when ...

Started 01/20/05 at 13:15:25 by Ormechea (Ex Member)
0 1547 Last Post 01/20/05 at 08:15:24
By: Ormechea - Ex Member
Normal Topic
Problem with BDG/London/Barry e-book
For some reason, I can't seem to open the BDG/London/Barry pdf e-book, which is a bit annoying Sad
Can anybody fix it?!

Started 02/10/05 at 12:45:17 by alumbrado
2 2156 Last Post 02/12/05 at 03:03:25
By: GMTonyKosten
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Okay, folks! How about a real interesting way to crush the Bird's Opening, 1 f4  ?  Here are some of my games.
  Andrey Manin - Zilbermints
  4 Rated Games Tonight!
   Marshall Chess C...

Started 02/04/05 at 19:18:34 by Lev D. Zilbermints (Guest)
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15 8329 Last Post 02/18/05 at 09:01:17
By: Lev D. Zilbermints (Guest)
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Gibben's Gambit
I took a quick look to see if this had been discussed before and didn't find any topic's devoted to it.  I guess that's not too surprising since the gambit is almost certainly unsound.  In case your n...

Started 02/21/05 at 01:12:19 by Glenn Snow
11 5158 Last Post 02/28/05 at 10:59:34
By: Dragonslayer
Normal Topic
KID vs. d-pawn specials
I want to adopt Yrjola & Tella's proposed repertoire in An Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire for Black against 1 d4 (which consists of 1 ... d6), but I don't like their plan against 1 d4 d6 2 Nf3, wh...

Started 03/04/05 at 03:07:35 by HgMan
1 1718 Last Post 03/04/05 at 05:27:03
By: alumbrado
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
1.d4, e6;
   Hi all,
it is a short time that I start playing the Trompowsky and till I like it a lot!
   Last week I played some games against a French fanatic who always played 1..., e6  ??? leaving ...

Started 09/15/03 at 09:22:06 by Sandro
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20 10610 Last Post 03/04/05 at 18:16:16
By: Willempie
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
How do d-pawn special players meet the Dutch?
How do players who play "D-pawn specials" openings meet the dutch (or dutch setups); particularly a Leningrad-style setup (f5, d6, g6, Bg7, Nf6, etc.)? Is there a particular move order that players ha...

Started 11/21/03 at 00:38:19 by AmateurDragoneer
11 6128 Last Post 04/28/05 at 14:21:09
By: ArKheiN
Normal Topic
Question for Andrew Martin
I sent an email to Chess and received a reply that they would not forward my question because I was not a "subscriber". I posted this question on the "D-pawn Specials" forum about a mon...

Started 05/11/05 at 15:45:15 by Topher (Guest)
2 2250 Last Post 05/13/05 at 11:12:19
By: Andrew Martin (Guest)
Normal Topic
What happened here?
I just came in this d-Pawn section and I have seen that most of the threads from 2005 have been deleted, and only in this section I think! Now I have 95 % of my messages deleted (about 200). I just wo...

Started 11/22/05 at 14:32:51 by ArKheiN
2 2175 Last Post 11/23/05 at 20:05:55
By: urusov
Normal Topic
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 c5 ...
in the last 2 weeks my opponents in online-chess played this system very often.
Is it a new trend ?!
I will avoid the d5-lines, so what is the best for white to play ???

Started 02/15/06 at 22:40:05 by Sinatra(Guest) (Guest)
6 3322 Last Post 03/05/06 at 04:47:29
By: Gambit
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