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Rook Endings
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In: Re: R+3P vs R+2P Shen - H...
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Endgame theory & discussion!
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Q & P vs. Q article (basic, featuring Foisor-Krush
Some may be interested in this piece I've just written for It is rather basic but you may not be familiar with all the positions I use as examples.

Started 04/10/19 at 19:09:17 by proustiskeen
1 103 Last Post 04/10/19 at 21:06:04
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Theory of corresponding squares in pawn endgames
Is there a resource that can clearly explain theory of corresponding squares in pawn endgames ¿
I tried reading pawn book by Müller and the big tome by Аверб[c...

Started 04/10/19 at 00:53:49 by Leon_Trotsky
1 83 Last Post 04/10/19 at 03:20:39
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Endgame Strategy for Beginners
My biggest weakness right now is coming up with a strategy and finding common ideas like invading with my king and exploiting weaknesses in the endgame. What are some good endgame strategy books for a...

Started 02/28/19 at 01:37:59 by iiPlasma
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23 932 Last Post 03/19/19 at 22:28:10
By: RoleyPoley
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Technical, strategical or tactical?
If you wanted to choose one area of study to improve your playing strength asap, which would it be - Endgame Strategy, Endgame tactics or technical endgames?

Started 10/29/18 at 13:35:18 by buddho
2 889 Last Post 10/29/18 at 15:34:21
By: Stigma
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Online Studies
Hi, I used to love Afek's weekly studies on Chessvibes. Unfortunately, since he stopped his collaboration - guess that it's not glamorous enough for -, I've had a hard time finding a good re...

Started 05/12/18 at 07:51:45 by nocteus
4 1535 Last Post 06/02/18 at 22:34:28
By: Jupp53
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Müller/Konoval on Minor Pieces
Russell Enterprises has announced a new endgame book:
Understanding Minor Piece Endgames 
by Karsten Müller and Yakov Konoval , Foreword by Jacob Aagaard
Print or Ebook , 376 pages , $30 , December 2018...

Started 04/28/18 at 12:51:41 by tracke
0 648 Last Post 04/28/18 at 12:51:41
By: tracke
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A difficult rook endgame
[Event "Thematic tournament"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2017"]
[White "AndyAndyO"]
[Black "tsmenace"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "C33"]
[PlyCount "121"]
1. e4 e5 ...

Started 02/06/18 at 15:38:59 by Jonathan Tait
12 2680 Last Post 02/12/18 at 09:44:58
By: Jonathan Tait
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Endgame of the fortnight (August 1-15)
Hi all!
I'm sorry that my free time is about to be reduced to zero due to the start of school. YAY!  HOORAY! Grin (I guess you can tell I'm a teacher and not one of the prisoners.   I mean students.  We...

Started 08/06/05 at 02:12:44 by Smyslov_Fan
4 4632 Last Post 11/29/17 at 19:52:25
By: Jupp53
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A statistical analysis of amateur endgame position
Hi all,
First time poster, here. I thought I'd share a large-scale statistical exercise I just ran. (Props to BigGreenShrek for giving me the idea.)
Any thoughts on the protocol or on the re...

Started 11/10/17 at 01:51:39 by dudeski_robinson
1 1624 Last Post 11/10/17 at 02:50:22
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Rook endings, Mednis or Emms?
Have read up this topic as much as possible here and elsewhere, Mednis "Practical Rook Endings" or Emms "The Survival Guide to Rook Endings" would seem to be the best way to go for me with the former ...

Started 08/28/17 at 01:45:25 by passiffity
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25 7819 Last Post 09/26/17 at 04:02:49
By: passiffity
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B+2P vs 4P Baburin - Daly, Limerick 1994
This was analyzed by Baburin in Informant 63, and revisited by Dan Scoones in the British Columbia Chess Federation email bulletin no.191, 2010.06.02.

Started 09/14/17 at 22:23:08 by an ordinary chessplayer
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1 984 Last Post 09/14/17 at 23:17:06
By: Keano
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very interesting endgame K+2N vs K+p
Hello everybody!
I wanna to share with You this endgame which I first saw in "Fundamental Chess Endings"by Muller and Lamprecht.
  At first sight it's a bit surprising but King and two knigh...

Started 09/08/07 at 13:22:34 by Chwileulotne85
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15 7283 Last Post 08/28/17 at 22:12:20
By: IMJohnCox
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Endgame Improvement
I am the absolute worst endgame player you've ever heard of, and I need your help! I'm a 1900 USCF adult player who has improved mostly by tactical problems. Over the past year I've really i...

Started 10/29/07 at 08:27:11 by StuntLinguist
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60 34762 Last Post 08/21/17 at 07:59:39
By: TN
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Please help?
Black;  Kg4  Pg5
White;  Kf2   Qg7 Bh7
White plays and mates in 2 moves, does anyone know the answer  Wink

Started 11/03/03 at 03:41:11 by Ross Smith (Guest)
3 2344 Last Post 07/09/17 at 19:57:12
By: RoleyPoley
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B v B Spassky - R.Byrne, m(6) 1974
This is from Leonard Barden, How to Play the Endgame in Chess (1975), diagram 122, page 75.
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *

1. f4! exf4
Giving up a pawn to try and keep the position blocke...

[b]2. gxf4 K

Started 07/04/17 at 19:17:41 by an ordinary chessplayer
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4 1968 Last Post 07/05/17 at 15:25:42
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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What constitutes a cook of an endgame study?
What constitutes a cook of a formal endgame study?  Specifically, if there is an alternative, albeit inferior (more moves to mate) solution, isn't it still cooked?  This is my understanding but please...

Started 06/28/17 at 10:20:33 by George Jempty
6 1732 Last Post 06/28/17 at 21:30:05
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Q and rook-P versus Q
Hello: Watching a Mueller DVD and he can be very frustrating sometimes. Anyone recommend a resource that could explain this endgame (preferably an online resource).
I understand one defense is f...

Started 03/29/17 at 14:43:28 by Gerry1970
2 1666 Last Post 03/29/17 at 23:04:26
By: Gerry1970
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Is this endgame completely won?
This endgame arises after the supposedly refuted Qa5 dragon. It seems like White is obviously better and the engines give him a pretty good evaluation (about 0.90+) however the only endgame I could fi...

Started 11/01/16 at 15:16:42 by AntonioAg
8 3800 Last Post 01/06/17 at 20:41:43
By: Uhohspaghettio
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Poll: Can you win against a lone Rook with your Queen?
I am interested to know how many can actually pull this off. And the position is of course the hardest to win.
Moderator's Note:  Edited the title slightly.
S_F March 3, 2010

Started 03/01/10 at 18:26:07 by Rebel-Yell
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29 25611 Last Post 07/23/16 at 17:18:04
By: Grimmell73
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Bishop Pair vs The Exchange
[pgn][Event "7"]
[Site "Pau"]
[Date "1988.??.??"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Yannick Berthelot"]
[Black "Glenn Flear"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[ECO "C30"]
[SetUp "1"]
An unbalances position has arisen straight out of the opening, in which with an open centre, Black has a pawn and the bishop pair for the exchange. Is it enough compensation?

Started 05/23/15 at 05:44:54 by Nordlandia
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18 11712 Last Post 07/15/16 at 10:13:48
By: Keano
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