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By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Is a bad bishop really that bad?
Konstantinopolsky – Shtern 1965 (corr.)
The game went:
1…Bd6 2.g4 f5 3.gxf5 gxf5 4.Kf3 Be5 5.Bf4 Bd4 6.Bc7 1-0
In their book “Modern Endgame Practice” (Batsford, 2003), GMs Alexan...

Started 01/16/07 at 17:10:31 by Ptero
6 2511 Last Post 01/19/07 at 09:26:41
By: VladimirX
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Radjabov-Karjakin, Corus round 2
Following Radjabov-Karjakin today, I was expecting an easy victory for Radjabov.  Karjakin's defense (drawing the game) is instructive:
[size=16][color=#003300]                               after 35...h6

[color=#003300]36.h4 Rd2 37.Qe8+...

Started 01/14/07 at 20:33:37 by OstapBender
7 3723 Last Post 01/17/07 at 15:19:03
By: Willempie
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Psakhis-Lerner 1986 curiosity
Psakhis-Lerner, Moscow, 1986, 1/2-1/2
I was going through this amazing endgame (see game PGN below)
Here the annotator claimed that black can also draw with 60...a3 61.g7 b3 62.g8Q ...

Started 01/02/07 at 19:09:04 by Ptero
2 1877 Last Post 01/06/07 at 10:35:22
By: Ptero
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Nakamura-Gelfand, ACP Rapid World Cup
                        ACP Rapid World Cup
Position from a game played a few hours ago - White to move.
White should win here, right?
Here Nakamur...

Started 01/05/07 at 21:03:24 by OstapBender
1 1512 Last Post 01/05/07 at 23:46:08
By: OstapBender
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Smirin-Shirov, ACP Rapid World Cup
Another endgame from the ACP Rapid earlier today:
                     ACP Rapid World Cup
                            after 31...Ra5
Somehow Shirov won this ending (which I imagine shoud b...

Started 01/05/07 at 21:48:21 by OstapBender
0 1161 Last Post 01/05/07 at 21:48:21
By: OstapBender
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Even Fischer blundered in pawn-endgames
The following position occured in Fischer-Letellier, Mar del Plata 1959


8/8/p2k2p1/1pp5/P3KP2/1P6/6P1/8 w - -
Now white should play either 1.g4 or 1.a5
Instead he produced the terrible mov...

Started 12/10/06 at 20:23:13 by micawber
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18 10624 Last Post 12/25/06 at 14:20:50
By: Smyslov_Fan
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Learning B + B + K vs K Technique Waste of Time??
This isn't really an important post, but I was just wanted to know if my basic opinion of two bishop checkmates is correct.  I think I have gotten my tactics up to around 1500 level and today I realiz...

Started 05/27/06 at 21:37:43 by Dinomike100
7 3295 Last Post 12/23/06 at 11:46:36
By: Willempie
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Good Endgame Book for 1400-1500 player?
I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an endgame book for a player of 1400-1500 strength.  I'm mostly looking for:
a.  King and pawn endgames.
b.  General techniques for rook e...

Started 05/25/06 at 07:24:31 by Dinomike100
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18 11612 Last Post 12/17/06 at 12:07:04
By: jarih
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1000 Pawn Endings
New book by Pinter called the above, I see. That's a lot of pawn endings! Anyone seen it?

Started 12/07/06 at 11:20:53 by IMJohnCox
0 2441 Last Post 12/07/06 at 11:20:53
By: IMJohnCox
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From the Opening to the Endgame - Mednis
It's been some years since I saw that book by Mednis.
I was wondering, however...
Are there any other openings/variations which transpose into the endgame, or at least the l...

Started 07/29/06 at 01:46:36 by Dragan Glas
11 8244 Last Post 08/06/06 at 13:29:46
By: Dragan Glas
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Endgames vs. Opening
I am now fully convinced of Capablanca's statement (at least attributed to him) that the endgame is the most important phase for class players to learn, with middle games and openings being learned in...

Started 07/23/06 at 19:38:54 by Dinomike100
10 5162 Last Post 07/24/06 at 23:52:56
By: Smyslov_Fan
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Hi everyone,
As I'm willing to improve a bit by myself my endgame knowledge (and practice), I'm looking for a *.pgn file (or other extensions) with many different types of endgames position I co...

Started 02/06/06 at 03:11:17 by fianchetto
2 1823 Last Post 02/10/06 at 12:44:39
By: fianchetto
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Not the opening but PAWN ENDINGS, by Flear
I am a 2100+ player who has been a GOLD PLUS member for a few years.  I have a question for GM Flear.  I have read ALL of the Flear STARTING OUT books.  In PAWN ENDINGS, example 149 Durao-Lopez: in th...

Started 06/16/05 at 00:47:35 by mitfit
3 2192 Last Post 10/22/05 at 14:31:20
By: Fernando Semprun
Normal Topic Poll
Poll: Endgame Poll
It's been nearly two weeks, and nobody has responded to my last endgame thread.  Is it time to cut it out or do people still want them?  If we (I) continue, how can we (I) do better?   Or,...

Started 08/14/05 at 22:29:35 by Smyslov_Fan
9 4249 Last Post 08/16/05 at 16:51:41
By: kevinludwig
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I know this is mainly an openings site, but not necessarily exclusively.  What about some coverage of endings?  It doesn't do you much good to get a great game out of the opening if you don't know the...

Started 08/02/05 at 02:15:05 by bckm
1 1609 Last Post 08/01/05 at 22:36:37
By: Smyslov_Fan
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Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual
I want this book!
Does anybody know if it s available in the UK (I don't want to have to pay shipping from the US!)

Started 10/22/03 at 08:39:09 by alumbrado
3 2728 Last Post 09/05/04 at 09:06:07
By: Mortal Games (Guest)
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Basic Chess Endings
Pal Benko's revision of Fine's "Basic Chess Endings" is available.  It's nearly 600 pages long and completely updated.

Started 11/17/03 at 00:37:23 by Wwqlcw (Ex Member)
0 1689 Last Post 11/16/03 at 19:37:22
By: Wwqlcw - Ex Member
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Now for something completely different  Endgames
Has anyone at Chess Publishing considered having an endgame column?  Showing how to win / draw games where the GMs stop and class players don't understand why?    Shocked

Started 03/10/03 at 02:48:22 by Bilbo Baggins
1 1736 Last Post 03/14/03 at 12:39:57
By: garrubal
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