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Lines with ...b6: English Defence [A40 & A50], Owen's Defence [B00]
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4.Bd3 english defence
1.d4 e6 2.c4 b6 3.e4 Bb7 4.Bd3
4...Nc6 5.Ne2 Nb4 6.Nbc3 Nxd3+ 7.Qxd3 is +=
4...Bb4+ 5.Bd2 is also +=
So, does 4...f5 work? In the main line, 5.exf5 Bxg2 6.Qh5+ g6 7.fxg6 Bg7 etc, is bla...

Started 04/25/11 at 11:30:19 by slughouse
7 8152 Last Post 02/09/16 at 10:09:11
By: BenkoFan
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English Defence - Books question
Hi all,
I have a copy of Daniel King's book on the English Defence and also own Bauer's "Play 1. ..-b6". Can anyone tell me if it's useful to purchase Odessky's book on the same opening as well? ...

Started 01/15/10 at 10:41:19 by René
5 5573 Last Post 01/19/10 at 14:38:12
By: Keano
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1.e4 b6 2.d4 Bb7 3.Bd3 Nf6!? 4.Nd2! Nc6!?
Below is considered the line 1.e4 b6 2.d4 Bb7 3.Bd3 Nf6!? 4.Nd2! and now 4…Nc6!? as an alternative to the `French approach' starting out with 3…e6 and/or 4…e6.
After 4…Nc6!!? White has three v...

Started 03/17/09 at 08:27:44 by hiperburn
10 8834 Last Post 03/26/09 at 13:06:05
By: hiperburn
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English Defence repetoire, 1.d4 e6 2.Nf3
I play the French Defence mostly against 1.e4. I have enjoyed playing the English Defence against 1.d4 and 1.c4 recently, with decent results. I was never really happy with anything I'd previously pla...

Started 09/06/08 at 15:14:51 by RandomPatzer
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17 14860 Last Post 10/01/08 at 00:33:19
By: Hannes Langrock
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How good or bad is English defense ?
I saw a new book published by Russian Chess House on e6-b6 or English defense. They also claim that if white play e4, then he/she loses 7/10 games !!
What do you think ? If this defense works, no...

Started 02/23/08 at 14:44:39 by saubhikr
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20 17171 Last Post 04/29/08 at 16:06:40
By: Michael Ayton
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Dangerous line in the English Defense
After two, too easy wins in a quick tournament (15 minutes) without moving my clock, I asked myself some questions how this was possible  Roll Eyes.
1)d4 b6 2)Nc3 e6 3)e4 Bb7 4)Bd3 Bb4 5)Nge2 c5 6)a3 B...

Started 02/28/08 at 23:39:40 by pumi
5 3976 Last Post 03/21/08 at 18:35:48
By: pumi
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
I start this topic for all fans of the ENGLISH DEFENCE!
I guess we will have a lot of fun!!!
So, let's dance!

Started 01/04/03 at 23:19:22 by SutterCane
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43 31781 Last Post 02/09/08 at 02:38:22
By: MNb
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English Defence - Queen sac
In the chesspublishing August 2007 update (Daring Defences) Glenn Flear analysed Kobylkin-Pilavov
1.d4 e6 2.c4 b6 3.e4 Bb7 4.Nc3 Bb4 5.Bd3 f5 6.Qe2 Nf6 7.Bg5 fxe4 8.Bxe4 Nxe4 9.Bxd8 Nxc3 10.Qh5 g...

Started 11/15/07 at 13:11:02 by Matemax
0 2048 Last Post 11/15/07 at 13:11:01
By: Matemax
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English Defence Odessky's book
I need this book but I don't know where I can find it
Thanks in advance for any help

Started 08/22/07 at 05:31:57 by casa2022
3 3230 Last Post 08/22/07 at 10:53:51
By: casa2022
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Qf6-f4 in Owens Defense
What do folks think of Qf6-f4 in the following variations in Owens' Defense?
1. e4 b6 2. d4 Bb7 3. Nc3 e6 4. Nf3 Bb4 5. Bd3 Nf6 6. Bg5 h6 7. Bxf6 Qxf6 8. 0-0 Bxc3 9. bc Nc6 10. e5 Qf4!? (instead ...

Started 04/15/07 at 07:33:25 by thegoldenband
1 1358 Last Post 05/03/07 at 17:23:55
By: thegoldenband
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Owen Defence - late easter egg!
Owen Defence - easter egg 2007
Dear Michael,
I am sorry that I am little late with my EASTER EGG for OWEN fans.
1.  e4   b6
2.  d4   e6
3. Nf3   Bb7
4.Bd3   c5

Started 04/21/07 at 17:54:56 by SutterCane
3 2003 Last Post 04/25/07 at 17:03:18
By: SutterCane
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1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.Nc3 c5
...after I posted that I remembered that 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 g6 might be a better way to achieve the Dragadorf without allowing the GPA with 2...d6, however I still have a few concerns. I'm not Black has...

Started 12/12/06 at 00:49:46 by Glenn Snow
2 4337 Last Post 04/08/07 at 16:14:54
By: Glenn Snow
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1.e4 b6; 2.Bc4  Help Please
I'm a  D class player.  I like to play the English Defense, but when white places bishops f4 or c4 I get in trouble.   I've gotten some help in another thread with the Bf4 scheme, but I'm hop...

Started 03/15/07 at 20:31:30 by Kaissa
5 3676 Last Post 03/21/07 at 14:12:27
By: Willempie
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Need help with  3. Bf4 vs. the English Defen
I hope I'm in the right forum.  Here is the line I need help with:
1. d4   b6
2. Nf3  Bb7
3. Bf4  Nf6
4. e3
What is white's plan here?  What is the name of this line?...

Started 03/14/07 at 01:11:14 by Kaissa
8 3267 Last Post 03/15/07 at 20:28:23
By: MNb
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eBook : b6 by IM Martin
today I learned that LONDON CHESS CENTER is offering an eBook with a b6-repertoire by IM Martin.
Has anybody interested in the OWEN already downloaded this ?!

Started 02/11/07 at 19:36:19 by SutterCane
8 3986 Last Post 02/18/07 at 19:57:48
By: jeupham
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To Owen defense 's fan
Hello, I like to use the Owen for fun in blitz from time to time, and I have studied the main theory of the Owen. But there is a difficult variation, not the most played line by White but a dangerous ...

Started 11/14/05 at 14:47:05 by ArKheiN
13 5932 Last Post 02/02/07 at 10:55:37
By: Michael Ayton
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B00 1.e4 b6 Queen's Fianchetto /Nimzo Defense
Hi All,
I played the black side of this in a side game.  
1.e4 b6
2.d4 Bb7
3.Nc3 e6
4. Nf3 Bb4
5.Bd3 Nf6
6.Bg5 h6
7.Bxf6 Bxc3+
8.bxc3 Qxf6
9.0-0 0-0<b...

Started 06/19/06 at 04:06:16 by Kaissa
2 2967 Last Post 06/19/06 at 15:43:27
By: SutterCane
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Is the OWEN any good?
Is the OWEN DEFENCE any good ???

Started 05/09/06 at 03:34:20 by Surcher(Guest) (Guest)
4 2381 Last Post 05/11/06 at 10:41:18
By: photophore
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Owen Defence - The Mousetrap Gambit
Dear Owen Defence fan,
take my Easter Egg:
Happy Easter time,

Started 04/10/06 at 21:17:36 by SutterCane
2 2459 Last Post 04/11/06 at 01:05:52
By: SutterCane
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GM Bauer  "Play 1...b6" , Everyman
Owen fans asked me to publish my opinion about this brand new book. The book arrived Friday so that i had the time on weekend for a first check...
1. The nice cover is informing:
# Written b...

Started 10/31/05 at 09:16:17 by SutterCane
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22 16888 Last Post 02/21/06 at 03:42:28
By: fluffy
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