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In: Re: The Réti Opening... P...
By: MW
Symmetrical English
Symmetrical English
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In: Re: Hedgehog, endgame lin...
By: gillbod
English 1...e5
English 1...e5
King's English 1 c4 e5 [A20–29]
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In: Re: Reverse Dragon
By: MNb
English 1...Nf6
English 1...Nf6
English 1...Nf6 & others, Mikenas Attack, Nimzo-English, Pseudo-Grunfeld [A10, A13, A15-19]
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In: Re: Nimzo-English
By: mn
Bird's  (1 Viewing)
Bird's Opening 1 f4 inc. From's Gambit 1 f4 e5 [A02-03]
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In: Re: From Gambit book - qu...
By: Latvian1
Flank Openings Flank Openings
English, Réti & all Flank Openings [A00-39] with IM David Cummings
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Just wondering whats happening with the Flank Openings section because Carsten Hansen still hasn't published his October update. And his last update was very good  Cry

Started 12/08/07 at 18:34:22 by Annihilator
3 1319 Last Post 12/10/07 at 00:22:37
By: Annihilator
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Best Reply to the English
I play 1. c4 myself but I am not sure what the best reply is. However, I suspect that it's e5. This isn't really because I have trouble with the move but it's because it's the only move that takes adv...

Started 10/25/07 at 17:55:44 by exigentsky
14 3721 Last Post 12/02/07 at 03:45:24
By: JonHecht
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A strange Flank Opening
I was playing on playchess server when I met this opening.
1.h4!!??(??!!) I am not sure where this should be categorised under, but since this is a flank pawn, I put it here. Anyway, the game we...

Started 11/25/07 at 01:24:39 by sssthepro
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21 5291 Last Post 12/02/07 at 00:53:36
By: MUBAs Opponent
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Gibbins-Weidenhagen Gambit (1.d4 Nf6 2.g4?!)
I saw some comments in another thread about an early g4.  I don't know if this qualifies as a "Flank opening" or a "d4" opening.  I imagine that nobody but Gibbins and Weidenhagen (along with the auth...

Started 11/08/07 at 06:08:07 by Smyslov_Fan
3 3673 Last Post 11/09/07 at 20:54:20
By: Mike Thomas
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
New Book by Anatoly Karpov on the English
"How to Play the English Opening" by the former champ is due to be published by Batsford on Aug 10 2007 according to their website :

Started 08/09/07 at 06:08:24 by slangevar
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16 6440 Last Post 11/08/07 at 07:43:26
By: Bibs
Normal Topic
Searching for a weapon against c4 or 1.Nf3 2.c4
I am thinking of playing 1. ... c5 against c4 and Nf3.
I play the sicilian against e4. So I can play 1.Nf3 c5 2.e4
Then I do not want to play normal variations in the symmetrical english,<br...

Started 10/09/07 at 19:29:22 by Deepthought (Ex Member)
2 1012 Last Post 10/09/07 at 20:40:53
By: MNb
Normal Topic
A Simpler Life with the English and Nf3
I have a Sicilian and Nimzo/QID repertoire but I am struggling to find an easy, active, fighting choice against the transpositional 1. Nf3 and 1. c4. I'm considering c5 against both, but I don't want ...

Started 10/01/07 at 07:10:09 by exigentsky
4 1909 Last Post 10/02/07 at 07:28:47
By: Willempie
Normal Topic
Carsten's new format
I was wondering whether subscribers preferred Carsten's last two updates, where he concentrated on just one variation, to the previous ones, where he examined a selection of the most important recent ...

Started 09/29/07 at 10:46:45 by GMTonyKosten
3 1458 Last Post 09/29/07 at 19:54:24
By: TopNotch
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Okay, people. What do you think about 1 f4 h6! 2 Nf3 g5
3 fg5 hg5 4 Nxg5 d5, the Hobbs-Zilbermints Gambit?
It's a very original way to beat the Bird Opening.

Started 02/18/05 at 06:04:26 by Lev D. Zilbermints (Guest)
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96 29958 Last Post 09/16/07 at 23:07:54
By: Gambit
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
I'm learning the English.
What are the key ideas and variations of the opening?

Started 03/11/07 at 15:25:33 by whitekingster
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29 7202 Last Post 08/14/07 at 21:40:36
By: MNb
Normal Topic
Another Stategic Opening Repertoire
Is there a very specific reason why these 'strategic' opening repertoires always opt for the Reti or English move order ? (It can't be the lines of the accelerated finacheto against the Modern Benoni,...

Started 07/30/07 at 19:50:08 by nyoke
4 1649 Last Post 08/01/07 at 11:33:50
By: zoo - Ex Member
Normal Topic
English Setups
When playing the English, when is it appropriate to play the Staunton setup, the Botvinnik setup, and the "Queen's Indian" setup (ie: KB fianchetto, knights on c3 and f3,  pawn on d3 to release the da...

Started 07/14/07 at 19:52:25 by Dinomike100
4 1471 Last Post 07/17/07 at 23:16:51
By: Paul123
Normal Topic
approach to the English Opening
my question is,whether it is better to waste time and learn all the moves and ideas for the English Opening or just play it and try to use a healthful brain to find the best moves? Huh<br ...

Started 06/28/07 at 16:26:25 by Udav18
2 897 Last Post 06/28/07 at 17:27:33
By: Udav18
Normal Topic
game analysis
Hey, you are all good players. Can you help me analyze this game? Normally I don't do this but I think that the game got really interested after the pawn sac, and am wondering about its soundness. My ...

Started 05/11/07 at 04:41:25 by JonHecht
1 993 Last Post 05/12/07 at 12:57:55
By: 8arms
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
KID against English with d3
Hi people,
I would like to know where to find information about how to play against white in this structure. I've been looking at Soltis' book (Pawn Structure in Chess) but it doesn't clarify it ...

Started 04/23/07 at 09:21:50 by Holbox
11 2432 Last Post 04/29/07 at 09:54:44
By: photophore
Normal Topic
Question to mr. Kosten on Black side
Hi Mr. A. Kosten,
first, thank you very much for very nice Dynamic English, bought it recently and, also it may be little old, but let me build repertoire around.
Have question to you: what ...

Started 04/13/07 at 22:17:00 by bohdan
1 1014 Last Post 04/19/07 at 20:55:24
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
Avoiding the Nimzo-Queen's Indian
I have a game today at 17:00 and I play with black. I use to play the queen's Indian and the Nimzo. Well, I play with black and he plays c4, that I will answer with Nf6. The problem is that he delays ...

Started 04/07/07 at 10:47:46 by Tragonchino
0 860 Last Post 04/07/07 at 10:47:44
By: Tragonchino
Normal Topic
Dyn. English: Botvinnik vs. Dutch/GrandPrix-Hybrid
In a recent rapid game of mine, I once again became aware of a little hole in Tony's superb "Dynamic English":
1.c4 e5 2.g3 Nc6 3.Bg2 f5 4.Nc3 Nf6 5.d3 d6 6.e4 Be7. This move is not featured in t...

Started 04/06/07 at 02:52:54 by Mettwurst Lothar
2 1224 Last Post 04/07/07 at 05:32:41
By: bravehoptoad
Normal Topic
Has anyone any thoughts on the "Reti-KIA" setup, as practised by Bilek and Romanishin? -- I mean, the setup where White plays a KIA with both e4 and c4. I know this idea of blockading the queenside is...

Started 04/06/07 at 13:17:21 by Michael Ayton
0 1233 Last Post 04/06/07 at 13:17:20
By: Michael Ayton
Normal Topic
Welcom Mr. Hansen!
I would like to welcome Mr. Hansen to the Flank openings  forum (partly because I don’t know if anyone has…. And the fact that I’m excited due to having studied his book   “The Symmetrical English” si...

Started 03/10/07 at 01:16:25 by Paul123
1 826 Last Post 04/01/07 at 17:18:47
By: Glenn Snow
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