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In: Re: Reti Repertoire based...
By: CanadianClub
Symmetrical English
Symmetrical English
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In: Re: New DVD: Hedgehog by...
By: TN
English 1...e5
English 1...e5  (1 Viewing)
King's English 1 c4 e5 [A20–29]
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In: Re: Reverse Dragon
By: MNb
English 1...Nf6
English 1...Nf6
English 1...Nf6 & others, Mikenas Attack, Nimzo-English, Pseudo-Grunfeld [A10, A13, A15-19]
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In: Re: Nimzo-English
By: mn
Bird's Opening 1 f4 inc. From's Gambit 1 f4 e5 [A02-03]
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In: Re: Bird's to Austrian (P...
By: MartinC
Flank Openings Flank Openings
English, Réti & all Flank Openings [A00-39] with IM David Cummings
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What does English-players play as black?
I`ve just started experimenting with the English and I am happy to see that I am doing better with it than I did with 1.e4. I`ve just got a simple question; What does other English-players play agains...

Started 02/27/03 at 22:38:25 by Klick
5 2252 Last Post 11/11/04 at 15:29:06
By: BigBen
Normal Topic
hey im friends with a strong 2200 player who has employed 1.c3 as of recently and insists it is great. He has scored many wins with it, although i havent played him yet hehe. What do you think is the ...

Started 09/30/04 at 20:56:32 by blacklion1985
7 2920 Last Post 10/08/04 at 15:58:38
By: MNb
Normal Topic
English as my main white opening?
Hello everyone,
I'm so excited to have found this site, as I'm somewhat new to chess and your comments have helped me immensely in choosing my opening repertoire.  Up to this point, I have focuse...

Started 07/27/04 at 22:34:07 by Scott Rex (Guest)
5 2130 Last Post 08/23/04 at 21:44:22
By: MarkPharaoh
Normal Topic
The Grob
I've been experimenting with the Grob.
What do you think about playing 1. c4 (English)..
..then in to the Grob 2. g4 or h3 (depending on blacks reply to c4)
I've played this system a fe...

Started 08/01/04 at 00:17:27 by Horace (Guest)
1 1178 Last Post 08/01/04 at 22:21:26
By: Glenn Snow
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Why play the english????
Hi everyone!!!
thus, as my title implies, I want to know why those who play the english, play it. Indeed, I am still looking for a dependable white repertoire and I thought about the english. I a...

Started 12/20/03 at 17:33:38 by krugman
14 5790 Last Post 05/26/04 at 02:21:44
By: alumbrado
Normal Topic
Sokolsky Opening
Hello, is the Sokolsky Opening playable OTB (with success) at the master level these days?

Started 04/09/04 at 13:33:24 by amstaff
5 2719 Last Post 04/15/04 at 13:06:54
By: never1b4
Normal Topic
Flank Openings ?
Hey all this is my first post here. I have been searching flank openings for the longest time and can only find out how to beat them. Can you tell me some (preferably with good knight development) tnx...

Started 03/22/04 at 23:32:35 by Steven (Guest)
1 1165 Last Post 03/23/04 at 08:53:36
By: alumbrado
Normal Topic
Stonewall - model game for Black wanted
I just ran into the Stonewall attack as Black in this move-order : 1.e3 d5 2.f4 g6. I'm looking for a model game as black involving the d5-g6 setup. Can any experienced player help me loca...

Started 10/14/03 at 12:37:41 by hicetnunc
9 3170 Last Post 11/27/03 at 21:03:24
By: Glenn Snow
Normal Topic
Another Question for Tony or strong players
Hi Guys,
I'm rated about 2100 FIDE and trying to get to FM.
I play the Dutch against 1 d4, but this doesn't seem to work as well against 1 c4 or 1 Nf3 so I was going to try 1...c5 and go for...

Started 03/07/03 at 01:39:53 by honeymade
6 2715 Last Post 09/12/03 at 00:17:19
By: Nolan (Guest)
Normal Topic
sharp lines in the english
Hi everyone!
i am a new subscriber to chesspub (not to this site yet, but I think I will...)
anyway, as I might start playing c4 as a way to avoid some d4 lines I don't like (like the QGD or...

Started 06/20/03 at 19:17:42 by krugman
6 3152 Last Post 07/05/03 at 17:07:32
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
What to play against flank openings?
Hi! I want to know what to choose against these flank openings 1.Nf3 or 1.c4 ? I myself play English with white and Benoni with Black versus d4 and French versus e4 but what to play versus 1.Nf3 or 1....

Started 06/10/03 at 22:19:25 by Luis Entrada (Guest)
4 2387 Last Post 06/19/03 at 15:38:17
By: AmateurDragoneer
Normal Topic
Question for Tony k
Tony K - Reading your Feb update is one correct in thinking that you are going to take up the KlA?  Grin

Started 03/01/03 at 01:02:28 by Not a GM (Guest)
1 1755 Last Post 03/03/03 at 08:51:02
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
English 1...e5 2...d6 / Reti
The King's English e-book says that the 1...e5 2...d6 system as one of Black's most promising responses to the English, which pleased me as it is the system I play myself with Black!  My problem is th...

Started 02/27/03 at 13:01:25 by alumbrado
1 1851 Last Post 03/03/03 at 08:46:41
By: GMTonyKosten
Normal Topic
Smiley Hi everyone!
Welcome to the Flank Openings Forum, feel free to discuss any relaterd questions here.

Started 12/20/02 at 08:24:24 by GMTonyKosten
0 1529 Last Post 12/20/02 at 03:24:24
By: GMTonyKosten
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