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In: Re: The Reti Move by Move...
By: grandpatzer
Symmetrical English
Symmetrical English  (1 Viewing)
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In: Re: Sveshnikov blitz&rapi...
By: gwnn
English 1...e5
English 1...e5
King's English 1 c4 e5 [A20–29]
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In: Re: English Keres-like li...
By: MartinC
English 1...Nf6
English 1...Nf6
English 1...Nf6 & others, Mikenas Attack, Nimzo-English, Pseudo-Grunfeld [A10, A13, A15-19]
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In: Re: Flohr-Mikenas System
By: Lauri Torni
Bird's Opening 1 f4 inc. From's Gambit 1 f4 e5 [A02-03]
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In: Re: From Gambit book - qu...
By: Latvian1
Flank Openings Flank Openings
English, Réti & all Flank Openings [A00-39] with IM David Cummings
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Best English Repertoire book for White?
What is in your view the best English opening repertoire book, advocating, for White, the e3 and Nge2 line vs 1...e5? I see that there are a few books advocating the Botvinnik set up vs 1...e5 (with N...

Started 05/12/17 at 19:58:11 by grandpatzer
9 5347 Last Post 05/15/17 at 13:48:17
By: grandpatzer
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Bird Opening
Next week i'll start my first correspondence tournament in years.
I would like to play the Bird Opening to avoid opening novelties. I have the Taylor's book. Is it still viable?

Started 03/21/17 at 16:40:47 by Templare2
0 995 Last Post 03/21/17 at 16:40:47
By: Templare2
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1.c4 e6 from Black's point of view.
I plan to have 1.c4 e6 as a secondary weapon against 1.c4 and 1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 e6 as a secondary weapon against 1.Nf3. I am happy to transpose into a Ragozin QGD, QGE or a Catalan with Bb4+. Apart from ...

Started 02/23/17 at 23:43:46 by befuddled
5 2750 Last Post 02/25/17 at 15:19:37
By: befuddled
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Reversed Grunfeld
Why is there so little mention in de (KIA/Reti-)books of the Reversed Grunfeld after 1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 c5 3.Bg2 Nc6 4.d4 or 3...Nf6 4.0-0 Nc6 5.d4?

Started 04/15/16 at 09:32:35 by TD
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22 14713 Last Post 02/17/17 at 00:40:18
By: TonyRo
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Attacking the English/Reti A Black Repertoire
Chess Stars forthcoming repertoire vs English and Reti:
Attacking the English/Reti A Black Repertoire with 1...e5/1...d5
by Alexander Delchev and Semko Semkov - June 2016
Anyone knows ...

Started 05/27/16 at 19:45:05 by grandpatzer
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18 17022 Last Post 12/07/16 at 18:03:43
By: Tauromachie
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The Complete Polar Bear System by Danielsen
GM Henrik Danielsen released "The Complete Polar Bear System - Strong & potent!" (P. 322)
Surprisingly From's Gambit is missing. In the preface he wrote: "...Nevertheless here is a complete book ...

Started 05/05/16 at 15:13:09 by alyechin
1 3668 Last Post 11/02/16 at 15:57:01
By: buddho
Normal Topic
New book on 1. c4 and 1. Nf3
New in Chess are advertising a new book on how to play against everything that isn't 1. e4 or 1. d4 .
The sug...

Started 10/07/16 at 11:29:11 by RdC
0 1912 Last Post 10/07/16 at 11:29:11
By: RdC
Normal Topic
Does the English have to transpose to the Tarrash?
Hi All, I was wondering, is there a way to avoid the Tarrasch or Semi Tarrasch when playing the English? Well I think I can handle the Semi, but the Tarrasch is an opening I never liked to play agains...

Started 07/31/16 at 23:00:03 by Mtal
3 2663 Last Post 09/04/16 at 17:19:05
By: Jupp53
Normal Topic
Delchev/Semkov against English/Reti
Hi everyone,
just saw this announcement by Chess Stars Publishing:
Attacking the English/Reti A Black repertoire with 1...e5/1...d5
by Alexander Delchev and Semko Semkov - June 2016
Smiley tracke...

Started 04/13/16 at 11:28:30 by tracke
2 2873 Last Post 07/15/16 at 01:29:24
By: Seeley
Normal Topic
1 Nf3 Nf6 2 c4 Nc6!?
I got a a vision about a crazy opening idea for black.
Is it possible to play Nf3 Nf6 c4 Nc6? The idea is to play reversed Dragon,  Tango,  Bogo Indian or Nimzo Indian depending on whites reply?

Started 07/02/16 at 11:24:40 by bragesjo
2 1974 Last Post 07/02/16 at 14:10:21
By: bragesjo
Normal Topic
Best books for Black vs English Opening?
What are in your view the best books giving lines and / or a repertoire for Black vs the English Opening?

Started 06/11/16 at 06:57:30 by grandpatzer
1 1724 Last Post 06/11/16 at 11:46:35
By: TN
Normal Topic
Grunfeld vs 1.Nf3/1.c4
I usually play the KID but I'm lately thinking to switch to the Grunfeld. The problem is I don't know what to play against 1.Nf3/1.c4. With the KID is easy to play against the flank openings. Not so w...

Started 04/03/16 at 07:30:16 by gramsci
3 2536 Last Post 04/07/16 at 07:22:51
By: gramsci
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
QG player against Reti / English
Having trawled through many similar threads in the archives, I'd still like to ask a question. As a QGD Tartakower player, I've recently purchased the Scherbakov book on the Triangle system as a possi...

Started 03/28/12 at 10:41:11 by Laramonet
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36 21816 Last Post 04/02/16 at 12:25:46
By: Laramonet
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Doubt in Marins c4 repertoire...
Hi.. everyone....i was reading the 3rd volume of Marins repertoire...i was reading the 14th chapter Anti Tarrasch catalan when i had this doubt..i would be happy if someone can help...
1.c4 c5 2....

Started 10/11/14 at 11:07:01 by raja
3 3503 Last Post 04/02/16 at 11:32:26
By: Laramonet
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Wojo´s Weapons 3
I did send a mail to Mongoose Press about when the third volume of Wojos weapons will be released.
This is their answer :
Dear *******,
Thank you for contacting us.
The authors ...

This volume will mainly be abo

Started 11/19/11 at 00:00:37 by Bogojump
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48 59409 Last Post 02/18/16 at 19:58:42
By: fling
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Simon Williams: The English Opening
Vol. 1
The DVD covers:
    The Reversed Sicilian - 1 c4 e5 2 Nc3 Nc6 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 d4!?
    An early ... f5 - 1 c4 e5 2 Nc3 Nc6 3 Nf3 f5 4 d4!
    An early ... g6 - 1 c4 e5 2 Nc3 Nc6...

Started 07/21/15 at 11:07:34 by alyechin
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18 18341 Last Post 01/08/16 at 12:07:12
By: patkue
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Reverse Tiger Modern
I ran into this at the weekend.
The game started 1. g3 e5 2. Bg2 d5 3. d3 Nc6 4. a3
It wasn't the first time my opponent had played this either. With forewarning, I decided to take up my opp...

Started 11/15/15 at 23:30:28 by RdC
0 1411 Last Post 11/15/15 at 23:30:28
By: RdC
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Grob's Opening 1 g4
I'm not sure whether calling this a Flank Opening is a correct description, but there aren't any threads.
Normally it wouldn't matter, but if you are facing Basman on Sunday morning with Black, ...

Started 08/29/15 at 22:56:49 by RdC
11 5754 Last Post 10/23/15 at 07:55:26
By: Scarblac
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English - Marin-Repertoire - "The Movie"
ABC of the English Opening by Lorin D'Costa
01: Introduction 
1.c4 e5 Lines: 
02: Game 1 - Main Line 6.e3 - Nakamura,H - Navara,D 
03: Game 2 - reversed Sicilian: 2.g3 Nf6 3.Bg2...

Started 10/19/14 at 18:22:13 by alyechin
5 6724 Last Post 08/03/15 at 12:30:41
By: alyechin
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1. Sf3 g6: Avoid Maróczy and KID
I noticed something about when I play 1. Sf3 g6: how to avoid a KID and the Maróczy at the same time? I am a Grünfeld and Pirc player, so any transposition to either on part of White is welcomed whole...

Started 06/06/15 at 02:36:35 by DenVerdsligeRejsende
5 3436 Last Post 06/06/15 at 22:27:58
By: Stigma
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