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In: Re: The Réti Opening... P...
By: MW
Symmetrical English
Symmetrical English
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In: Re: Playing d4
By: TonyRo
English 1...e5
English 1...e5
King's English 1 c4 e5 [A20–29]
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In: Re: English Keres-like li...
By: MartinC
English 1...Nf6
English 1...Nf6
English 1...Nf6 & others, Mikenas Attack, Nimzo-English, Pseudo-Grunfeld [A10, A13, A15-19]
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In: Re: Nimzo-English
By: mn
Bird's  (1 Viewing)
Bird's Opening 1 f4 inc. From's Gambit 1 f4 e5 [A02-03]
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In: Re: From Gambit book - qu...
By: Latvian1
Flank Openings Flank Openings
English, Réti & all Flank Openings [A00-39] with IM David Cummings
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Low Maintenance Openings - Botvinnik System
I've been going over my openings again, and noticed that ChessCube has a two-part video set by Andrew Martin Titled "Low Maintenance Openings - Botvinnik System"
It's described as:
Watch a...

Started 09/05/12 at 23:42:37 by Carld
12 11442 Last Post 11/20/12 at 21:12:34
By: John Bartholomew
Normal Topic
Sokolsky Opening
Hello, is the Sokolsky Opening playable OTB (with success) at the master level these days?

Started 04/09/04 at 13:33:24 by amstaff
5 3451 Last Post 04/15/04 at 13:06:54
By: never1b4
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Solid Defense against English?!?!
Does anyone know of a solid defense against the English which has minimal transpositional possibilities.  I usually play the French against 1. e4 and the Nimzo-Indian/QID against 1. d4. 
Is blac...

Started 06/10/06 at 10:23:19 by Dinomike100
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64 20296 Last Post 12/23/06 at 08:40:01
By: sssthepro
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Recommend book!!
For those who enjoy playing or wish to learn to play the English opening, l wholeheartedly recommend Tony Kosten's book "The Dynamic English". lt's a great read and there's a lot to be learnt from it!...

Started 01/07/03 at 06:19:45 by Kiwi
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58 5461 Last Post 01/18/08 at 17:55:02
By: Antillian
Normal Topic
The Full English Opening by Hansen
The Full English Opening: Mastering the Fundamentals by Carsten Hansen. New in Chess. July 2018.
Looks like a very interesting book, not a repertoire book, but a coverage of all English lines. Ho...

Started 06/15/18 at 09:42:06 by grandpatzer
6 4717 Last Post 11/02/18 at 18:35:38
By: Laramonet
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Okay, people. What do you think about 1 f4 h6! 2 Nf3 g5
3 fg5 hg5 4 Nxg5 d5, the Hobbs-Zilbermints Gambit?
It's a very original way to beat the Bird Opening.

Started 02/18/05 at 06:04:26 by Lev D. Zilbermints (Guest)
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96 31805 Last Post 09/16/07 at 23:07:54
By: Gambit
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
I'm learning the English.
What are the key ideas and variations of the opening?

Started 03/11/07 at 15:25:33 by whitekingster
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29 7648 Last Post 08/14/07 at 21:40:36
By: MNb
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Dangerous Weapons: Flank Openings
I have just started working on my 'minimum 6 chapters' for the Dangerous Weapons: Flank Openings book and I have a few ideas for lines that I want to cover, but I thought I would ask members whether t...

Started 04/02/08 at 11:40:59 by GMTonyKosten
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95 42242 Last Post 01/25/10 at 22:09:26
By: TN
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Best response to 1 c4
I am preparing for a critical game next week. What is the best, solid response to 1 c4 ? I want to ensure my opponent does not have cheapos. Any idea of a super-solid setup against 1 c4?

Started 10/22/10 at 19:53:14 by Gambit
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51 31374 Last Post 07/20/12 at 16:22:46
By: Vass
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Play 1.b4
Any information on this book, which I am sure will take the chess world by storm and convert many GMs to this wonderful opening.

Started 01/25/08 at 08:20:05 by JonHecht
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65 37262 Last Post 07/29/08 at 11:49:49
By: Caledonian
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) Poll closed
Poll: WHAT IS THE BEST 2nd MOVE AFTER 1 g4 d5 ?
Here is an interesting poll! You are playing 1 g4, the Grob, and your opponent answers 1...d5 . Now what is the best move for White?

Started 03/19/08 at 20:27:33 by Gambit
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26 8282 Last Post 05/05/08 at 16:15:46
By: Markovich
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
A strange Flank Opening
I was playing on playchess server when I met this opening.
1.h4!!??(??!!) I am not sure where this should be categorised under, but since this is a flank pawn, I put it here. Anyway, the game we...

Started 11/25/07 at 01:24:39 by sssthepro
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21 5641 Last Post 12/02/07 at 00:53:36
By: MUBAs Opponent
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Starting out the English
just read Kostens Dynamic English but what now. Thinking of buying one of Marins 1 c4 books but which one should i start with ?

Started 02/13/11 at 14:56:07 by TomKarlsen
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17 3824 Last Post 02/25/11 at 14:38:21
By: TomKarlsen
Normal Topic
Scandinavian defence against the English?
Just joined and have been meeting the scandinavian defence alot.
1.c4 d5
Have I missed something? Since when are you allowed to play like this as black?

Started 03/10/11 at 20:31:35 by MrCookie
4 2413 Last Post 03/11/11 at 22:22:58
By: Jay
Normal Topic
Request for help analyzing a game.
Clearly black felt overconfident as evidenced by 200+ points on his opponent and 3.Qxd5, but even so, I would like to know how black should have redeemed himself and if white made any blunders or miss...

Started 04/01/11 at 21:23:00 by Jay
6 2323 Last Post 04/05/11 at 13:21:57
By: Jay
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Rubinstein, Botvinnik or Hedgehog for black
I'm trying to build a repertoire around the Grunfeld vs 1.d4 and the Symmetrical English vs both 1.Nf3 and 1.c4 but I don't know what system to chose Rubinstein, Botvinnik or Hedgehog. I like the Botv...

Started 09/11/11 at 09:14:05 by gramsci
12 4437 Last Post 09/15/11 at 10:10:29
By: Vass
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) Poll
Poll: Which is the most solid & quiet: 1.d4 1.c4 1.Nf3 ?
I'm a ~1750 Elo player and I've been thinking of switching my opening repertoire for White.
So my question is: between 1.d4, 1.c4 and 1.Nf3, what is the White first move that generall...

Started 01/04/14 at 03:17:27 by Marc Benford
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38 17170 Last Post 01/18/14 at 06:55:10
By: Hadron
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Giddins on English
I don't like the English opening so much, but I like Giddins very much! Expected release: September 2012 in Europe, November 2012 in US.

Started 04/27/12 at 06:56:07 by gwnn
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15 12809 Last Post 04/29/14 at 23:37:12
By: RdC
Normal Topic
The Wild Watson Gambit
I happened to come across an old John Watson review on TWiC where he discusses a gambit idea of his, where white is giving up a considerable amount of m...

Started 07/25/11 at 13:16:11 by TalJechin
2 2173 Last Post 07/25/11 at 19:24:59
By: MartinC
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Question about Marin repertoire
I'm wondering if there's a bit of a move-order issue with Marin's (wonderful) English books.
Suppose the game starts 1 c4 e6 2 g3 d5 3 Nf3 Nf6 4 Bg2 c5 5 00 Nc6. I don't think Marin discusses thi...

Started 07/07/11 at 23:47:47 by IMJohnCox
11 4685 Last Post 08/15/11 at 19:39:14
By: IMJohnCox
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