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Game collections
My favorite type of chess books are player's game collections (especially when they are written by the players themselves).   They are my favorite because studying a great player's games is one of the...

Started 08/14/05 at 23:25:26 by Prince-Nez
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135 64076 Last Post 02/18/21 at 18:51:33
By: shuda2
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Poll: ChessPub Book of the year 2019
Hi All,
Here is the book of the year poll for titles published in 2019.
Closing date is 2 August.
Best wishes,

Started 07/11/20 at 21:33:54 by RoleyPoley
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50 7901 Last Post 09/18/20 at 15:58:24
By: Jupp53
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Advertisements for other sites/forums
Would anyone who wishes to advertise content on another site or Forum please have the courtesy to ask me first, otherwise your missive risks being deleted! Cry

Started 05/22/06 at 00:07:36 by GMTonyKosten
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72 92545 Last Post 03/11/20 at 18:13:51
By: trw
Sticky Topic Poll closed
Poll: ChessPub Book of the Year 2018
Here is the poll for the 2018 openings book of the year. I've stopped the nominations, and I've also stopped new member registration. One vote per member, but you have one hour to change your mind!<br...

Started 02/24/19 at 10:17:52 by GMTonyKosten
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34 22282 Last Post 03/27/19 at 07:41:25
By: FightingDragon
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Before asking for help with improvement....
Hi all!
Since 2003, chess publicans have been starting threads asking for chess improvement. 
Read the previous threads before starting a new one on this topic. 
If possible, add your c...

Started 04/27/10 at 02:33:05 by Smyslov_Fan
11 21845 Last Post 09/11/17 at 07:52:48
By: GMTonyKosten
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ChessPub Book of the Year 2020 Nominations
(No nominations from me, every year I count on y'all to let me know which books are worth buying.)

Started 04/05/21 at 21:24:01 by an ordinary chessplayer
8 753 Last Post 04/15/21 at 17:37:25
By: ErictheRed
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Chess Position Trainer
Anybody used this free program?  Is it as good as is claimed on  Certainly the price is right!  The website given gives a site (http://www.ches...

Started 10/18/04 at 02:28:15 by Glenn Snow
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22 15604 Last Post 04/11/21 at 04:37:00
By: doefmat
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Recommend Black repertoire for my style
I'm re-evaluating my Black repertoire and I'm turning to the experts on ChessPub for advice.  Please read this post carefully and make a recommendation for my Black repertoire (vs. 1.e4 and 1.d4) that...

Started 10/21/10 at 00:31:33 by ErictheRed
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21 8545 Last Post 04/09/21 at 10:49:00
By: Pawnpusher
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Three Move Solitaire
Solitaire chess is a tried-and-true method of training. I have used it before but not so much these days because I have issues with how solitaire books deal with "points", and relatedly how they deal ...

Started 04/04/21 at 09:19:25 by an ordinary chessplayer
5 312 Last Post 04/06/21 at 01:26:40
By: MaxJudd
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Going to the swimming pool before the round?!? ;)
As in the summer there are traditionally many chess tournaments, I ask myself if it is positive or negative for one's play to spend time at the swimming pool before playing chess.
What do you thi...

Started 07/01/08 at 09:52:01 by FightingDragon
8 1650 Last Post 04/05/21 at 12:42:58
By: Bibs
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Guerrillas Gambit Style
The below comments were made by one of our more controversial members in a by now infamous and locked thread. Nevertheless, while I agree that many of his posts are combative, some of his points still...

Started 03/27/21 at 23:56:07 by TopNotch
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40 1678 Last Post 04/04/21 at 00:52:11
By: TopNotch
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Book series
Could someone explain the differences in the various chess “series” of books? Specifically, which is supposed to be “first” - starting out or move by move? Then throw in the chess developments or ches...

Started 03/28/21 at 16:13:05 by Sandman
4 344 Last Post 03/29/21 at 19:19:39
By: Sandman
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Attacking with the Isolated Queen's Pawn by Emms
Attacking with the Isolated Queen's Pawn
John Emms
The Isolated Queen's Pawn arises in countle...

Started 09/29/09 at 11:06:00 by TN
12 7642 Last Post 03/28/21 at 14:44:39
By: XChess1971
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Aronian Changing federation from ARM to USA
I am kinda surprised there is no thread on this one already as the news is several days old already. Levon made the official announcement on his facebook page and Saint Louis Chess Club.

Started 03/04/21 at 23:13:19 by trw
7 788 Last Post 03/28/21 at 05:30:26
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Books on Evaluation of Positions
I’m looking for books that will help be better evaluate positions, primarily middlegame. I’m looking to develop a process I can utilize during a game to develop or modify a plan. I’m rated ar...

Started 03/14/21 at 18:47:27 by D10763
10 832 Last Post 03/25/21 at 23:48:46
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Draw or not draw
I came across this article on chessbase.
The arbiter decided it was a draw although is it?

Started 03/11/21 at 10:49:25 by Confused_by_Theory
4 394 Last Post 03/12/21 at 20:42:16
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Documentary about Paul Keres
It's quite something.

Started 03/11/21 at 20:10:01 by kylemeister
1 315 Last Post 03/12/21 at 00:37:59
By: Paddy
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9th March - Bobby Fischer's birthday
I'm celebrating today. I'll watch Pawn Sacrifice soon and I have just finished Bobby Fischer and His World by John Donaldson which I can certainly recommend. In this book I found a touching obituary b...

Started 03/09/21 at 10:14:04 by Laramonet
4 449 Last Post 03/10/21 at 12:37:26
By: LeeRoth
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Lifetime Repertoires: Queen's Gambit Declined
25h 10 min
491 variations
00 - Introduction
000- Quickstarter Guide
01 - Chapter 1: The Exchange Variation
02 - Chapter 2: The Main Line: 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bxf6
03 - Chapter 3: ...

Started 02/24/21 at 11:42:50 by alyechin
6 988 Last Post 03/05/21 at 07:16:34
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Is FatFritz ethically doubtful?
Is there a corresponding article in english?
The authors say FatFritz1 is Lc0 and FatFritz2 is Stockfish12Nnue. Does CB try to twit ...

Started 02/13/21 at 20:20:29 by Jupp53
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40 4202 Last Post 03/01/21 at 13:02:17
By: Seeley
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