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Sticky Topic Poll closed
Poll: ChessPub Book of the Year 2018
Here is the poll for the 2018 openings book of the year. I've stopped the nominations, and I've also stopped new member registration. One vote per member, but you have one hour to change your mind!<br...

Started 02/24/19 at 10:17:52 by GMTonyKosten
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36 33137 Last Post 08/20/23 at 01:53:09
By: AndyFeng35
Sticky Topic
Game collections
My favorite type of chess books are player's game collections (especially when they are written by the players themselves).   They are my favorite because studying a great player's games is one of the...

Started 08/14/05 at 23:25:26 by Prince-Nez
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141 95403 Last Post 07/19/23 at 21:13:11
By: Nernstian59
Sticky Topic
Advertisements for other sites/forums
Would anyone who wishes to advertise content on another site or Forum please have the courtesy to ask me first, otherwise your missive risks being deleted! Cry

Started 05/22/06 at 00:07:36 by GMTonyKosten
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73 110989 Last Post 11/12/22 at 10:05:48
By: Alex carey
Sticky Topic Poll closed
Poll: ChessPub Book of the year 2019
Hi All,
Here is the book of the year poll for titles published in 2019.
Closing date is 2 August.
Best wishes,

Started 07/11/20 at 21:33:54 by RoleyPoley
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50 23496 Last Post 09/18/20 at 15:58:24
By: Jupp53
Sticky Topic
Before asking for help with improvement....
Hi all!
Since 2003, chess publicans have been starting threads asking for chess improvement. 
Read the previous threads before starting a new one on this topic. 
If possible, add your c...

Started 04/27/10 at 02:33:05 by Smyslov_Fan
11 26044 Last Post 09/11/17 at 07:52:48
By: GMTonyKosten
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Normal Topic
Descided to give up Correspondence Chess
With a heavy heart and long thinking time I have decided to give up my Correspondence Chess carrier. I will do my best in all my ongoing games and I will enter a few events I qulified to and try to wi...

Started 09/15/23 at 06:32:09 by bragesjo
8 538 Last Post Yesterday at 23:18:23
By: trw
Normal Topic
Guess the eval : chessval
I am the creator of 
It is a game where you have to guess the stockfish evaluation of chess positions. You are free to try and give me feedback Smiley
The website is ...

Started 09/14/23 at 13:12:03 by ChessVal
0 83 Last Post 09/14/23 at 13:12:03
By: ChessVal
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
1.  During a tournament, there was a four-way tie for the second-place position. The tie-breaking method used was:
A)  Win over the other (Direct Encounter)
B)  Number of wins with the blac...

Started 08/09/23 at 10:26:13 by henrovsky
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23 1216 Last Post 08/28/23 at 05:56:32
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Normal Topic
Immortal Underpromotion Game
This canadian IM (almost 2500) has just completed the greatest achievement in the history of chess :

Started 08/22/23 at 16:30:51 by Uberdecker
8 407 Last Post 08/26/23 at 14:47:55
By: an ordinary chessplayer
Normal Topic
Why is the engine recommending BxNh6 here?
I was playing this game on Lichess. And when I checked the computer analysis afterwards, I couldn't understand this suggestion of Bxh6. I have this Bishop that's not blocked by any pawns whereas, the ...

Started 10/31/22 at 17:25:00 by pnerd
4 694 Last Post 08/20/23 at 14:30:52
By: cathexis
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Best openings for beginners to improve
What are the best openings that should be taught to beginners in order for them to improve and become strong?
Here "best" doesn't mean best to maximize their winning probability in the immediate ...

Started 06/25/23 at 22:50:12 by Marc Benford
14 1261 Last Post 08/20/23 at 01:56:49
By: AndyFeng35
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Blitz time control
Do you think blitz is a waste of time? In the last few months I have raised 200 points in blitz, but I keep making mistakes.

Started 08/08/23 at 01:50:46 by AndyFeng35
11 666 Last Post 08/20/23 at 01:54:32
By: AndyFeng35
Normal Topic
help with chessbase 17 search filter: hanging pawn
I have a situation with chessbase 17. I put black pawns on e6 d6 b6 a6 and I get all the positions with that hedgehog position. What I do is when the search feeds me all the results, I select...

Started 08/11/23 at 01:11:37 by FMCharless
5 419 Last Post 08/14/23 at 22:30:54
By: Paddy
Normal Topic
newbie at correspondence. Where to play?
Hey all,
I’m wanting to get into correspondence chess. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best places to play?
I’d like to play at no cost, not postal, and no engines.

Started 08/14/23 at 09:07:59 by FizzySoda
0 130 Last Post 08/14/23 at 09:07:59
By: FizzySoda
Normal Topic
Blitz ratings
Is it possible to become a national master by playing only blitz?

Started 08/08/23 at 01:52:39 by AndyFeng35
2 257 Last Post 08/08/23 at 18:47:25
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
help: data on the french to make awesome file
I created a folder called opening repertoires 2023.
Inside created a database "French Defense 2023 - FM Charles Galofre"
in that database I will add a new game with the information of multip...

Started 04/24/23 at 01:15:12 by FMCharless
8 804 Last Post 08/03/23 at 18:57:32
By: Mtal
Normal Topic
Best places to watch chess relays
It only dawned me now that the golden era of chess viewing seems over... once we had a plethora of choices from ICC to Chessbomb to Chessgames... now with all these things as withered or gone... I fin...

Started 08/02/23 at 15:37:07 by trw
1 262 Last Post 08/03/23 at 06:11:38
By: brabo
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
38 players over 2700
I was a little bit shocked, when I noticed, that there are 38 players with over 2700 elo
Once upon a time the 2700 barrier was something magic, the 2600+ were ca...

Started 04/21/10 at 21:51:16 by gewgaw
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238 146068 Last Post 07/22/23 at 21:39:22
By: Confused_by_Theory
Normal Topic
Order for reading Grooten trilogy ?
Hi All, does anyone know if there is a preferred order for reading the three volumes by Grooten ? Or are they completely independent ? The titles are Chess Strategy for Club Players, Attacking Chess f...

Started 06/24/23 at 21:44:40 by Laramonet
2 370 Last Post 06/25/23 at 12:36:12
By: cathexis
Normal Topic
Two opening repertoires
I had an idea: build two opening repertoires, one good against much stronger opponents, and one good against much weaker opponents.
So two questions:
- Which kinds of openings are good again...

Started 05/22/23 at 15:24:20 by Marc Benford
4 959 Last Post 06/09/23 at 19:30:11
By: Straggler
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