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Attacking with the Isolated Queen's Pawn by Emms
Attacking with the Isolated Queen's Pawn
John Emms
The Isolated Queen's Pawn arises in countle...

Started 09/29/09 at 11:06:00 by TN
12 8077 Last Post 03/28/21 at 14:44:39
By: XChess1971
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Aronian Changing federation from ARM to USA
I am kinda surprised there is no thread on this one already as the news is several days old already. Levon made the official announcement on his facebook page and Saint Louis Chess Club.

Started 03/04/21 at 23:13:19 by trw
7 1130 Last Post 03/28/21 at 05:30:26
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Books on Evaluation of Positions
I’m looking for books that will help be better evaluate positions, primarily middlegame. I’m looking to develop a process I can utilize during a game to develop or modify a plan. I’m rated ar...

Started 03/14/21 at 18:47:27 by D10763
10 1257 Last Post 03/25/21 at 23:48:46
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Draw or not draw
I came across this article on chessbase.
The arbiter decided it was a draw although is it?

Started 03/11/21 at 10:49:25 by Confused_by_Theory
4 632 Last Post 03/12/21 at 20:42:16
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Documentary about Paul Keres
It's quite something.

Started 03/11/21 at 20:10:01 by kylemeister
1 473 Last Post 03/12/21 at 00:37:59
By: Paddy
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9th March - Bobby Fischer's birthday
I'm celebrating today. I'll watch Pawn Sacrifice soon and I have just finished Bobby Fischer and His World by John Donaldson which I can certainly recommend. In this book I found a touching obituary b...

Started 03/09/21 at 10:14:04 by Laramonet
4 710 Last Post 03/10/21 at 12:37:26
By: LeeRoth
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The Study of Great Games and Modern Video Courses
Virtually every path of chess learning eventually involves the study of Great Games by past (or current) great players. Often, this all proceeds from the study of books by or about these players. Prog...

Started 01/30/21 at 14:54:23 by cathexis
3 724 Last Post 02/13/21 at 18:18:11
By: msiipola
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Kotronias - How to play equal positions
Freshly released on Forward Chess,
Kotronias' newest is about a topic rarely covered in chess literature - how to play "planless"...

Started 12/18/20 at 10:09:37 by IsaVulpes
7 1947 Last Post 12/31/20 at 10:59:34
By: TopNotch
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Swapping Wood into the Endgame - to win!
Lately, I've begun to see some glimmers of success, whether playing white or black by doing this: Starting conservatively, 1.e4, 1...e5, etc., then begin vigorously, but not recklessly, exchanging pie...

Started 12/09/20 at 22:29:38 by cathexis
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17 2487 Last Post 12/28/20 at 14:55:10
By: TD
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Regarding books on Great Games
Greetings & Happy Thanksgiving (early),
Recently, I was able to pick up two books that might be over my head in some ways but were too good a deal to pass up. They were: "Test of Time," and "Sorc...

Started 11/23/20 at 00:06:20 by cathexis
13 1776 Last Post 12/25/20 at 06:22:24
By: doefmat
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King Hunting with Larry C
After breaking through with a nice attack, sometimes the opposing king wriggles out to greener pastures.  I've always found that chasing down an exiled king to be an annoying experience. All those che...

Started 12/22/20 at 07:29:57 by iggystiv
1 513 Last Post 12/22/20 at 14:53:40
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Fairly recent books on chess programming?
As subject above, are there any valuable, fairly recent books on chess programming, with code samples or complete code (not just general principles on AI, algorithms, etc.)?

Started 12/16/20 at 21:47:54 by grandpatzer
4 792 Last Post 12/17/20 at 11:38:40
By: Pawnpusher
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Chrome Extension for use with the Lichess site
Hi everyone, Im a developer and I made Chrome Extension for Live Chess Analysis in games.
Is really cool if you are streaming or seen another games lives.
Unfortunately the exten...

Started 12/14/20 at 18:14:00 by pawngun
1 712 Last Post 12/15/20 at 02:29:01
By: Stigma
Normal Topic
Covid protocols and common sense
Okay members, see if you can spot a problem in the photo here:

Started 11/22/20 at 23:04:29 by Bibs
2 1097 Last Post 11/23/20 at 01:26:35
By: Bibs
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Help in finding a famous Sicilian Poisoned Pawn
Hi all. I remember a beautiful miniature by Black in the Najdorf Poisoned Pawn, played  by two Jugoslav GMs. It was played a lot of years ago. In an apparently lost position Black ended with ...Rb3!!....

Started 11/08/20 at 14:27:14 by grandpatzer
This topic contains 1 attachment
11 1532 Last Post 11/19/20 at 13:19:59
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Chessbase discount day today 20201117
For your information dear forum. The Chessbase discount day is here:
Whenever I've wanted to buy something from chessbase I always reg...

Started 11/17/20 at 07:37:45 by Confused_by_Theory
1 588 Last Post 11/17/20 at 08:03:35
By: TD
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Does anybody know which chess set this is?

Started 10/06/20 at 13:23:52 by TD
10 1404 Last Post 11/14/20 at 14:42:07
By: Ron C
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Looking for Direction in Drawing Techniques
I have some trouble with it. My tactics books put a "Win Material/Mate in ~" mind set onto me, no surprise. But the only techniques I've come across are forcing self-stalemate by my opponent or insuff...

Started 10/29/20 at 00:33:46 by cathexis
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16 2586 Last Post 11/03/20 at 13:25:33
By: cathexis
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The end of Magnus Carlsen Streak 125 games
Today Magnus Carlsen lost in round 5 of the Altibox Norway Chess 2020 classical tournament to GM Jan-Krzystof Duda (POL 2757) which ends his 125 game winning streak. He was undefeated since 8/1/2018 R...

Started 10/10/20 at 19:50:14 by trw
5 1066 Last Post 10/12/20 at 22:33:24
By: trw
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Finding a heavy, squat old friend . . .
Okay, kind of a strange request.  Well over 50 years ago now, at the Canadian Open in Toronto I bought a set of plastic chess pieces.  They were extremely heavy; but their best characteristics was tha...

Started 10/06/20 at 14:40:40 by Wwqlcw
3 892 Last Post 10/10/20 at 16:30:16
By: cathexis
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