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Government owned chess publishing house
I was not sure where put this, but we all know about the usual chess publishing houses like Quality Chess, Chess Stars, Everyman, New in Chess, which are all private enterprises. But is there any gove...

Started 07/02/19 at 04:57:18 by Leon_Trotsky
0 710 Last Post 07/02/19 at 04:57:18
By: Leon_Trotsky
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Quality Chess is working on a book of Efim Geller's games.  Should be a good one.  Geller tends to be overlooked, but he was one of the greats; good enough to get a section in My Great Predecessors.  ...

Started 06/07/18 at 19:35:58 by LeeRoth
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15 5043 Last Post 06/27/19 at 17:59:16
By: kylemeister
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Too many elites only tournaments
Anyone feel that there are too many elites invitationals tournaments with a round-robin pairing system, where everyone knows everyone else and can prepare accordingly ¿
I must liked big open tou...

Started 04/05/19 at 03:41:15 by Leon_Trotsky
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37 7394 Last Post 06/26/19 at 21:09:35
By: Nickajack
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Has Chesscafe re-opened?!
Has the site re-opened? It used to be a really good site containing a lot of book reviews but some years ago it closed as far as I remember. Does anybody here subscribe to the site now? ...

Started 06/19/19 at 08:20:23 by Paul Brondal
2 1137 Last Post 06/19/19 at 10:48:51
By: Göran
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Advice on getting a trainer
I'm still trying to improve, settled on my repertoire, starting out on the Yusupov books to get some structure and recognise that putting more into analysis of my own games is probably the way to go. ...

Started 06/02/19 at 18:50:01 by Laramonet
4 1409 Last Post 06/06/19 at 02:55:13
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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Knowing when computer exaggerates
I am analysing alone openings, with Stockfish 10 in background just to make sure I do not mess up tactically.
Sometimes I get positions where computer goes crazy and says +- with more than +1,50...

Started 05/09/19 at 06:56:30 by Leon_Trotsky
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37 6091 Last Post 06/04/19 at 21:38:45
By: Leon_Trotsky
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Adjusting Tactical to Positional with Age
I am not sure if it is just me, but I noticed that now, in my mid-20s, I am much more positional a player (although I still like sound dynamic stuff like Najdorf and Pirc, but only as Black, not White...

Started 04/09/15 at 21:57:59 by DenVerdsligeRejsende
13 3653 Last Post 06/03/19 at 14:47:21
By: Pawnpusher
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Strategic Plans, 75 Modern Battles
Anyone has this recent book of modern annotated games by strong GMs, by Chetverik? What do you think?

Started 05/16/19 at 14:09:19 by grandpatzer
1 1407 Last Post 06/02/19 at 15:31:05
By: Laramonet
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Cities with good norm tournaments
Next year I plan going back to regular playing. What cities, especially in Europe, have good tournament for IM and GM norms ¿
I know of Barcelona (and any Catalunya city really Cheesy) have good valu...

Started 05/17/19 at 04:49:25 by Leon_Trotsky
5 1678 Last Post 05/28/19 at 07:59:02
By: Paul Brondal
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Improvement study guide
Hello everyone,
some friends and I are starting a chess study group. We're all adults ranging from 1500-1800. I am hoping it would it be possible for you to recommend some of the best books, bas...

Started 05/24/19 at 20:05:29 by Shadow
10 1896 Last Post 05/27/19 at 10:02:33
By: Jupp53
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
An exact reversed Philidor/Old Indian repertoire
Before I get started: I admit that this is a sorry way of playing as White and not conducive to good chess development. I'm just curious.
It is possible to construct an Old Indian/Philidor repert...

Started 05/07/19 at 20:00:29 by gillbod
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30 5703 Last Post 05/12/19 at 17:50:44
By: LeeRoth
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Who can be Carlsen's Karpov ?
Some commenters have said that Anand's legacy will suffer if he does not win at least one game against Carlsen in this WCChamp match.
I doubt his legacy will suffer.
Garry Kasparov...


Started 11/22/13 at 05:19:54 by GeneM
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28 16271 Last Post 05/12/19 at 15:28:34
By: barnaby
Normal Topic
do you like playing chess more online or in-person
despite playing the game from a young age (chess club at school, online after school), i ultimately became disengaged during high school when i could no longer find new friends to play and/or got tire...

Started 07/30/14 at 03:42:33 by brendan_r
9 3330 Last Post 05/11/19 at 16:57:57
By: ErictheRed
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How to find out what suits you?
ErictheRed wrote on 10/22/12 at 15:31:13:
One thing that I did that I think has helped me a lot, is this:
I went through all of my games from the last two years or so, and made a big Excel spreadsheet that sorted the games by time con...

Started 06/22/15 at 18:39:50 by Lanark
6 2964 Last Post 05/08/19 at 13:57:23
By: LisaStew
Normal Topic
Buying a chess clock
Hi all,
I have a big one that I bought more than 20 years ago. Beautiful thing, very pro back then.
But no digital one, which I will need for tournaments now - a national championship. (One ...

Started 01/30/16 at 08:03:48 by Bibs
4 2446 Last Post 05/08/19 at 13:55:44
By: LisaStew
Normal Topic
The Love for Wood

Started 01/16/16 at 07:46:28 by JEH
5 2347 Last Post 05/08/19 at 13:37:30
By: LisaStew
Normal Topic
History of the top chess players over time
I found this video quite engaging. It's interesting to see graphically the players rise and battle it out at the top. Some are number 1 only briefly.  You can see the really dominating players s...

Started 04/07/16 at 09:48:05 by JEH
2 1877 Last Post 05/08/19 at 13:36:24
By: LisaStew
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Playing chess doesnt make your children smarter
Hi all,
Just saw an article in this morning's telegraph that research has shown that primary school kids playing chess doesnt lead to an improvement in academic performance (is that really a surp...

Started 07/13/16 at 07:30:52 by RoleyPoley
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15 7146 Last Post 05/08/19 at 13:34:58
By: LisaStew
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Retaining Ideas from Master Games
I have been thinking about this for a while and Dfan's reply in my Yusupov thread motivated me to start it today.
I feel that I retain, or seem to retain, so little from master games I have looke...

Started 08/25/16 at 08:42:42 by Gerry1970
10 3577 Last Post 05/08/19 at 13:16:41
By: LisaStew
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
What is the best way to analyze your games?
Hello everyone!
I was wondering what everyone's advice is on analyzing your games.  I have tried chessmaster blunder alert and more recently using Fritz from Chessbase server. 
What are you...

Started 12/18/14 at 23:53:22 by Michael Cobb
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64 27982 Last Post 05/08/19 at 13:03:16
By: LisaStew
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