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How can we defeat Maroczy?
I like the Benko Gambit very very much and I afraid to play against it. So, every time I meet Benony I transpose it into Maroczy bind. I know that Maroczy Bind is a very powerful weapon against the dr...

Started 10/17/03 at 15:05:36 by Tzanidakis_Michael
2 2009 Last Post 10/17/03 at 10:29:33
By: alumbrado
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Smylov is a genious

Started 10/08/03 at 20:00:55 by JMRW (Ex Member)
1 1114 Last Post 10/09/03 at 02:10:49
By: X
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British Championship to be British only
Does anyone have any opinions on the change to the British Championship?
Previously players from Commonwealth countries were eligible to play in, and often win, the event but that is no longer th...

Started 09/16/03 at 15:25:00 by IanE11
1 1573 Last Post 09/16/03 at 10:40:21
By: Ben_Hague
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Chess and art painting
(click on the chessbox upper right)
you'll find about 20 famous paintures about chess

Started 09/09/03 at 04:47:01 by JMRW (Ex Member)
0 936 Last Post 09/08/03 at 23:47:00
By: JMRW - Ex Member
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Busts to Repertoire Videos and Books
  I would like to start a list of busts to lines reccomended in books and videos.  Does anyone have any?

Started 06/22/03 at 19:06:14 by Bilbo Baggins
2 1532 Last Post 07/23/03 at 04:43:57
By: alumbrado
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Linares! Linares!
Just turned 16 years old and Radjabov beats Kasparov with Black at Linares ... that is one hell of a talent ...  Smiley

Started 02/25/03 at 13:16:46 by alumbrado
4 1834 Last Post 04/09/03 at 14:14:25
By: yaltmax
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Just found out that ChesBase produced the opening CD with Don Maddox called "Franco-Benoni." !! I never heard of such a system. They say it's a cross between the French and the Benoni based on 1…e6 an...

Started 03/01/03 at 05:30:35 by yaltmax
3 4069 Last Post 03/12/03 at 00:06:31
By: Not a GM (Guest)
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Has ever looked into doing something about Pafu's openings (

Started 03/08/03 at 22:53:05 by Bob More (Guest)
0 1326 Last Post 03/08/03 at 17:53:04
By: Bob More (Guest)
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Bishop piece
My friend told me that there is a meaning to that cut on a Bishop's head but he could not recall it. So, does anyone know what that cut-through means on a Bishop's piece? Just curious 8)

Started 01/15/03 at 05:29:23 by yaltmax
3 2116 Last Post 03/07/03 at 16:39:09
By: john d (Guest)
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Kasparov Chess University - lessons
Is anybody out there who knows what happens with the superb lessons which were offered at KCU - element of former ???
These lessons were great for our!!...

Started 01/08/03 at 19:08:43 by SutterCane
2 2983 Last Post 02/25/03 at 21:38:30
By: Bilbo Baggins
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Online chess
There are rumours on about a free server called DNCS. Is there anyone who can provide some more info. Thanks.

Started 02/22/03 at 10:30:45 by Obvious (Guest)
1 1418 Last Post 02/22/03 at 16:26:27
By: yaltmax
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Man vs Machine Picture Report
Since I went to the 1st game of Kasparov vs. Deep Junior match in New York, I've decided to share some pictures (taken by me and my lovely wife Lena) with you so you can feel a bit like you've been th...

Started 01/27/03 at 07:23:39 by yaltmax
4 2104 Last Post 02/08/03 at 02:36:08
By: yaltmax
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Play in a rapid with top GM's
Check out the registered players and see if you can find time to link a visit to Iceland with playing in a top class event.
You and 15+ 2600 doesn't sound so bad. ...

Started 02/07/03 at 21:57:20 by xzibit
0 1260 Last Post 02/07/03 at 16:57:20
By: xzibit
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Rolf Marten
HI everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about Rolf Marten, he created some really good variations in some openings.  I saw an article in NIC but the issue is from 1999. ???

Started 01/18/03 at 08:34:03 by Oderus_Urungus
1 1529 Last Post 01/28/03 at 22:19:46
By: SutterCane
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Poll: Kasparov vs. Deep Junior
Well, the famous Man vs. Machine (Kasparov vs. Deep Junior) match is about to start in New York City soon on January 26th.
Any ideas what kind of opening/s Kasparov will be using against machine ...

Started 01/19/03 at 05:06:33 by yaltmax
1 1610 Last Post 01/22/03 at 01:55:14
By: yaltmax
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Alexandra Kosteniuk is in Newsweek
Newsweek has devoted two pages to Alexandra Kosteniuk.
You can read the full text here:

Started 01/17/03 at 16:27:46 by yaltmax
0 1295 Last Post 01/17/03 at 11:27:46
By: yaltmax
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Kasparov Chess University - lessons
This topic has been moved to General Chess by yaltmax.

Started 01/08/03 at 17:00:04 by SutterCane
0 1545 Last Post 01/08/03 at 12:00:03
By: SutterCane
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Kasparov cancels on Israel
Kasparov has just canceled his participation in the Man versus Machine competition in Israel that would be held in Jerusalem on January 7-9. The rest of the match in New York City is still supposed to...

Started 01/06/03 at 17:51:40 by yaltmax
0 1279 Last Post 01/06/03 at 12:51:39
By: yaltmax
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Open Rapid Tournament in Iceland
This year there will be many exciting chess events in Iceland. Many of you probably read about the Milk Tournament in the latest NIC issue. This year we will have that event again but until then there...

Started 01/06/03 at 04:14:06 by xzibit
0 1307 Last Post 01/05/03 at 23:14:05
By: xzibit
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